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text 2021-07-24 11:54
Factors to consider when hiring an eCommerce website development company in Bangalore?

The eCommerce sector is booming rapidly. Though some businesses have had websites for years, others want to integrate a shopping cart into their website. If you are planning to set up a business and sell products, an eCommerce platform will assist you in capitalizing on the revenue and enhancing sales growth. But for this, you need to develop an attractive website first to get the customers' attention. For that, you must hire the best eCommerce website development company in Bangalore. But how will you know which one will be perfect for your business? Well, you must go through this article as it outlines several factors to consider when you want to appoint an eCommerce development organization for your firm. 


Seek references, recommendations, and reviews


At the initial stage, you should seek trustworthy recommendations and references from previous clients. It will help you get a rough overview of the company's work quality, commitment, and cooperation or support. Besides, obtaining a positive review is crucial before selecting the most suitable eCommerce web development company in Bangalore. 


Experience and professionalism


You might find numerous web development professionals who offer work within an affordable budget. But never fall for them as they might not deliver the desired outcome. Remember that experience is vital for getting quality work. Their professionalism will offer you a unique and alluring design that will eventually attract more shoppers and enhance your brand reputation.  


Understand your requirements


Pick a company that understands your needs and will assist you in getting your desired results. Therefore, ensure that the company's appointment should align with your expectations.




Always make sure that the firm you choose provides a cost-effective solution within your estimated budget.


So, look at these factors before hiring any web development company. 

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text 2021-07-23 09:30
HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine App Platforms You Should Know

With a global pandemic thrusting the world into growth more quickly than ever, technology has been evolving at a breakneck pace. Among the many sectors impacted, healthcare has witnessed this technology boost more than any other industry. 


Today, healthcare providers have become more empowered than ever before to use the right telehealth technologies to proceed with both- better patient health results and commercial operations. 


With a new world of the coronavirus pandemic, an increasing number of telehealth service providers are using the technology to come up with innovative solutions to fulfill the following purposes- 


Accessible and engaging healthcare for patients.


Creation of a healthcare infrastructure that is capable of working online and offline. 

Telemedicine app development solutions have proven to be more than effective solutions for the very same purpose. But, there’s a little more to it. Other than a particular solution being good and effective, telemedicine app developers also need to ensure that the technology in use should be HIPAA compliant too if it has to be a genuine health solution. 


What is HIPAA Compliance?


HIPAA refers to The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, which consists of multiple sets of regulatory standards that secure the perimeter of legal and rightful usage of protected health information (PHI). 


The compliance is controlled by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and further governed by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).


Great HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine Platforms


If you are medical professionals or even someone looking to get some quality telehealth solutions in the comfort of your own home, then these following tools can be of great help for you- 


1- ZOOM(Healthcare)


Patients now expect their queries to be taken care of at the earliest because increased flexibility and convenience have become facts in the world today. For this very reason, there’s Zoom, a telehealth platform that brings group video conferences, giving nutrition professionals a chance to host webinars while also recording them to be used in the future. 


Apart from their video conferencing services, Zoom also constitutes HIPAA and HITECH compliant plans for healthcare companies and provider services. The plans make it very simple to deliver a similar healthcare quality during the use of healthcare. To add to it, Zoom for Healthcare also fosters collaboration between different service providers on a shared screen basis. 




This one is another healthcare tool that is very simple to use for quality telehealth services. The tool does not need to be downloaded, making it very easy for both patients and medical professionals. As far as the various compliances go, the tool boasts of HIPAA, GDPR, HITECH, PIPEDA/PHIPA, ensuring that crucial patient information stays safe and secure in the event of any threat. 


Doxy.me is just the perfect tool for medical service providers with many clients, where every client can do a ‘check-in’ of sorts a little before their scheduled appointment time. The patients can then wait in a queue, thereby streamlining the entire process of patient consultation. 


The tool also gets a live chat feature, where medical professionals can provide the patients with live updates about their appointments and even share different resources for added assistance.




For wellness and dieting professionals, Healthie is another HIPAA-compliant platform where the mission is to provide medical professionals with the right set of tools for the improvement of health results. These tools include scheduling, billing, as well as various engagement activities for clients as well. 


Both patients and service providers can easily access the tool, which is conveniently cloud-based and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. From private practices to organizations, Healthie makes it possible to conduct both personal and group sessions with its Video Call feature. 


With the force of telemedicine app development forecasted to keep picking pace, such a solution is necessary. 


Finally, a Few Last Words


With the right telemedicine app development services, HIPAA compliance is mandatory. This is because every patient and service providers need to ensure data safety and security so that it doesnot get exploited in a wrong or unlawful manner in any way. 


The tools we have mentioned above are just a start, and you can get your own telemedicine app development solutions too, complete with HIPAA compliance. All you have to do is connect with Consagous Technologies, a leading telemedicine app development company and get your telemedicine app ready!


With more than a decade of experience in creating some great apps, you will make the right choice with them.


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text 2021-07-22 12:11
How the Online Poker Game Development Evolved Challenges and Growth Opportunities?


All over the past era, the online sports industry has introduced diverse new ideas. The fundamental support after replacing this guide is an innovative community. Immediately we have attempted another time, and it is a common hypothesis that the Online Gaming business will endeavour something additional grown to gamers. Customers are inquiring about an online poker game app development that can be healthfuller and more gotten one. Therefore, they are exploring for something earlier pleasure and entertaining. The Online game development company is trying to give various new improvement highlights. It will be a necessary part for them to endure the customers. Here you will understand the Difficulties and Extension Possibilities for The best  Online Gaming software development company can confront. 

Difficulties and Growth Possibilities for Poker Game Development

VR Based Gaming

Poker game clarification with Virtual Reality (VR) redesigns the organisation perspicacity to a greater level. VR headsets are connected with the most distant down-the-line game engines to make 3D models. It will increase the graphic club penetration. The next time, it could be essential for the account when betting programming will be established on VT addition. There is a substantial investment in games reliant on VR-based design. But it could be a difficulty and also an excuse for the developers. 

Introduction of The Crypto Set 

An important amount of the online platforms will support crypto, which may own an important portion of the industry. Various personage loves to collect and pull out automated financial forms besides the game fun.

Digital applications of Online money are displacing customary procedures. In extension, protection is an approach that makes customers feel inside the constraint of wellbeing and solace. Various developers adore to store and pull out from electronic money with casino game app development

The Demand of Live Traders

Members are seeking an online organisation that offers realistic events while participating at hometown. The live room traders are providing a more compelling gaming environment. There are various categories of live merchant club sports that furthermore combine 3D animation besides. It offers gaming a great time for the company.  

Video Game Stream

Computer game streaming will give a shared interest to the gaming industry and bodies. The most popular streaming platform is Twitch that authorises real-time machine plays from authorities. It receives more than 2 billion live stream watchers each hour. 

In machine game streaming, expanded experience is the primary factor that assumes a significant part. It acquires the consideration of each player by giving out an exceptionally sensible appointment. Accordingly, computer game streaming can be a difficult hurdle for online poker software development. 


Cloud Gaming

The most challenging gaming type is cloud gaming that is designed for the honesty of online club researchers. It clears out the collection of common starting and running of updates.

With a constant connection, a customer can enjoy poker game solutions from any contraption. Because of this service, the online poker game app will organise the cloud-based idea. Another information that can attract the online poker game developer for cloud gaming is safety. There is no requirement of a tremendous season for the position only one cloud is adequate. 

Gaming Experience with Smartwatches

Players can wager whenever or from any place with the assistance of smartwatches and keen brands. There will be a fast extension of the smartwatch business, and betting will be a challenge for the poker game development company. Online rummy game developers are on the way to bringing out those sports that are viable with each one of the important contraptions, which combines smartwatches and savvy marks. 

Additional Trends In Gaming Industry 

Various diverse requests and events will be essential for the image. These areas through the following. 

  • A responsible gaming structure changes the collaboration  
  • Up-degree of the gaming structure 
  • Make obtaining in the confined places of the gaming.  
  • Development and overhauling of the innovation-based position  
  • Great facilities and programming coordination 

Final Word About Poker Gaming Industry

The poker software will come with many interesting elements. Texas hold ‘em poker game is directed to improve customer expertise and maintenance. There are various Texas Holdem poker game development companies ready to accommodate live dealers to provide the consumer with a reliable wagering club. In the following time, VR and AR-based club plays will offer better gaming expertise. You have to stand out to an online poker game developer to present you with the ideal answer the most suitable fit for your company requirements. A perfect poker game solution will get everything for unforgettable gaming action. 

Source: www.mobiwebtech.com/poker-game-development
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text 2021-07-19 10:35
Why AR/VR Will Transform the Future of Web Apps

Among many other debatable topics, the one with a choice between native apps or web apps takes top slots. If truth be told, this debate can truly be regarded as old as the advent of technology itself. 


If we go back a few years before the arrival of smartphones, most of the applications worked only on computer systems. The concerned software had to be bought right from the app store before installing and using it. With the advent of Cloud technology, an increased number of applications moved over to this online server of sorts. 



Be it Native apps or web ones, if the current trends hold true, whether direct or indirect in their relation, then AR/VR app development will have a huge part to play in their future. 

We like to call it, WebAR.


An Introduction to WebAR


WebAR or Web Augmented Reality has been on an incline, which can be credited to hurdles present in employing . However, it would be enough to say that when Augmented Reality became huge, the most promising of app experiences have been app-based. 


You might have used a furniture store app like that of IKEA, or might have played that highly addictive Pokemon Go. That’s Augmented Reality apps. 


While such AR is very adept in terms of technical prowess, engaging the people enough with marketing so that they really download the app will always be a complicated proposition. To top it off, ensuring seamless compatibility with multiple platforms is another challenge that needs to be taken care of. 


This is where WebAR comes to the fore. 


WebAR is an Augmented Reality experience that can be easily accessed through a browser instead of choosing proper AR/VR app services. In other words, for WebAR, you just need a smart device and an Internet connection, and you are good to go. 


As of now, the WebAR offers some chosen features compatible with AR, including different animations, videos, and some interactive content as well. 


How do you Design WebAR?


At the end of the day, WebAR is a web application, which is why there are certain platforms conducive for WebAR creation, just like usual web development platforms. For instance, A-frame is a good framework to start with, creating 3D environments and systems within an HTML-like ecosystem. 


WebAR has a lot of potential to completely transform the Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality technology. 


Advantages of WebAR


The biggest benefit of WebAR is that users don’t need to download an application on their device to make its use. That’s because, in the case of an app, there are other hurdles like app size, data, memory management, and a lot of other things to take care of. This pushes people away from using AR in the first place, and which can be managed through WebAR. 


To add to them, WebAR can easily work across a variety of web browsers too, which eliminates the need for fixed specifications of a device to make the use of AR, which again increases the market penetration of Augmented Reality. 


Limitations of WebAR


Other than the fact that WebAR has a lot of promise, there are some limits to it, the biggest of which is that it’s still an early technological trend. Users cannot expect WebAR to work with similar finesse as that on an app. 


The reason for this right now is that apps provide better memory management and functioning, leading to better visuals and performance over extended periods of time. After all, there’s only so much space that a specific web page can have. All of this blows the quality of the visuals away. 


The Future of AR/VR with WebAR


While it’s in the initial stages, there is no denying that the limitations bind it. As to how the technology will develop over the years remains to be seen, but with technology giants like Apple and Google investing their resources heavily, the improvements are sure to come by quicker than you will expect them to arrive. 


Nevertheless, WebAR is, as of now, the flag-bearer of convenient and quick AR/VR experiences that bring genuine impact with them. Suffice to say that there’s a lot more to come in the future as far as web apps go, with more sophisticated Augmented Reality app development to lead the way.


If you think you have a great idea about AR/VR, then Consagous Technologies is the right choice for you. It provides leading Extended Reality app development services that will just be perfect for everyone. 


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text 2021-07-17 07:57
Brillmindz is consider as a leading eCommerce App development company in Saudi Arabia

Amazon shopping modules have changed dramatically since the emergence of e-commerce applications like Flipkart. According to a recent poll, more than 75% of people consult an e-commerce website before purchasing goods from a nearby store. For every e-commerce shop or wholesaler, this has produced a significant need for e-commerce app development companies in Saudi Arabia.

Growth of eCommerce
eCommerce is said to have grown at a rapid rate over the world. With over 235 million individuals accessing the Internet solely through their mobile phones, India's online commerce has gradually evolved into "app-commerce." Mobile websites are essential, but apps have taken over as the de facto standard since they provide personalization and allow eCommerce players better understand their users, increase communication, and make targeting possible.

Cost to make:

We have received the following results of eCommerce mobile app cost:

  • eCommerce Android app development cost - $20000 -$70000+
  • iOS eCommerce app development cost - $25000 -$80000+
  • eCommerce hybrid app development cost - $35000 -$90000+

If you make E-commerce mobile apps, Brillmindz Mobile App is the greatest E-Commerce app development company in the globe, providing top-notch services at affordable pricing. We create mobile apps for a variety of industries.

We are prepared to give e-commerce development services in order to help you integrate your business into the mobile world by developing a bespoke e-commerce mobile app.

To maintain the best possible e-commerce standards, our applications have all of the useful marketing methods to deliver the most engaging digital experience for your consumers. We provide your valued consumers with an exceptional experience.
It helps design powerful and intuitive apps - an AR app or a multi-vendor market solution - with a decade of knowledge and hands-on familiarity with numerous technologies. Brillmindz's experts can assist you in developing eCommerce apps for a variety of industries, including grocery stores, healthcare, and education. It also allows you to employ developers whenever you want.

Our Services:

  1. E-Commerce App Development
  2. E-Commerce Store Customization
  3. Shopping Cart Development
  4. Payment Gateway Integration
  5. Maintenance & Support

Visit here :
Mobile App development companies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Source: brillmindz.ae/mobile-app-development-company-in-riyadh
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