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review 2016-09-30 00:00
Presidents of the United States (A TIME for Kids Book)
Presidents of the United States (A TIME ... Presidents of the United States (A TIME for Kids Book) - TIME for Kids Magazine Honestly, I think the first few pages of TIME for Kids: Presidents of the United States need to be distributed out to adults. They contain a nice, easy to understand, refresher course on the Checks and Balances and the three branches of our government. There’s a few pages on each individual president. Each one contains a general story about their life and presidency. The information is laid out in a straightforward fashion with no embellishments.

On the left side of the pages you find quick reference information on them. This information is simple: Birth, Death, Political Party, Vice President, Wife, and Children.Even that can contain some interesting information! For example: We get bombarded with Democratic and Republican propaganda so much that it’s easy to forget that they weren’t always the all-powerful that they are now. Our first President was a member of the Federalist Party! Beyond that, how many of you remember that the Democrats and Republicans were originally one party? The Democrat-Republicans. Or that John Adams actually signed a bill to limit their power. (Wise man, that.) The right pages sometimes contain “Did You Know?” interesting tidbits.

The authors also helpfully include “Key Dates” with each presidency. These give readers a sense of other important events to ground the times certain presidents served in. There’s also a few key quotes from the presidents listed to. This one is particularly apt, given who the wee orange one who is the president-elect is.

“Nothing brings out the lower traits of human nature like Office Seeking.” Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th POTUS

Its simply written, yet it’s engrossing. There were lots of things I either did not know, or knew and had since forgotten. The best type of history book is the one that makes things interesting, and Time succeeds with this book. It contains everything from the layout of our branches of government, to past presidents and their first ladies. TIME for Kids: Presidents of the United States lets young readers know more about the figurehead position of their country. It even contains an easy to read overview of the process of becoming president.
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url 2014-03-13 15:33
Thanks To Anne Rice, Todd Barselow Has Made You All His Bitches

A little diligence on Todd Barselow, the man behind the petition Anne Rice signed.  Have some coffee ready.

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text 2014-03-06 23:49
Anne Rice Owns Nothing- Least Of All Any Credibility

Enough's enough.


Back in Dec/Jan when all this was still going on I chalked it up to another bout of insanity from the lady who seems hell-bent on becoming the modern-day Nora Desmond, and let it lie.  But now this shit's gone too far.  Now even supposedly reputable sites like the Guardian are parroting this farce.


Hello, I'm Anne Rice- and you're not.

If you've been blissfully unaware of this latest insanity, Anne Rice- author auteur, Goddess of the Night, Mistress of Vampires, blahblahblah- went off the deep end again when she started pontificating all over the Amazon forums about the state of reviewing in general, and how everyone should have to reveal their secret identities in order to post reviews.  No more pseudonyms, aliases or screen names anywhere.  Naturally, a collection of fools, charlatans, frauds and crusaders fell over each other to be the first to pat her on the back about lending her name to the jihad against Teh Bulliez.  She was so tickled she couldn't stop sharing it on FB (here, here and here), ignoring the warnings given to her about the site in question to the point of deleting all comments about them yet left all posts from that site's contributors standing.  Because that site's history of abuse, doc-dropping and yeah- bullying, has nothing to do with nothing; what matters is they're kissing her ass here and now.  One should always focus on what's important.


You'll also notice that not only are the majority of them's talking about how happy they are about this are themselves doing so under false pretenses, the claims of Rice's victory over bullying amounts to a bunch of sound bites. All screenshots of her 'winning' posts are done so in a vacuum without context or reply; trust me when I tell you there's much more to the story.  And it doesn't make Rice look good.


I'll state with 100% certainty that any and all who run around the internet crowing about how Anne Rice showed those meanie-mean poopy-heads over on Amazon never read the entire thread.  It's pretty damn obvious TIME Magazine didn't.  Because a reading of it shows Rice getting her pop-culture intellectualism handed to her on a pretty regular basis.  For the sake of disclosure I'll admit to giving her a few lumps myself during the discussions.


The undercurrent here fools no one, least of all it's proponents who know they're full of shit.  That's why the vast majority almost never come out and say what's really on their minds: there should be no negative reviews posted.  Ever. (The article is satire but the comments are worth looking at).  And the few that do say so only highlights why the rest don't: it reveals them to be the whiny, spoiled, sniveling, entitled children they are.  After all, they're SOOPER-GENIUSES!  Everyone knows it; back when they were that sunflower in the third-grade play- even the teacher said so!!!  They've got a whole wall of participation trophies that confirms it!

Allow me to introduce myself: I. Ama Author- SUPER GENIUS!

Given Rice's well-documented history and complete denial of her own bullying, it was comically ironic to see this posted on her FB page to try and bolster her argument: Science Confirms Internet Trolls are Narcissistic, Psychopathic and Sadistic.


Another example of Rice's disconnect from her actions is seen in this FB exchange with one Dusty Lee.  Note how quickly Rice condescendingly changes the topic once she's been called on her previous bad behavior:


Dusty Lee well i've definitely seen the rice army go off on negative commenters lol. what harm it actually caused, probably none. i guess for me, i would have a hard time telling THE anne rice to her face that i don't like her latest book. for a lot of people, myself included, writers have rock star status. we worship you guys. and when and author has an obvious presence in a place like amazon, i'm not telling you or any other author to get off amazon, it's just that it can be hard to be honest when you know they're reading it. imagine telling a musician you've totally idolized that you didn't like that song. or maybe you don't have that problem. maybe i'm coming at this from too personal of a place and it's clouded the bigger picture.
Anne Rice Dusty, you can check out any one of my books right now tonight and find all kinds of negative reviews. Believe me, people do not find it difficult to post them on my books, not at all. And I don't see any legion of fans going after these people. --- Take a look right now at any of the review threads. You'll see plenty of negative reviews. I don't think people have any problem at all being honest. ----- And there is something to be said for taking responsibility for what one publishes on line.
Dusty Lee i'm sorry, but what??? you've never seen legions of fans go after people that negatively reviewed your work? don't you remember when you linked that review of "pandora" on this very page, which in turn caused the writer of that review to be harassed and insulted hundreds of times by your fans? or how on the amazon reviews for blood canticle, people that post negative reviews are called things like "bitter out of work editor" "ignorant and illiterate"... surely you see these things, no? does this not constitute as "cyber bullying"?
Anne Rice Dusty, after the Pandora incident and several other attempts on my part to have discussion of negative reviews, I publicly announced that we would never link to negative reviews again. And we haven't. Clearly the reviewers feel ganged up on when we link. And the goal of discussion is achieved but some people do pile on the reviewers and the reviewers in the main feel threatened. So the practice has been stopped. But there are plenty of bad reviews of my work everywhere on Amazon which no one has piled. Look for yourself. You'll find them on every book I've written. The few times I linked, yes, there was piling, and that is why the practice was discontinued. By the way the Pandora person keeps the blog entry on her website along with the comments she received, and I think she quite enjoyed the increased exposure. Maybe you should check out her website. Again, if you go to Amazon you will see scores of negative reviews on every book I've written. And there is no piling on these reviewers by fans of mine or anyone else. You seem completely out of touch. Remember, this thread is about Amazon reviewing. Please do some research.
ScreenHunter_54 Mar. 06 17.29
So unless it's all about how great the book is, Anne Rice wants you to use your real name when you do a review- for security purposes.
In light of all this, I figure it's time for what I'd thought about doing while the thread discussion was live: blog and post about it for everyone to see.  That way everyone can see for themselves what went on beyond the inanity being slung around the internet and see what she really thinks from her own keyboard.  It'll be fun!- and you'll even get to learn a few new words, like "careerist reviewer".  lol
Stay tuned.
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url 2013-12-01 00:12
Time Magazine Picture of the Week (Nov. 22-29, 2013)


Nov. 22, 2013. A worker gathers items for delivery from the warehouse floor at Amazon's distribution center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Source: lightbox.time.com/2013/11/29/pictures-of-the-week-november-22-november-29/#1
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review 2013-05-01 00:00
TIME for Kids Zoo 3D: An Incredible Animal Adventure - David E. Klutho LOVE this book! Love, love, love! The 3D is of a much higher quality than other 3D books I've come across, and it's set up just like a tour through a zoo, so the entire experience is delightful.

Plus, my students loved that it came with an extra pair of glasses so that they could go on this adventure together with a friend.

Without question, my favorite book I've come across in my adventures at the Scholastic warehouse.
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