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text 2021-04-20 09:30
5 House Cleaning Hacks Every Pet Owner will Appreciate



If you have recently become a proud pet owner, chances are you have already noticed your home is not as clean as it used to be. Living with a pet offers so many wonderful moments, but cleaning the house isn’t one of them. Are you desperate to find smart cleaning tricks that will restore order at your place? Check these cool ideas on how to keep your home squeaky clean when you share it with a pet:


  • Clean your pet – a clean pet means less dirt brought home – this sounds like common sense, but there is no harm done when emphasising the fact. Surely keeping your pet clean all the time is a difficult task, yet you should do your best to stick to a reasonable cleaning routine. Wash the paws of your dog with only water after each walk and bath it with a special shampoo as often as the treatment allows it. While your four-legged friend is still wet, keep it in a premise with suitable floorings, like the laundry room. Also, make sure that you banish pet hairs stuck in the carpet with frequent visits to a professional groomer.


  • Invest in a powerful vacuum – one of the greatest problems pet owners are faced with is the great number of hairs spread all over their places. If you take advantage of carpeted floors, the situation becomes even more annoying. In addition to having your pet regularly groomed, you should benefit from a decent vacuum cleaner to effectively remove pet hairs from your home. A powerful vacuum would make a huge difference, but don’t forget to maintain the machine. Replace its filters and empty the bag often, so that you can preserve the excellent functionality of your vacuum cleaner.


  • Take care of the couch – ideally, when living with a pet you would take advantage of furniture that doesn’t trap pet hairs and is easy to clean. If you have a leather couch, you are in luck, because the material doesn’t get affected by the presence of a pet. With the right kind of upholstery, you wouldn’t have to tackle dangerous stains and unwanted smells all the time, which is why investing in appropriate furniture is a smart solution. In case purchasing new furniture is not an option, cover your couch and sofa with a pet-friendly blanket. This way you would be able to protect your upholstery and rely on long-lasting furniture.


  • Learn to green clean – many store-bought cleaning products contain chemicals that can be dangerous to your health. When you take care of a pet, however, cleaning your place with harsh products is a method you should part with. While toxic solutions may or may not affect your health, chances are they pose a real threat to the well-being of your fluffy friend. So, if you haven’t considered eco-friendly cleaning hacks yet, now it’s the right moment. Keep your home ideally disinfected with natural ingredients like white vinegar, baking soda, essential oils and many others. With these cool cleaning alternatives, you would obtain a tidy home and at the same time preserve the health of your beloved pet.


  • Act on messes quickly – as a pet owner you would have to deal with all sorts of accidents, especially while your dog or cat is still a baby. Over time, your pet would develop certain habits, but when it is still young, you should be prepared to tackle unpleasant messes. The best way to keep your home clean is to have a quick reaction to the mess. Soak liquids with paper towels as soon as they happen and always have an enzyme-based solution by your side. The faster you react, the greater opportunity you get to prevent permanent stains and trapped smells.


Living with a pet and at the same time having a squeaky clean home is a challenging task any pet owner wants to accomplish. Get the most of these tips, so that you can enjoy every minute spent with your beloved pet in the comfort of your spotless place.


© First Choice Cleaning Company

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text 2021-04-20 03:51
4 Chores to Address when you Disinfect the Kitchen


A lot of activities take place in the kitchen, which is why this is one of the rooms that can get extremely dirty in a flash. Because you use the kitchen for preparing healthy meals, keeping the space super clean should be your top priority. Read on to find out crucial kitchen cleaning tasks you need to tackle, so that you can provide a germ-free premise:


  • Address the oven - chances are your oven's interior is one of the filthiest areas in the kitchen. A quick glimpse inside the appliance would make you believe that fact, that's why actions should be taken and grime should be banished from the appliance. Burnt-on grease is challenging to eliminate and homeowners often ignore the cleaning needs of their ovens, but keeping them disinfected doesn't have to be such a tedious chore. Just empty the oven and cover it with a cleaning paste you should prepare with baking soda and water. On the next morning wipe the interior clean and your oven would be as good as new. Eliminate lingering odours and nasty germs from the oven with the help of white distilled vinegar mixed with water in a spraying bottle.


  • Refresh the fridge - if you tend to forget food products in the refrigerator for a long time, eventually they expire and nasty odours, as well as bacteria, appear inside the appliance. A super clean kitchen can't be achieved without a disinfected fridge, so make sure you tackle that task too. Throw away expired products and take out the fresh ones, so that you get an empty fridge. Spray the interior with the vinegar-water mixture you prepared for the oven, then wipe clean with a dry cloth. The goal of this procedure is to obtain a freshly scented fridge and also kill germs that pose a threat to your health. To be able to preserve the fresh smell in the refrigerator, open a box of baking soda and leave it inside. The ingredient would absorb any unwanted smell your appliance might face.


  • Banish dust - whether you are cleaning the kitchen or another room at your place, the dust has to be banished, so that you can call the space perfectly disinfected. When it comes to the right technique for removing dust from different surfaces, you should deal with the chore from top to the bottom. This means you need to address light fixtures first, then move on with the top of your refrigerator and higher kitchen cabinets and eventually tackle lower surfaces like the countertop and the floor. This way you would be able to banish dust quickly, eliminating the chance for you to knock it over areas you have already cleaned.


  • Sanitise the sink - your sink is another spot germs and bacteria find attractive, that's why you should keep the surface clean by scrubbing it regularly. While many homeowners are used to employing commercial cleansers to address sink grime, you can get the greenest cleaning approaches instead. For a metal sink, it is safe to disinfect it with baking soda paste you can prepare with half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of water. Apply the paste, wait for a few minutes and scrub the dirt off with a brush. The white vinegar solution you used for cleaning the fridge and the oven works wonders too.



Keep your kitchen sparkly clean by tackling four important cleaning tasks. Your refrigerator should be free from germs and tough odours, so declutter it from expired food products and eliminate smells and bacteria with a solution of white vinegar and water. The same cleaning mixture can be applied to your oven, which is another crucial chore you should address for a spotless kitchen. Removing dust from different surfaces in the kitchen is a must, so simplify the task by using the right approach. While disinfecting your kitchen, don't forget to banish grime from the sink. For that purpose, you can take advantage of a store-bought cleanser or go for a natural alternative like baking soda and white vinegar.


©All Services in One

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text 2021-04-14 06:05
5 Reasons Why Green Cleaning is a Strategy You Should Consider



Nowadays you have so many cleaning methods you can go for that the choice becomes even more complicated. From various brands of cleaning detergents to a wide variety of cleaning tools, you are granted the opportunity to maintain your home super clean. You should realise, however, that green cleaning is an option you shouldn’t overlook. Taking advantage of eco-friendly cleaning hacks has many positive aspects you should consider. Here are the most important reasons why natural ingredients are your best choice:


  • They are safe – there is nothing more important than your health and when it comes to cleaning, the only safe option you have is to rely on green cleaning. While solutions that contain natural ingredients are harmless to your health, chemical-based products may get absorbed by the skin or lead to breathing problems for the person applying these detergents. Eco-friendly cleaning alternatives should be the first choice for people who live with children or pets since they are more vulnerable to the negative effects chemicals have. Besides, you should remember that green cleaning is safer for the surfaces you maintain because they are not corrosive.


  • They are cheaper – it may sound hard to believe, but the total cost of store-bought cleaning products shouldn’t be overlooked. If you make a quick calculation, you would find out that you invest a lot of money in detergents, especially if you live in a big house with many surfaces to clean. To save money on cleaning solutions, you can opt for DIY cleansers that contain cheap, yet effective natural ingredients. With ingredients like baking soda, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and essential oils you can prepare your own cleaning mixtures to disinfect any area at your place. These solutions are safe for your health and at the same time easy to afford.


  • They protect nature – another benefit of green cleaning eco-friendly enthusiasts would appreciate is the good impact they have on the environment. When you go for chemical-based cleaning products, toxic fumes are released, which pollutes the air. Furthermore, our water sources are affected when people take advantage of too many toxic products. On the other hand, ingredients of natural origin are absolutely safe for the environment. By switching to a green cleaning routine, you can keep nature protected from exposure to harmful chemicals.


  • They are easy to find – you can never know when unexpected guests might arrive and you would have to clean your home in a flash. But you are out of your window cleaning detergent? Or you can’t find that all-purpose cleaner you are used to applying? Luckily in your kitchen cabinet, you have a bottle of white vinegar or a box of baking soda that can be the perfect replacement for all your commercial detergents. Natural ingredients are easy to find at any store, yet chances are you already have the necessary products in your kitchen. Considering how available they are, you can rest assured you would always have the opportunity to mix your favourite green cleaning solution.


  • They are freshly scented – while tackling chores with a store-bought cleaning product, usually, you notice a certain smell of chemicals that makes dealing with the task even more unpleasant. Unlike commercial cleansers, most eco-friendly solutions are freshly scented because of the essential oils they contain. Even if you prepare your mixtures by yourself, you can add a few drops of essential oils to improve the fragrance of your cleanser. What’s even better, essential oils are safe to breathe in, which turns them into the best alternative to store-bought air fresheners.


In your efforts to stay healthy and keep nature safe, you should leave harsh chemicals behind and move on with green cleaning. The benefits of using eco-friendly alternatives are undeniable and you should see this for yourself by including natural ingredients in your cleaning routine.


©London Domestic Cleaners

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text 2021-03-13 06:41
6 Magical Carpet Cleaning Hacks to Completely Restore Your Carpet



Whether you live in a huge house outside the city or in a modest apartment downtown, furnishing your place with a beautiful carpet can make space feel cosier than you imagine. Unfortunately, carpets are not the easiest solution when it comes to cleaning, which is why you should master special methods to address any problem with. If you worry that your carpet would lose its perfect appearance very quickly, fear not. Here are six amazing cleaning hacks you should try when the outstanding shape of your rug is at stake:


  • Blot spills – sooner or later you would be faced with food or liquids spilt on the carpet and only the right cleaning method can save the rug from serious damage. To properly treat carpet spillages, remember that you should never scrub or rub the mess. Just grab paper towels or a clean towel and blot the spot. Absorb as much of the spill as possible and then move on with your cleaning detergent.


  • Use the lint roller – putting the lint roller in action is a magical carpet cleaning hack, which pet owners would no doubt appreciate. The goal of this tool is to facilitate removing hairs stuck in your rug’s fibres. When your vacuum cleaner fails to extract hairs your shedding pet has left behind, take the lint roller and start tackling the task. Depending on the carpet you have, completing the job successfully may take only a few minutes. For shaggy carpets, however, you should be prepared to invest a little more time in collecting hairs with the lint roller.


  • Deodorise the carpet – another hack pet owners would gladly benefit from is using baking soda as a natural deodorizer for the carpet. This powerful ingredient can absorb unwanted smells from the carpet, leaving the rug freshly scented. Just sprinkle the surface generously with baking soda and wait a few hours before you vacuum clean. No matter the source of the nasty odour your carpet has been trapping, baking soda would eliminate it right away.


  • Fight oily stains – you would be right to assume oily carpet stains are extremely difficult to remove. But not if you have baking soda by your side – the ingredient is capable of so much more than deodorising the carpet. So in case you have to fight oily mess on the carpet, take the box of baking soda and sprinkle the stain generously. Again, you should wait a few hours before you vacuum clean the area. The result is worth waiting for because baking soda would absorb oily residue, thus making the stain much easier to tackle.


  • Remove nail polish stains – you have spilt nail polish on your squeaky clean carpet and you have no idea how to approach the stain? Don’t worry, a little rubbing alcohol can restore the perfect looks of your carpet. First, try to remove as much of the dried nail polish as possible using the dull side of a knife. After that soak a clean towel with rubbing alcohol and gently blot the affected part of the carpet. This hack is supposed to help you to dissolve what’s left of the nail polish, transferring it from the carpet to the towel.


  • Refresh a light-coloured carpet – if the carpet at your place is light-coloured, you know how quickly it begins to look dirty, especially in high traffic areas. These regular dirt stains can be banished from the rug applying nothing else but some shaving cream. Rub the product on the spot and let it stay there for a while. That’s all you have to do, your beige or white carpet would look brand-new again.


Although carpets might be challenging to maintain, they remain one of the prettiest solutions homeowners continue to invest in. Now that you have discovered these effective carpet cleaning hacks, you can rest assured your rug would preserve its beauty for a long time.


© London Carpet Cleaners


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text 2021-02-24 01:51
5 Advantages of Having your Carpet Professionally Cleaned


If you wonder whether a professional carpet cleaning service is an investment worth making, you should know that there is no other method or product that can compete with an expert approach. From the latest technologies to effective cleaning hacks, a reputable carpet cleaning company can rescue even the messiest rug. Even if your carpet is in good shape, expert help is something you shouldn't underestimate. Move on to find out five wonderful benefits you can count on when you trust the pros with carpet maintenance:


  • Flawless appearance - the moment you install your brand-new carpet, you may feel proud of making the right call. In course of time, however, your rug would start losing its initial beauty, unless being professionally cleaned. With the right carpet cleaning company, you can be sure that the looks of your carpet would be preserved and its softness would stay intact as well. There is no need to hesitate about calling the pros - once they are ready with your rug, you would immediately notice a huge improvement in its vision.


  • Safer environment - no doubt you are unwilling to compromise with your health, yet have you ever thought about the air at your place? Dirty carpets are full of dust that has to be eliminated for you to feel safe at home. Because carpets are great in trapping germs and grime, no wonder why they may trigger allergic reactions. Surely you would want to avoid such problems and this is when a professional carpet cleaning company comes to the rescue. Experts work with powerful equipment that can extract trapped dirt much more effectively than your regular vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, well-trained professionals apply the best cleaning solutions that are safe not only for your health but for the environment as well.


  • No nasty smells - if unpleasant smells linger at your place and you can't figure out where they come from, chances are your carpet is to blame. In addition to trapping dirt and bacteria, carpets tend to trap all kinds of odours as well, including the ones you don't want at home. Although you can apply various store-bought cleaning products to eliminate those smells, a professional carpet cleaning company is the most certain way to go. That's because the service includes deep cleaning the carpet, which means the solutions your company uses should reach deep inside the carpet's fibres. This way nasty smells disappear without you even lift a finger.


  • No stubborn stains - let's admit is - owning a carpet inevitably leads to stained floors. Of course, with a quick reaction and a powerful cleaning detergent you can rid your rug of the most typical spots, but what about unaddressed accidents? Unfortunately, you can't always act on a stain right away, that's why your carpet probably shows a spot or two you can't eliminate by yourself. Fear not, no matter how stained your carpet is, a reliable cleaning company can tackle any sort of mess. Experts have deep knowledge on almost each carpet stain and they own the necessary tools to remove it completely.


  • Greater durability - you invested a lot of money to get the perfect carpet for your home and naturally you would like to keep it perfect for as long as possible. You realise that cleaning the rug at least once a week is a must, but hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is just as important. Thanks to the effective methods experts rely on, your carpet would stay clean for a longer period, which prolongs its lifespan.


Now that you discovered all the advantages of having your carpet professionally cleaned, you should no longer wonder if booking service is a wise choice. Let the professionals take care of your rug - you wouldn't regret the investment you made.


©London Carpet Cleaners

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