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review 2020-06-28 01:57
A Love Song for Dreamers (Rivals #3) by: Piper Lawson
A Love Song for Dreamers (Rivals #3) - Piper Lawson





A Love Song for Dreamers by Piper Lawson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From slightly off key to perfectly in tune. I just can't get enough. Tyler and Annie strike all the right chords to reek havoc with the heart. Lawson goes into overdrive when it comes to stirring up emotions. After the Wicked series, my heart felt like it might never recover. It recovered just in time to be broken again by a couple bittersweet Rivals determined to run away with a piece of my soul.

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review 2020-05-17 17:32
A Love Song for Rebels (Rivals #2) by: Piper Lawson
A Love Song for Rebels (Rivals #2) - Piper Lawson




A Love Song for Rebels by Piper Lawson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tyler and Annie are like poetry in motion. With every beat of my heart, I lost a little bit more of my soul. Lawson turns young love into an intensely, captivating journey of self-discovery. Against the backdrop of heartache and determination lies an uphill climb of hope and yearning. A Love Song for Liars gave emotions a chance to get their feet wet. A Love Song for Rebels pushes the soul in, heart first. A rapturous melody that lingers on the wind to hold you forever spellbound.

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review 2020-04-23 04:06
A Love Song for Liars (Rivals #1) by: Piper Lawson
A Love Song for Liars (Rivals #1) - Piper Lawson




The young girl with a sensitive heart has blossomed into a strong-willed woman. Annie is most definitely her father's daughter. She does not suffer fools easily and she keeps her emotions close to the vest. A Love Song for Liars is a tale of firsts. First love has become a first heartache that has quickly blossomed into haunting regrets. For Annie, Tyler is her greatest mistake. For Tyler, Annie is the one that got away. Lawson introduced us to the dream. Young love at it's most fragile has become a painful reminder of what was. Can two lost souls begin again to find out if what was, is worth risking forever after? Sweet and sinful explode into a heartache that lingers like a perfume on the air.

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text 2020-02-18 02:58
The board also has an accelerometer and a Bluetooth transmitter


The board also has an accelerometer and a Bluetooth transmitter. The glove can also be used to control a virtual hand.Low-Cost Pliable Materials Transform Glove Into Sign-to-Text MachinePosted by jesuslewis on August 14th, 2017Researchers have made a low-cost smart glove that can translate the American Sign Language alphabet into text and send the messages via Bluetooth to a smartphone or computer. There are companies pursuing similar devices that recognize gestures for computer control, à la the 2002 film Minority Report.


The total cost of the components in the system reported in the journal PLOS ONE cost less than US 0, Lipomi says. Thin, stainless steel threads connect each sensor to a circuit board attached at the wrist.Then they use a stretchy glue to attach nine sensors on the knuckles of an athletic leather Spring love song Roller Coating Aluminium Sheets Factory glove, two on each finger and one on the thumb.While it could aid the deaf community, its developers say the smart glove could prove really valuable for virtual and augmented reality, remote surgery, and defense uses like controlling bomb-diffusing robots. Lipomi and his team make the sensors by cutting narrow strips from a super-thin film of the polymer and coating them with conductive carbon paint.For More Workforce Solution Video.


Some researchers have also specifically developed gloves that convert sign language into text or audible speech.The key components of the new glove are flexible strain sensors made of a rubbery polymer.This isn’t the first gesture-tracking glove. And unlike other gesture-recognizing gloves, which use MEMS sensors made of brittle materials, the soft stretchable materials in Lipomi’s glove should make it more robust.What’s different about the new glove is its use of extremely low-cost, pliable materials, says developer Darren Lipomi, a nanoengineering professor at the University of California, San Diego


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review 2020-01-20 21:45
If you're looking for that next happy, happy, joy, joy feel good story...keep going, because...
Love Song for the Sad Man in the White Coat - Roe Horvat,Vance Bastian

...this is not that story.


Thankfully I knew that going into this, so I was prepared and able to appreciate this for what it was...a deeply painful and emotional story not about finding love but about surviving it.


Dr. Simon Mraz keeps the world at a distance. He can cold, aloof even abrasive at times. He's not a happy go luck guy...that's just not who he is or will ever be. But still he has a solid career as a specialist and lecturer at Prague's Charles University and he has friends who can see beneath his icy exterior. 


As a student Matej is off limits to Simon or 'The Cruel Dr. Frost' as he's called by students. But Matej isn't worried about a bit of frost...no he's fascinated by it and determined to get 'The Cruel Dr. Frost's' attention.


"A Love Song for the Sad Man in the White Coat" is the story of what happens when he does. This is a story that's filled with pain and heartache, but it's also a story that's filled with love. 


Simon knows he shouldn't get involved with a student but when it comes to Matej, he's drawn to the colorfully dressed, tattooed young student like a moth to a flame and just like that moth when he gets to close, Simon's knows he's going to get burned but still finds himself helpless to resist.


I basically listened to this book in one sitting and I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me when I say that finding nearly 7 hours (6 hrs., 52 min.) to just and listen to an audio book isn't always the easiest thing to do but just like Simon and his attraction to Matej, I found myself helpless to do otherwise. Every time I considered stopping so that I could get some things done I found that leaving whatever I needed to do for another day so that I could listen to..."Just a bit more" became the logical course of action.


While I'm not normally a fan of stories that jump around their timeline the way that this one did. I found I was a little more challenged keeping up with things on the audio version that I would have If I'd been reading the e-book but still I never felt like I'd really lost track of what was going on and when either so a bit of a niggle but for me not a really big deal either.


Surprisingly I never found myself in need of tissues with this story but I think that's mostly because I went into it knowing it was 'that kind of story'. However, what I did find was that most of the time I was left with a dull, empty ache inside of me like something was missing and I realized at the end of it all this was very much because of Simon and how strongly I related to his character, I imagined that to some degree this was how he often felt. 


I have to admit that bringing me to tears isn't really a big challenge, however, making me feel such a deep emotional connection that it's like an actual physical ache, as I did with this story is something that rarely happens. 


Roe Horvat is quickly becoming a writer who's stories I find to be incredibly compelling whether I'm reading them or listening to them on audio. Once I begin a story, I find that setting it aside is not acceptable. They are for want of better words 'deeply intense, and compelling often times speaking straight to the readers heart'. 




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