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quote 2017-04-23 20:00
And it sounds so easy in the stories, even when it’s not. Even when there are millions of obstacles, heroes know exactly what to do. There is always a way out. But the problem with real life is, there is not. And storytellers, you know what their problem is? There are millions of worlds in their heads. They know magic, and love, and hatred, and they have a metaphor for every feeling you can imagine. As tellers, they are fantastic. But when they become characters, it changes completely.

The Storyteller by Andrea Tomić

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quote 2015-09-13 17:59
Six weeks ago, I had been blissfully ignorant of the details surrounding my existence. I'd had audacity to believe I was normal and productive member of society. Six weeks ago the world as I knew it began to crumble. My name is Doyle Hawthorne, and I'm the newest member to the line of zombie royalty.
Of High Treason - Ember Shane

Of High Treason - Ember Shane  page 5.

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quote 2013-11-30 12:44
,,Czytanie książek to najpiękniejsza zabawa, jaką sobie ludzkość wymyśliła."
Wisława Szymborska
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quote 2013-09-28 21:26
...About 45 per cent of the Frenchmen born in the eighteenth century died before the age of ten. Few of the survivors reached adulthood before the death of at least one of their parents. And few parents reached the end of the procreative years, because death interrupted them. Terminated by death, not divorce, marriages lasted an average of fifteen years, half as long as they do in France today. ...Stepmothers proliferated everywhere - far more so than stepfathers, as the remarriage rate among widows was one in ten. Stepchildren may not have been treated like Cinderella, but relations between siblings probably were harsh. A new child often meant the difference between poverty and indigence.
The Great Cat Massacre and Other Episodes in French Cultural History - Robert Darnton

from chapter one, Peasants Tell Tales: The Meaning of Mother Goose, in The Great Cat Massacre and Other Episodes in French Cultural History.


(After the break my apologies for the HUGE font...)


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quote 2013-09-25 00:50
Blue, this phone's for you. It's Gansey."
Blue noticed that the Gray Man was abruptly not interested in who was on the phone. Which was interesting because he had been so interested in absolutely everything else before.
Which Blue took to mean that, really, he was very interested in who might be on the phone, only he didn't want them to know he was interested.
Which was interesting.
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