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review 2016-01-12 05:03
Review: The Amazing Book is Not on Fire by Phil Lester and Dan Howell
The Amazing Book is Not on Fire - Phil Lester,Dan Howell

Quick review for a quick read. Yes, I subscribe to both Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil (as well as their gaming channel - because Dan falling out of his chair playing FNAF still makes me laugh. I have no shame.). That's how I ended up figuring out that they released a book - but I didn't realize they had an audiobook version until browsing Audible. I had a credit, I used it on this book - I regret nothing.

This was such a fun read. I was entertained not just learning a bit from their random games (i.e. favorite emojis, 7-second challenge, A-Z lists) and experiences (the craziness of meeting One Direction included), but also just learning about the two of these guys in general. The book is structured from their high school and college experiences, to getting their own radio show, to traveling to Japan, among other major themes, but they're not afraid to go in random directions, which are so much fun to listen to. My first listen in 2016, and one of my favorite reads thus far this year.

Overall score: 4.5/5 stars.

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review 2015-12-26 00:00
Mandala Magic: Amazing Mandalas Coloring Book for Adults
Mandala Magic: Amazing Mandalas Coloring... Mandala Magic: Amazing Mandalas Coloring Book for Adults - Arsedition These are beautiful designs to color.
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text 2015-12-09 19:09
Multi-comic review...
Future Imperfect (2015) #1 - Peter David,Greg Land
A-Force #1 - Marguerite Bennett,Jorge Molina,G. Willow Wilson,Craig Yeung
Secret Wars: Battleworld (2015) #2 (of 4) (Secret Wars - Battleworld (2015) Graphic Novel) - David Walker,Donny Cates,J.J. Kirby,Marco Turini,Chris Murray
Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #1 Comic Book - Dan Slott,Adam Kubert

I finished yesterday, but didn't get to review. 


Pretty much, more love for Battleworld.   Future Imperfect is a dystopian land with the Banner's alter ego, The Maestro, in charge.   It's chilling and creepy - and fun. 


A-Force is a land where all the superheroes are women.   All the Avengers - the A-Force - are women.   She-Hulk is the leader, while she commands such powers as Medusa and Mrs. Marvel and Spider-Woman.  


It's not that there aren't men around.   I believe in one panel it's Medusa kissing Black Bolt's forehead.    They're just either not superpowered, or not part of the superhero community for some reason.   It's simply taken for granted that the women do all the heavy lifting. 


And it's fun.   


Battleworlds two features Blade versus Duck Dracula.   Who I still think should have been called Duckula. 


A lot of irreverent fun. 


Renew Your Vows was about a Spider-Man with a family, and him deciding between Spider-Man and his family.   

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review 2015-12-06 04:13
The Amazing Book is Not on Fire - Dan Howell & Phil Lester
The Amazing Book is Not on Fire - Phil Lester,Dan Howell

This book is definitely one for Dan and Phil fans or Phans if you prefer.  This is the textual embodiment of their YouTube existence.  I really feel that you have to at least be familiar with their YouTube channels (danisnotonfire, amazingphil & danandphilgames) to really appreciate this book.  


This book definitely has the Dan and Phil feel about it, it's very them.  Their personalities are clear and strong throughout.  For me there's a certain level of kinship I feel with these two, rather tall, self proclaimed nerds. Clumsy, socially awkward and game loving are all traits I can personally identify with, though they're all a good foot taller than I am, and maybe a few years younger.  

I believe that it is their honesty and their relatability that make them the YouTube power house that they are.  


I give Dan and Phil's book 4.5/ 5 stars.

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review 2015-11-04 19:13
The Amazing Book is Not on Fire - Phil Lester,Dan Howell

Just to clarify, I never heard of Phil or Dan. Never. Ever. Really. I only use youtube for music, not for listening to people talk. I just spotted this book on my update feed on Goodreads, saw several people just rave about it, and also the title just sparked my interest, so I decided to see if I could find it, and I did find it!

What did I think about this book? Well, it was a really fun book, I laughed aloud quite a few times (my favourites would be the descriptions of their houses, the hamster part and the quiz about chair (though it didn't really match me, but oh well.)). The rest of this book is a colourful bundle of everything about Phil and Dan, from birth to where they are now. How they started their Youtube stuff, how they evolved from there, and how they became friends. It was really interesting and I feel like you don't really need to know them before you read this book. Everything about them is explained here, we even see some stills from their videos to photographs of them (or their hairstyles).

They also explain how to make Youtube videos, what to do and what not to do if you want to start. I liked that they added this, I am sure that people will be making use of that.

Will I be checking out Phil/Dan's videos after I read this one? Nope, I am still not interested in that side of Youtube, and I will stick to listening to music.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, even if you never heard of them before, this book is really funny and I enjoyed reading it and finding out about 2 guys who are apparently very popular.

Review first posted at http://twirlingbookprincess.com/

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