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review 2014-11-28 18:47
Don't even bother with it
The Cuckoo's Calling - Robert Galbraith

This book is in serious need of being trimmed by at least 100 pages and re-writen to add some action. As it stands it would have benefited from being titled "The day to day minutiae of Commoran Strike, a failure of a Private Eye" for there is nothing to suggest in this book that it is a "page turner" as BookPage touted so fervently.

In fact, the BBC reported that Rowling send this manuscript anonymously and it was decline by all and sundry. It appears the only things that recommends this dour book is the revelation that Robert Galbraith is none other and J. K. Rowling. In fact, when it was revealed that this was a Rowling book it shot into number 1 rankings and came out of the obscurity it would have faded into had it been otherwise.

I picked up this book purely out of the boredom, the irony is so rich in that statement. I laugh at myself for having through this book would be exciting at all. The prose is overly bloated with excess information that only serves to drag down an already very boring plot. There is conversation after conversation that goes around in circles and adds absolutely nothing to the story or move the plot around.

The characters are emotionally distant, Robin is a one dimensional obliging girl and Strike, the protagonist, is a champion at angsting over everything that is wrong with his life. Every single character might as well be a cardboard cutout for all the personality they displayed. Everyone showed very little emotion besides depression or cynicism, there is no humour or any action that could saved this book's plot or cause it to move alone.

I won't even try to pick up another book Rowling writes, they all proven to be disappointments and a waste of money. I guess it sucks to be me, because while Rowling laughs all the way to the bank, I am left wondering what to do with this paperback.

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review 2014-11-19 04:49
Just okay
Captivated by You - Sylvia Day

Some good moments, some boring ones, a whole lot of frustration and annoyance. This book is a curve ball alright, at times it felt like a lot of things where piled together in order to compile a fourth book and some points it flowed really well.

The dual POV help in shedding light on some issues with Gideon and some people that surround him got more attention which help to understand them a bit. It got annoying how much he thought of Eva and how much he loved her, he obsessed over her a lot. Eva was as usual consumed by Gideon all the time and nothing really happened in this book.

At least I was entertain somewhat.

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review 2014-11-09 00:36
Plain dumb book
RUIN (The RUIN Series Book 1) - Deborah Bladon

I picked up this book because I was very bore with my life this saturday. This book was really stupid but its saving grace is that it is not rage inducing.

Kayla has just broken up with her boyfriend and in her fly back home she meets this dude and she has sex with him. The problem with his scenario is that very little prelude is given before they have sex and it ends up reading forced and mechanical. The characters have no personality and everyone is basically carboard cutout.

The plot is the dumbmest crap, it reads like a really, really bad episode of Days of Our Lives. You have the feuding brothers, the friends who fall in love with the guys, the family drama from hell that is so badly paced and written you just yawned.

This book is so lame, I'm glad it was cheap.

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review 2014-11-07 00:49
So, so ending
Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3 - Whitney Gracia Williams

It was an okay ending, I didn't feel Andrew and Aubrey's relationship or that they loved each other. Everything read choppy and forced but I guess there was very little material left to work with.

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review 2014-06-14 02:01
The Intern: Vol. 1 - Brooke Cumberland

How the hell did I get suckered into paying for this book?


Oh, yeah, the cover, the only good thing this book has going for it is the cover. Everything else is just stupid, I can't believe adults would get fooled by an idiot teenage girl with a forge resume and student number of someone else and it held up TO A SERIOUS INVESTIGATIVE COMPANY'S BACKGROUND CHECK?




This girl would have to pay thousands to get top of the line forge papers, that shit ain't cheap but she makes it sound like is "easy." I can't with this book, it insult my intelligence.



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