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review 2019-06-02 10:57
A wonderful chronicle for anybody interested in local history
Barnsley at War 1939–45 (Your Towns & Cities in World War Two) - Mark Green

I thank Rosie Croft from Pen & Sword for providing me a paperback copy of this book that I freely chose to review.

This volume is one in a series about different towns and cities during WWII in the UK, called Your Towns & Cities in World War Two (for those interested, Pen & Sword also publishes a similar series about towns and cities during WWI). I was particularly interested in Barnsley because I used to live in Penistone, a town within Barnsley Metropolitan Borough, and I spent a fair amount of time in Barnsley and the surrounding area, so I was curious as to how life must have been like at the time in the area (beyond the visual reminders, like monuments and parades). Each book is penned by a different expert, so the writing might differ, but if I were to judge by this one, anybody interested in researching in more detail what life was like during the war in a particular area of the UK would find plenty of useful material in this collection.

The book, which contains a detailed index and end notes that can serve as a bibliography, is peppered with photographs, maps, propaganda posters and advertisements, and images taken directly from newspapers which illustrate the text, from maps of the German bombers targets in the area (in Sheffield, a few miles South, they manufactured parts for the RAF planes, and it was therefore a target and suffered heavy bombing in 1940), posted silhouettes of the German planes and images of their uniforms, so the population could recognise them, pictures of the men and women who helped in the war effort (both home and abroad), the bomb shelters, a gas hood for babies (it looks right out of a sci-fi movie)…

The four chapters follow the war effort in Barnsley in chronological order, from the preparation period (detailing the ARP’s [ Air Raid Precaution] efforts to recruit people in the whole area, also talking in detail about the poor living and working conditions in some parts of the town, especially for those working at the local collieries [George Orwell visited and reported on what he saw], it also mentions those men from Barnsley who went to join the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War [Thank you], the building of air shelters and the reuse of some facilities for training and as shelters; to what became known as “the Phoney War”, because for eight months, after war had been declared, nothing much seemed to happen, although there were plenty of preparations and movements taking place (for some soldiers who had never travelled abroad it felt like a vacation, while at home they were practicing imposing blackout —there were several deaths and a large number of accidents as well until people got wise to the risks—, rationing, and an increase in manufacturing);  then when Germany invaded the Low Countries and France, we have more rationing, the first men start dying abroad including the first British soldier killed in France, Private William Roper, who although living in Dewsbury at the time of the war, was born and spent his childhood in Barnsley, the women joining more actively in the war effort, heavy rationing, children refugees arriving from some of the heavily bombed areas (there are letters and personal accounts included as well)… And finally, after the victory, we have the celebrations, of course.  The book does not shy away from talking about some of the less than edifying incidents, like crime and robberies taking place during the period, and hate incidents towards some of the allied troops visiting the area (including an incident in Penistone when an African-American soldier was assaulted outside a pub, although seemingly not by locals), and it is a fairly complete chronicle of all aspects of life in the area during WWII period.

As a small but representative sample of the book, I thought I’d share a fragment of a letter by Gunner William Barraclough, a Barnsley hero, summing up the British spirit of Dunkirk, which brought a smile to my face: ‘we had a hot time, but we’re not licked yet —not by a long chalk.’

I cannot sum up the whole book, but I am sure anybody from the region, or interested in researching the local history of that area, will find plenty of useful information about what was happening in the area, and also about what happened to the locals who were mobilised during the war. This would be a perfect present for relatives or friends who remember the era or are interested in it, and also for anybody wanting to become better acquainted with that period of UK history at a local level.

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text 2019-02-25 09:46
Why Should You Consider Hiring a Bouncy Castle?

Planning for an upcoming birthday party of your child? What you've decided to keep the kids busy? There are so many ways to keep children busy during the party. One such most popular choice for kid's parties is bouncy castle hire Sheffield. It's not just kids have a lot of fun but, there are so many good reasons behind hiring it. Let's have a look-


Bouncy Castle Hire Sheffield | Bouncy Castle Hire Rotherham | Bouncy Castle Hire Barnsley



  • Health Benefits to Kids:


Bouncy castles are really an amazing source for physical fitness of kids. Jumping and running around the castle is a good exercise for kids and a funful solution for kid's obesity. By performing several physical activities in the castle, children can develop their strength and also learn the art of balancing on the flabby surface.


  • Cost-effective:


Opting for bouncy castle hire Rotherham is one of the most cost-effective ways of engaging kids. Surely, kids will be eager to run, crawl, and jump in it. These castles give parents a chance to feel relax and meet other people present at the party as their kids will be fully occupied by the bouncy castle.


  • Kids Love Them:


All the kids love playing in the jumping castle. As children can do a lot of activities inside it such as crawling, rolling, jumping, running, and more so they can't get bored easily and definitely spend a long time playing in it.


  • Versatile:


Bouncy Castle is versatile that means it can be used for both indoor and outdoor event. These castles can easily accommodate anywhere and provide your kids with such a joyful experience.


So, make your kid's party successful via bouncy castle hire Barnsley. If you're looking for a reliable source to hire these inflatable structures, then do connect with Go Bounce. It's the firm offering different types of Inflatables like Bouncy castle, hot tub, and night club and disco dome at reasonable rates.


For more details, visit Bouncycastlehire-sheffield.co.uk.


This content has been taken from: https://bit.ly/2U1Jctj

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text 2018-11-29 11:30
How to Hire a Professional Locksmith in Emergency

Most of the people we encounter critical situations related to the security of our valuable properties. The common situations like losing car keys or can't get inside your house due to the locks. These problems can get worse when you can't find an expert locksmith Rotherham and hire a random person. People make wrong decisions in such conditions so it is essential to consider a professional. The procedure for finding an expert can be really difficult so now we are going to discuss how to hire an expert for emergency situations.



An experienced and trained locksmith is capable of opening almost any lock to save your extra spending on a new lock. Instead of calling a random locksmith, you should find some information about the locksmith's experience, skills, and feedback from customers about their services. It is beneficial to prepare and find the reliable locksmith Barnsley in advance to handle the emergency effectively. Always prefer to contact a trustworthy locksmith who can visit your house in an emergency and avoid hiring locksmith that changes the quote after their arrival. If possible, try to call them in the regular hours because after hours fees can double up your expenses.


Apart from these things, you should verify your locksmith to ensure their reliability. Try to match their contact numbers with the location of their business. Avoid hiring the locksmith you meet first in your quest and get information about various locksmiths to compare prices in order to get the best service at competitive rates.


Those are some important factors that you need to hire a suitable locksmith. But if you are still puzzled and looking for a locksmith for an emergency then contact G & M Locksmiths. They offer cost-effective and best locksmith services in Barnsley, Sheffield, Chesterfield, and Rotherham. They have a team of highly experienced and skilled locksmith Chesterfield to offer effective emergency services. For more information, visit Gmlocksmiths.co.uk



Original Source: https://bit.ly/2E5bnTU


Source: www.gmlocksmiths.co.uk
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text 2018-09-27 07:04
Tips to Pick the Best and Reliable Locksmith Firm

The services offered by the locksmiths have a great impact in ensuring the security of every commercial as well as residential undertakings. Whether you need to upgrade your lock or want to change the entire lock system, you need the services of a well-trained and professional locksmith Rotherham to prevent unauthorized access and avail lasting peace of mind. Moreover, some people call locksmiths when they have locked themselves out of their home or vehicles whereas some need locksmithing services in case of lost keys.




However, due to increasing awareness of personal security amongst the people, several locksmith firms have been popped up in the market. From all these locksmith companies, it is vital for you to select the firm keeping in mind the following key factors.




Always make sure that your hired locksmith Barnsley has a clean license from an accredited license body. It will help you in checking the reliability of the hiring firm from a security point of view.




Hire the services of the locksmith who has the necessary skills and experience in performing the task promptly and effectively. Also, many professional locksmiths provide various security advises to their clients so as to ensure maximum safety of their premises.




Price is one of the important factors that should be considered before hiring any locksmithing services. Ask the locksmiths to quote their prices and after careful comparison, select the one which offers their services at reasonable prices.


Above stated factors are imperative to be considered before hiring the services of any locksmith agency. If you are looking for the trustworthy locksmith Chesterfield, consider contacting G&M Locksmiths. This firm is well-experienced in providing the best and affordable locksmithing services to clients. They offer a full range of services which includes emergency lockouts, lock repair and changed, UPVC doors and windows, key cuts, door handles, and anti snap cylinders.


For more details, visit Gmlocksmiths.co.uk



Original Source: https://bit.ly/2DAfbgy

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text 2018-09-12 11:10
Throw an Entertaining Kid’s Birthday Party with Bouncy Castle Hire

Are you planning for your kid’s birthday party dated next month? If yes, start preparing it from today itself. Planning a kid’s birthday party can be a demanding task! Why not? You have to decide upon the cuisines to be served, entertainment source for kids, return gifts and many more. To reduce some sort of your burden, we recommend you to choose bouncy castle hire Sheffield.




Bouncy castle is more commonly found at fairs and carnivals from a long ago. Nowadays, it is also being hired in the kid’s parties, small events, weddings and other events to provide a non-stop entertainment to the kids visiting there. Bouncy castle hire Rotherham is the perfect way of providing hours of enjoyment in the children’s birthday party where your kids can roll, jump, and crawl to discover unlimited fun.


Apart from the entertainment purpose, a bouncy castle has several health benefits as well. By playing in this inflatable structure, your children can develop their strength and also learn to balance on a flabby surface. Therefore, hiring a bouncy castle is the stress-free and cost-effective way of providing an entertaining source of engagement for all the kids in the party. Also, you can hire these inflatables for any theme party, where you can select the castle that matches your theme precisely.


While booking a bouncy castle hire Barnsley, consider the size of a castle as per your space requirement, budget and conceived theme. If you are looking for the trustworthy service provider to cater your party, you can consider connecting with Go Bounce. They specialize in bouncy castle hire and inflatable dome hire. All their castles are safety-checked, clean and fully insured. This firm employs a fully trained staff which ensures that the castles are set up correctly and properly.


For more details, visit Bouncycastlehire-sheffield.co.uk



Original Source: https://bit.ly/2OcJ5rO

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