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text 2015-05-25 16:46
Argh, what HAS happened to May?! Also, video games

Well, work for one thing somehow absorbed a chunk of time. (So odd, I know.) I seem to have the life force sucked out of me by the time I get home, and it's eat, watch some things mindlessly on my laptop, and then sleep. Zero energy for much else. (And I'm stopping myself from playing video games on weeknights because I lose track of time in them.) Thankfully my commute means I'm reading, so tons of that going on. I think I'm going to have to start reading booklikes on my phone though, because I miss reading about what everyone's reading.


I'll post a few quotes in a bit from things I'm reading, because I stopped reading a few of them because I thought "oh yeah, I must share that."


Meanwhile, because I'm having an OD on video games this weekend, just for giggles, here's what I've been playing:


Diablo3 had an anniversary in which if you killed a random beastie you'd get a portal to the Cow Level. Which is a long running joke. I however am rotten at games where you have to wait for something to drop/appear, and had to spend a couple of days playing before I finally got to the cow level. Worth it for the banjo music, incredibly loud mooing (I always wonder what the neighbors think at times like that), health orbs shaped like steaks, and huge mobs of cows attacking me with axes.


Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Hey, a video game I actually finished. It's part one of a three parter, so not really that long. Diablo-esque but with steampunk aspects. Fun, fluffy stuff - and often on Steam sales for under $10. Am working on the second game in the series now (also on sale at Steam), but probably not going to play the third game for some time. VanH 3 just came out in the past week and reviews have called it too short and buggy. And I already have loads of other things to play.


Guild Wars 2

I finally got a character to 70 yesterday, and am probably going to get to 80 just to see what I can do in the expansion. I still love their payment model - buy the game and whatever extras (more bank space, etc.) you want, no monthly fee. Because I want to pick up and put down an MMO whenever I feel like it and not worry that I'm paying for it even if I'm not playing it all the time. (That's where Wow really lost me.)


The Witcher 3

So this is a weird one. I bought a new laptop a few months ago and only after I had it a week did I randomly look at my receipt and realize I'd gotten a free game code. I've followed reviews and articles of past Witcher games and been interested in the lore and story, but said nope after reading up on the combat and potions system. (Seemed a bit too high maintenance. I'll take Skyrim and Dragon Age, thanks.) I've watched loads of people playing it though and it does look interesting. It is however another game that's LONG. And I have yet to finish Dragon's Age Inquisition or Skyrim sooo... I was planning on trying it this weekend but have been doodling with other games instead. So it's all loaded and ready but nope, not yet.


Divinity Original Sin

I'm taking my own slow time with this one - and it's another loooong game. (Seriously, I have way too many long games now. And limited time for them.) It's my first turn based game, and while I'm familiar with how you're supposed to play them, learning how is still fiddly for me. But when I found there was a trait that allowed you to talk to animals who then gave you quests or had little chats with you - yeah, sold. Currently hoping to help a cat with his love life - the female doesn't think he's wealthy enough to support her. Also rats in dungeons sometimes have helpful info.


Fallout 2

Currently loaded, not played yet - got it in a GOG.com free game fest years ago. Have been really interested in Wasteland 2, so instead of getting that (another loooong game) it seemed time to try one of the old influential games first. Plus I've had it for years and meant to get around to it.


With all of that on my plate I'm still looking longingly at Pillars of Eternity, because it also sounds like something I'd like. (I'm a D&D junky, without ever having played more than one game with living people.) But again, it's long. And I haven't even mentioned all the other stuff sitting in my Steam Library (damn you, Steam sales) that I haven't gotten around to playing.


See, there's a trend here, just like the stacks of unread (e)books!


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