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review 2018-01-27 12:52
Losing It (Ringside Romance) - Christine Feehan,Christine d'Abo

This book is #3, in the Ringside Romance series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  For reader enjoyment and understanding, I recommend reading this series in order.


Justin has to start over.  He cannot go back into the past. He does not want to go back.  Since he has burned some bridges, it is necessary to start fresh.  Start over where he knows someone.  Then he meets someone special.


Finn is scared to talk to people in person.  Struggles with it all the time.  Once comfortable with someone, there is no problem.  Now, with a date with someone new, Finn needs help from a friend.


This story was as sweet as it was sexy.  The slow burn in this book just keeps the reader captivated until the very last page.  I like how this series makes us feel like any relationship is possible.  Even when we believe otherwise.  That is why we read.  So we can glimpse a better life that is out there.  I give this story a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given by Netgalley and its publishers, in exchange for an honest review only.

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review 2017-06-15 06:06
Faking It (Ringside Romance Book 2) - Christine d'Abo

This story is book #2, in the Ringside Romance series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  To avoid spoilers, and to better understand the series, I recommend reading this in order.


Grady has reasons for being far from home.  He is helped by a stranger one night, a night he barely remembers.  What does impress him, is how little the stranger cares about his celebrity status, money, or h is family.


Max has his focus on his club, his friends, and keeping Ringside open.  When he meets Grady, some of that focus is off.  He cannot help but be attracted and quickly smitten with someone who needs him so badly.


This couple is obviously meant to be.  It is a joy to read about men who can be both strong and sensitive.  This book is packed full of lots to enjoy.  There is heat, heart, and some hot sexy times.  I give this story a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This copy was given in exchange for an honest review by Netgalley and its publisher.

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review 2015-08-18 10:06
Rebound Remedy by Christine D'Abo - My Thoughts
Rebound Remedy - Christine d'Abo

A cute generic contemporary holiday romance.  I really liked one of the main characters, Owen, the bar owner but the other MC, Cole, left me cold.  I didn't dislike him, I was just rather meh about him.  


All in all, I didn't dislike the book, but I didn't love it either.  I think it could have been a lot more with a little work.  

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text 2015-05-05 16:03
Romance Novels Set in Mexico
Wild Orchids - Karen Robards
Daughter of Fortune - Carla Kelly
The Book of True Desires - Betina Krahn
Moonlight and Margaritas - Cindy Stark
The Unexpected Honeymoon (Harlequin Romance) - Barbara Wallace
The Fifth Kingdom - Caridad Piñeiro
The Goldsmith's Daughter - Tanya Landman
Hell On Wheels (Southern Series Book 3) - Karen Kelley
All Bottled Up - Christine d'Abo
Breaking Point - Pamela Clare

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I wish you beautiful paper flowers and Marachis to serenade you. 


I gather up a list of Romance Novels set in Mexico to celebrate. 


This list reveals that we have a long way to go in Romanceland in our depictions of Mexico. Drug Cartels and Vactation Resorts reign.  There are a few historicals that tell differnt stories but if you are a writer there are lot of wonderful stories waiting to be told in this setting.  Like everything else. 


None the less, here are fun Romances set in Mexico for your reading pleasure. 


My lists are never in any particular order. 


1. Wild Orchids by Karen Robards (I adore this book.) 


Prim mid-western schoolteacher Lora Harding is in for the summer vacation of her life when darkly handsome American Max Maxwell slides into her rented car in steamy Cancun, Mexico and orders her to “drive” at gunpoint. Max and his men break Americans out of Mexican jails for a living, but his latest job has gone horribly wrong and Max is on the run for his life. Kidnapping Lora, Max takes her on a heart-stopping adventure as he races to rejoin his men and get out of the country before the authorities can catch up to him. Feisty Lora fights him every step of the way, and in the midst of saving each other’s lives the two fall madly in love in this blistering novel of romantic suspense by the “mistress of sizzling sensuality” (Romantic Times).


2. Daughter of Fortune by Carla Kelly


Maria Espinosa should not have survived the 1679 cholera epidemic in Mexico City that killed her parents, already reeling from the loss of their fortune, nor should she have survived an Apache raid on the caravan transporting her to a sister in remote Santa Fe, in the royal colony of New Mexico. Rejected by her sister because she is penniless, Maria struggles to stay alive in a society unaware of impending disaster. A charismatic Tewa Indian named Popé is determined to drive the hated European overlords from the land. Maria’s refuge is no refuge at all. When Mary is taken in by a Spanish ranching family living uneasily among the Pueblo Indians, her beauty and spirit inspire a rivalry between two brothers—one a Spaniard, the other half-Indian. Will she find security and purpose in this harsh land only to lose her heart? In the midst of personal turmoil, Maria discovers a rare talent in this colony of believers. She learns how to carve discarded branches and tree stumps into statues of saints. She also learns the larger lesson: that grace can transform an object of little value into a masterpiece. But trouble lies ahead. Maria can reveal the saint buried in a block of wood. What mysteries lie deep within her own heart?


3. The Book of True Desires by Betina Krahn

Cordelia O'Keefe hoped to convince her wealthy grandfather, Samuel P. Blackburn, to provide the financial backing for her latest expedition, but Blackburn insists that Cordelia first find the "Gift of the Jaguar" for him. So she agrees to track down the three Mayan carvings that are thought to be the key to locating a legendary treasure hidden somewhere in Mexico. It turns out though that Blackburn isn't through with his demands. Not only does he insist on sending his British butler, Hartford Goodnight, on the expedition as his representative, but he also gives Hartford complete control of all travel funds. The last person Cordelia wants trekking with her through the dangerous jungles is a stuffy, sarcastic, and always superior servant like Hartford, but it turns out that the annoying, sexy Hartford is surprisingly resourceful, too. A delightfully sharp-tongued heroine matches wits and wiles with an equally stubborn hero in the latest of Krahn's imaginative late-Victorian historical romances. Laced with a generous dash of humor and expertly spiced with plenty of action and adventure, The Book of True Desires is simply superb. John Charles Copyright © American Library Association


4. Moonlight and Margaritas by Cindy Stark


She wants tonight… 

Elena Porter is off to Cabo San Lucas in search of excitement. Her business is blooming, and she's dumped her controlling ex-husband. An island fling is just what she needs to start living again. 

He wants forever… 

Joe Stephens escaped his stifling corporate lifestyle, preferring to spend his days as a dive instructor. He thinks the sun, senoritas and cervezas will fill the emptiness inside him, but even they fail to inspire the passion he's searching for.  

Will his love send her running for the border? 

Then Elena blows in like a sultry island breeze, and their time together rivals the sizzling Cabo sunsets. By the end of her vacation, Joe realizes he wants more. The only problem is he has fallen for a woman who wants less. If Joe can't earn her trust and prove his love, he will lose her forever.


5. The Unexpected Honeymoon by Barbara Wallace


A holiday to remember… 


Widower Carlos Chavez manages La Joya del Mayan, the most romantic resort in Mexico. On good days, the romance passes unnoticed; on dark days, it only reminds him of his loss. 


But the honeymoon suite's latest guest, Larissa Boyd, has rocked his steadfastness. Stunningly beautiful, she seems lost. And no wonder…she's on a honeymoon for one!  

The chemistry is instant—and their similarities run deep. Could it be that the two loneliest hearts on the island have found love…in the most unexpected of places?


6. The Fifth Kingdom by Caridad Pineiro


Dr. Deanna Vasquez hasn't spoken to her mother in years, not since the renowned archaeologist abandoned her family in her quest to find the lost tomb of Montezuma. When CIA agent Bill Santana shows up in her classroom with the news that her mother has been abducted by terrorists, Deanna has to help in any way she can.


Bill needs Deanna's expertise to determine the location of her mother's latest find, before her kidnappers do. He fears whatever mysteries the tomb holds could be deadly in the wrong hands. In an effort to make contact with the terrorist cell, Bill accompanies Deanna to Mexico posing as her fiancé—a ruse made doubly dangerous because of the very real heat between them...


7. The Goldsmith's Daughter by Tanya Landman


In the golden city of Tenochtitlan, Emperor Montezuma rules with an iron rod and people live in fear of the gods. Itacate, a girl born under an ill-fated sky, is destined for a life of submission and domestic drudgery. But when her father, a goldsmith, discovers her talent for his craft, she starts to work as his apprentice, a secret she must keep in order to protect the lives of herself and her family. But danger awaits as Spanish strangers invade the city. And when Itacate's work comes to the emperor's attention and she falls in love with a stranger, her life takes an even more perilous turn. Can Itacate change her destiny and survive in this harsh new world?


8. Hell On Wheels by Karen Kelley


Cody Carlisle has a reputation for being a bad ass bounty hunter. She was raised by an alcoholic mother and she has no idea who her father is, so yeah, she had to grow up fast. Her survival depended on it. She doesn’t need anyone, especially a player like Josh Pierce. 

Josh Pierce, ex undercover agent turned bounty hunter. Cody is the only thorn in his side because he’s never wanted a woman as badly as he wants her. Except she won’t have anything to do with him. 

When they grudgingly team up to go after a felon, Josh and Cody find they’re in way over their heads. The Mexican police don’t take kindly to bounty hunters so Josh does the only thing he can do—he lies and tells El Capitan they only want to get married. 

It goes downhill from there…..


9. All Bottled Up by Christine d'Abo


 lesson in seduction that releases lightning in a bottle…


Call center worker Viola White makes a living selling dream vacations. Too bad her own life is a litany of unfilled fantasies. Prime example—the boss she pines for barely knows she exists. Now that she’s won a trip to a Mexican beach resort, though, she vows to shake things up. Instead she winds up alone, empty handed and with a sore toe from the beautiful bottle she’s tripped over.


A bottle that’s purple, gold—and stuffed with over six feet of blue-eyed, black-haired hunk. If anyone could teach her how to seduce her boss, it’s this sexy genie.


Jerod can’t believe his bad luck. Three thousand years of granting frivolous wishes, and now he’s stuck playing matchmaker. A series of sensual lessons later, he finds there’s something different about this shy Viola. Something that tempts him to try to break free of his curse and make a life for himself—with her.


All he has to do is convince Viola that the man of her dreams is a dud. And the right man for the job of loving her is a genie.


10. Breaking Point by Pamela Clare


While investigating border violence in Mexico, journalist Natalie Benoit is taken captive. Alone in the hands of ruthless killers, she needs every ounce of courage she possesses to survive. Chief Deputy US Marshal Zach McBride has endured a week of torture and interrogation at the hands of a bloodthirsty drug cartel. Hearing Natalie's cries spurs his survival instincts. With her help, Zach overpowers their captors and they flee. But past loss and tragedy leave each reluctant to follow their hearts, even as the passion between them reaches breaking point. Now they must fight to stay ahead of the danger that hunts them as forces more powerful than they can imagine conspire to destroy them both...


Do you have good reccomendation for Romances Set in Mexico? Check out my Goodreads list: Romance Novels Set in Mexico

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