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text 2021-04-09 06:30
How AI & ML are Transforming Social Media?

With the advancement in technology and artificial intelligence, various AI-based application platforms have been gaining popularity for a long time. AI has turned out to be a boom for popular Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. To know more about AI and Machine Learning development services in Social Media, continue reading this article!


Today Artificial Intelligence has been a major component of popular Social Media platforms. At the current level of progress, AI for social media has been a powerful tool.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The term artificial intelligence (AI) refers to any human-like intelligence shown by a machine, robot, or computer. It refers to the ability of machines to mimic or copy the intelligence level of the human mind. This may include actions like understanding and responding to voice commands, learning from previous records, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Many companies are providing AI application development services, which has made it easy for organizations to adopt AI and ML-based applications.
What is Machine Learning?

In general terms, Machine learning (ML) is a subset of AI focusing on building applications and software that can learn from past experiences and data and improve accuracy without being specifically programmed to do so. Machine learning applications learn more from data and are designed to deliver accurate results.

How AI works?

Not going deep into the engineerings and software development part of AI, here is just a basic description of working of AI:

  • Using ML, AI tries to mimic human intelligence. AI can make predictions using algorithms and historical data.
AI and ML in Social Media

Today, there exist several applications of AI and ML in different social media platforms. Big Companies have been using AI for a long time and are still into improvising their platforms and also acquiring small firms. There exist varieties of AI and Machine Learning App Development Services that are making the adoption of AI and ML possible.

AI is being used on Social Media platforms in various ways. Some of them are mentioned below:
  •     Analyzing pictures and texts
  •     Advertising
  •     Avoiding unwanted or negative promotions
  •     Spam detection
  •     Data collection
  •     Content flow decisions
  •     Social media insights, etc.
It may sound surprising but your favorite social media apps are already using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
1. Facebook and AI

Whenever it comes to social media, the first name that comes to mind is Facebook. Talking about cutting-edge technology, repurposing user data broken down into billions of accounts, Facebook is the leading social media platform.

Users on Facebook are allowed to upload pictures, watch videos, read texts and blogs, engage with different social groups, and perform many other functions.

Thinking of such a crazy and huge amount of data, a question arises how Facebook handles such data? Here, AI in Facebook comes in handy.

Facebook and the use of AI in Social Media

Here are some major examples of AI applications in Social Media:

* Facebook’s Text Analyzing

Facebook has an AI-based tool “DeepText”. This tool provides deep learning and helps the back-end team to understand the texts better and that too around multiple languages and hence provide better and more accurate advertising to the users.

* Facebook’s Picture Analyzing

Facebook uses Machine Learning to recognize faces in the photos being uploaded. Using face recognition, Facebook helps you find users that are not known to you. This feature also helps in detecting Catfishes (fake profiles created using your profile picture).

The algorithm also has an amazing feature of text explanations that can help visually disabled people by explaining to them what’s in the picture.

* Facebook’s Bad Content Handling

Using the same tool, DeepText, Facebook has been hailing the inappropriate or bad content that gets posted. After getting notified by AI, the team gets to work to understand and investigate the content.

As per the company guidelines, we get to see a few things that are flagged as inappropriate content:

    Nudity or sexual activity

    Hate Speech or symbols


    Fake Profiles or fraud

    Contents containing excessive violence or self-harm.

    Violence or Dangerous organizations

    Sale of illegal goods

    Intellectual property violations, etc.

    Facebook’s Suicide Preventions

With the same tool, DeepText, Facebook can recognize posts or searches that represent suicidal thoughts or activities.

Facebook has been playing a crucial role in suicide prevention. With the support of an analysis based on human moderators, Facebook can send videos and ads containing suicide prevention content to these specific users.

Facebook’s Automatic Translation

Facebook has also adapted AI for translating posts automatically in various languages. This helps the translation be more personalized and accurate.
2. Instagram with AI

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media platform that has been owned by Facebook since 2012. Users can upload pictures, videos (reels and IGTV) of their lifestyle, and other stuff and share them with their followers.

This platform is used by individuals, businesses, fictional characters, and pets as well. Managing all the data manually is next to impossible. Therefore, Instagram has developed AI algorithms and models making it the best platform experience for its regular users.

Instagram and the use of AI

* Instagram Decides What Gets on Your Feed

The Explore feature in Instagram uses AI. The suggested posts that you get to see on your explore section are based on the accounts that you follow and the posts you’ve liked.

Through an AI-based system, Instagram extracts 65 billion features and does 90 million model predictions per second.

The huge amount of data that they collect, helps them to show the users what they like.

* Instagram’s Fighting against Cyberbullying

While Facebook and Twitter are dependent mostly on reports from users, Instagram automatically checks content based on hashtags from other users, using AI. In case something is found against the community guidelines, the AI makes sure that the content is removed from Instagram.

* Instagram’s Spam Filtering

Instagram’s AI is capable of recognizing and removing Spam messages from user’s inboxes and that too in 9 different languages.

With the help of Facebook’s DeepText tool, Instagram’s AI can understand the spam context in most situations for more filtration.

* Instagram’s Improved Target Advertising

Instagram can keep a track of which posts have most of the user engagements or the user’s search preferences. Later, Instagram with the help of AI makes target advertisements for companies based on all such databases.

* Instagram handling Bad Contents

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, more or less, Instagram also follows the same community guidelines over bad content.
3. Twitter and Use of AI

On average, Twitter users post around 6,000 tweets per second. In such a case, AI gets necessary for dealing with such a huge amount of data.

* Tweet Recommendations - AI in Twitter

Twitter firstly implemented AI to improve and give users a better user experience (UX) that would be capable of finding interesting tweets. Now, with the help of AI, Twitter also detects and removes fraud, propaganda, inappropriate content, and hateful accounts.

This recommendation algorithm works in a very interesting way as it learns from your actions over the platform. The tweets are ranked to decide their level of interest, based on the individual users.

AI also considers your past activities of engaging with various types of tweets and uses it to recommend similar tweets.

* Twitter Enhancing Your Pictures - AI in Twitter

Posting of pictures on Twitter was introduced in the year, 2011. Since then, it has been working over an algorithm that is capable of cropping images automatically.

Firstly, they created an algorithm that focused on cropping images based on face recognition, because not every image is supposed to have a face on it. Thus the algorithm was not acceptable.

AI is now used over the platform to crop images before posting them, to make the image look more attractive.

* Tweets Filtration - AI in Twitter

Twitter uses AI to take down inappropriate images and accounts from the platform. Accounts connected to terrorism, manipulation, or spam are taken down using this feature.

* Twitter Fastening the Process -  AI in Twitter

How did Twitter use AI to speed up the platform?

For this, Twitter uses a technique called Knowledge Distillation to train smaller networks imitating the slower but strong networks. The larger network was used to generate predictions over a set of images. Then, they developed a  pruning algorithm to remove the part of the neutral network.

Using these two models Twitter managed to work over cropping of images 10x faster than ever before.
4. AI in Snapchat

Snapchat started by acquiring two AI companies. In 2015, it first acquired Looksery, a Ukrainian startup, to improvise its animated lenses feature. Secondly, it acquired AI Factory to enhance its video capabilities.

* Snapchat’s Text Recognition in Videos

Snapchat uses AI to recognize texts in the video, which then adds content to your “Snap”. If you type “Hello”, it automatically creates a comic icon or Bitmoji in the video.

* Snapchat- Cameo Feature

AI in Snapchat can be used to edit one’s face in a video. Using the Cameo feature, the users can create a cartoon video of themselves.

From the above-mentioned renowned, we can extract a list of benefits of AI and ML in Social Media, which is given below:
  •     Prediction of user’s behavior
  •     Recognition of inappropriate or bad content
  •     Helps in improving user’s experience
  •     More personalized experience to the users
  •     Gathering of valuable information and user data.
AI has also helped understand human psychology, tracking multiple characteristics of your behavior and responses.

If you are looking for the best AI & Machine Learning Solutions Provider for your organization, Consagous Technologies is one of the best AI Application Development Company in USA. With years of experience, all the company professionals are great at their work.
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text 2021-01-27 11:18

Competition today knows no bounds- it’s more intense and cut-throat than ever before. With the coronavirus pandemic changing the way things work, every new technology is considered as an opportunity to bring something better- something that can provide an upward push to our digital lives.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one such kind of technology.

The term AI is constantly being attached to growth and something that enables companies to punch a lot above their weight. In fact, companies are banking on AI to provide the users with absolutely cutting-edge AI application development services, that are different and have the potential to offer something highly unique to the users.


As far as the relevance of mobile apps goes, there are no second guesses as to how they have completely transformed the way we live our lives.

The World of Mobile Marketing with AI

With AI, brands now have a number of new and better opportunities to market their product or service through mobile marketing. There are no two opinions that AI has huge potential to deliver something better for everyone, and any innovative brand will surely take note of this potential to edge ahead of the competition.

AI and machine learning development services empower companies to understand buyer behavior and bring them suitable results later on that are based on their preferences and selections.

With the amount of time that people are spending on their mobile phones, there is a huge amount of data waiting for marketers to derive insights from it, leading to some of the best instances of user experience that people will come across.

How Development with AI Makes Mobile Marketing Better

AI-based Content Generation

If a business is critically dependent on amazing content to engage with the market audience, creating such content manually will bring a creative block due to exhaustion sooner rather than later.

With AI application development services, content generation gets easily powered with the help of sophisticated tools that automate the content creation process. To make the user experience more exemplary, the content takes the hyper-personalized approach, where content can get specifically designed for each and every single user. This also results in higher productivity as teams can focus on other strategies and operations, leaving ‘intelligent technology’ to do its work.

More Clickable Ads, Thanks To Relevant Targeting

Artificial Intelligence has completely transformed the way through which marketers plan and execute their marketing campaigns. Embedding automated AI-based platforms to an app brings an intelligent targeting system that relies on previously collected user data. This knowledge about the previous data helps in making informed decisions about how an end-user would react under a similar situation in the future.

With such a sophisticated targeting system in place, the user segmentation is pretty well-informed, which subsequently translates into a highly effective advertising campaign.

The simplest instance of AI can be the predictive analysis that delivers better recommendations to customers on e-commerce websites like Amazon, and even streaming services like Netflix that employ various ML algorithms for relevant search results for a nice user experience.

Bringing Chatbots in the Midst

Given the competition today, it’s not wrong to say that customer experience is everything. A great customer experience will bring users back, and that’s for sure. If it dwindles even a little bit, customers will ensure that they don’t make the mistake of visiting ever again.

This is where chatbots are now becoming a crucial factor in delivering a better customer experience. From answering the most basic queries to substituting human interaction, chatbots enrich the entire user experience immensely, contributing to better mobile marketing in the process.


The above points are just the starters in what will be a very long relationship between AI and mobile and mobile app marketing. Every AI and machine learning solutions provider has the road ahead clearly marked. With AI as the driving force for technology today, mobile marketing needs to embrace this one as soon as possible.

Consagous Technologies is a pretty renowned AI application development company in USA, that has a highly seasoned team of professionals to create some amazing AI-based solutions for better marketing of your product or service.

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text 2021-01-07 06:05
Impact of AI on App Development & UX

As a technology, AI and machine learning development services are making all the right kinds of noises. With its impact being felt across domains, app development and UX are also being gradually dominated by AI. As to how, here’s a look!

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be relatively new when you compare it to the ones, we have been seeing for decades now, but the impact of this ‘newer’ technology shows a lot of promise even in its initial stages, considering how big an impact it has made to enhance these decade-old technologies with such speed and efficiency.

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of AI in several domains is how seamless and promising it sounds for human lives. As a result, AI and machine learning development services have been on the rise.


For any kind of business enterprise, ensuring a great customer experience is at the core of its operations. AI aims to do just that, by providing a more human touch to the overall experience for the customers.

In short, AI is quickly becoming more human in its working, which in itself holds a lot of promise.

From your everyday chatbots to the most detailed analysis of data for better customer experience, personalization has become a big factor in bringing AI to the level of relevance it is at today.

Alexa and Siri are two absolutely amazing examples of how beautifully AI bridging the gap with highly human interactions a priority in their mode of working. With such voice assistants, user-focused experiences have become a priority, with AI being at the helm of delivering accurate results.

AI- What’s the Fuss About?

For the simple sake of definition, AI is a technology that lends the ability of humane responses to machines for solving simple and complex issues and problems. It learns from numerous previous experiences to make the future ones better as per the previous use cases.

As far as the role of AI goes, more output with less input is surely the point of focus for this technology. With more time taking jobs easily taken over and sorted by AI, efficiency in operations is sure to be exemplary with it.

Industries like education and healthcare are actually witnessing AI in its initial glory, and there’s a lot in store for the technology itself. It’s not too difficult to imagine the progress that lies ahead with AI.

Personalized Experiences Getting More Personal

With AI application development services, customers now see personalized services as a more enhanced version of the value they derived from their previous experiences.

This is where customer data and its analysis become the driving force for delivering highly personalized services that score beautifully in giving out recommendations as well.

Impact of AI on App Development & UX

Here are some of the most significant aspects where AI has been proving to be on the next level on the app development and user experience-

* Improvising AI Apps

With more advancements in AI technology, app development is witnessing an entirely different revolution. With AI in itself becoming more cutting-edge with each passing day, apps today facilitate a learning process that’s based on previous user interactions, leaving a lot of unnecessary tasks to save time.

* Better Decision Making

The biggest virtue of AI is how effortlessly it handles huge data sets, something that’s a far cry for the most diligent of humans too. Take the data set of customer feedback for instance.

While a program can be created to go through all the feedback, AI can bring in a much-needed humane factor and give development teams a lot of genuine things to ponder over. Well, informed decision making is the obvious result.

* Better User Engagement

User engagement has quickly become a huge factor in the highly competitive mobile app development domain. Without keeping users engaged, no app can even think to survive in the market. A bitter truth.

This is why any AI and Machine Learning solutions provider always brings a lot of focus to come up with ways where user engagement just gets better and better. Through AI, customer engagement gets mightily enhanced, primarily due to a large amount of information that can be accessed.

* Logical Reasoning for Better Automation

Thanks to automation, developers get a lot of liberty to deliver promising experiences to customers. With the best mobile apps, users get their problems solved in real-time through logical reasoning and impeccable data analysis.

This is how brilliantly AI takes it all up and almost single-handedly delivers a superlative experience.

It’s more than sufficient to say that AI technology has created a huge impact on mobile app development and UX as a whole. Integrating AI with mobile apps is something that is still a work in progress. AI has immense potential to carve out entire customer experiences, to get better usage in mobile apps. It will be very interesting to see where AI takes mobile app development in the future.

If you wish to harness the power of AI within the idea of your mobile app, connect with Consagous Technologies today... It’s a leading AI Application Development Company in USA, with years of experience to let your idea see the light of day!
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