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text 2020-03-19 10:04
Give An Amazing Outlook To Your Bakery Products By Using Custom Printed Boxes

Bakery items are perhaps the most delicate food items among all. They are easily spoiled. They have a short shelf life. They are more vulnerable to fungus or other health hazards because of the use of dairy products in their manufacturing. to sustain the life of bakery items, it is very important to use boxes that are sustainable enough to keep them fresh. Yes! All bakery items should be served fresh.


Stale bakery items will not taste good and of course, it will make a bad impression. And being eatables, you must pay close attention to keep them healthy and hygiene. In the open air, your bakery items can be easily attacked by germs or other harmful microorganisms. Eating these contaminated bakery goods is a serious threat to health.  In order to make customers fan of your bakery items, you must take steps to keep them fresh and hygiene. Sustaining the life and freshness of your bakery items might be a big issue in the past.



But using bakery boxes made of cardboard has made it very easy to keep your bakery products fresh and hygiene. You can get your own Custom Bakery Boxes as well in order to build a unique impression of your brand in the market. These boxes aren’t supposed to be tailored in old custom designs. You can use your own innovative thoughts to get spectacular and unique bakery boxes.


Make your bakery boxes stylish but consistent with the nature of the packed item


Making your own bakery boxes doesn’t mean you can make them in any layout or style. The consistency of your bakery box and the packed bakery item matters a lot. Your custom bakery boxes must be made perfect in accordance with the nature of the packed eatable. The shape and size of the box must also be consistent with the packed content. If the packed item is too small and the box is too large; it will create a very impression of your brand. Similarly, crafting small boxes for big items will ruin their finishing.


The size and shape of your bakery box must be made to let your bakery items fit perfectly inside. You can also decorate these boxes to let the buyers feel delightful and excited. Bows, ribbons or stickers can be used to decorate your bakery boxes. Graphic designing, UV printing, embossing or debossing can be used to design outstanding bakery boxes. Moreover, you can use an aqueous coating to prevent your bakery boxes from stains of human touch or fingerprints.  To give your bakery boxes glossy or matte finish, you can use foil stamping.




The boxes can also be designed with a see-through window to let your lip-smacking baked goods peep out of it. Your heavenly delicious bakery goods peeking out of a see-through window will excite the appetite of the customers. They won’t be able to resist the desire of eating your delicious bakery items and will be triggered to buy them. In short, custom-tailored bakery boxes will definitely grab more customers’ attention and resultantly your sales will improve.


 Make your bakery boxes your exclusive advertisement


You can make your Custom Bakery Boxes an exclusive advertisement of your brand by labeling them with your brand name. Bakery boxes imprinted with your name and logo will highlight the presence of your brand and its products even in a sea of other brands. Using your own custom styled bakery boxes will spread your brand’s recognition in the market. People will also feel more confident when they will purchase eatables that belong to a reliable source. Their trust in your products will make them your permanent customers and it might also result in referrals. Referrals by loyal customers will bring you many customers.


Don’t worry if you are running low on ideas or on budget. In both cases, you can ask the professionals team of The Custom Packaging to design spectacular bakery boxes for you. Teams of these professionals can actually craft bakery boxes that can influence the buying decision of the customers. These boxes are easily affordable as cardboard is not too expensive. Corrugated and rigid edges of cardboard also protect the packed content from deterioration, crumbling and crushing.

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text 2019-11-28 09:27
You should Use High Standard Bakery Boxes

With the passage of time, the trend of consumption of edibles has changed to a certain extent. In the past, people used to prefer homemade food products as they were considered safer and healthier as compared to outside food. But, nowadays, this trend has markedly changed, and people have shifted towards bakery edibles. These items are available in numerous flavors and exceptional tastes. These food products are packed using bakery boxes. Like all other edibles, the safety or the security of these food products are also a cause of concern for the consumers, but the use of proper encasements eliminates the threat to a great extent. These coverings are also extremely pivotal in enhancing and improving the graph of sales by the application of lovely and adorable designs. Because of these and many other functions of these containers, it is always recommended to use high standard coverings.


Ensuring the safety of edibles:

If any retail product is damaged or lost in one way or the other, it will only cause financial loss to owners. But if such a scenario occurs with food items, then the safety and security of consumers will be at stake. It is because these items are directly eaten by individuals, and if they are polluted or contaminated, then there would be severe consequences on the health of the consumers. This situation can be avoided by using such custom bakery boxes that are manufactured by using high-quality substances. It is because the qualities and features of the constituting material are clearly exhibited in the end results, as well. If edibles are not delivered to the target audience in the purest possible form, then the reputation of the company will be affected in a negative manner. That is why baked good boxes must be prepared by using cardboard or Kraft. Although both these substances are different in their physical and chemical composition, yet they have one thing in common, and that is, they are extremely safe and secure for the packing, storage, and transportation of edibles. They elongate the shelf life of products to a certain degree and make them more acceptable for the masses.


Easily modifiable:

Another fruitful feature of high-quality material is that they can easily be modified according to the needs and requirements. In spite of the fact that the protection of edibles is an extremely important factor, yet this is not the only aspect that is observed by the buyers. The customers are also inclined to get their required products in such encasements that are lovely and exceptional in their outlook. Any design and style can be implemented on high-quality containers. For example, boxes for cakes can be transformed into any required size shape and style to make products look stand out in the crowd. They can be modified in round bakery boxes in order to make them compatible with the shape of the product. Similarly, clear bakery boxes can also be manufactured in which buyers can easily look at the items they are going to buy without even opening the case and touching them. These window cake boxes are exceptional and extraordinary in their appearance and are trendy these days. This window is usually added to loaf cake boxes as people are always inclined to observe the quality, flavor, and color of the sweet delight.


Acceptable to printing:

Usually, those encasements are regarded as higher in quality that can easily be printed by using traditional as well as the latest printing technologies. These methods are dynamic in nature and can be used for numerous different purposes. They are used to enhance the aesthetic effects of products by applying a colorful theme and drawing creative patterns. They are mostly in the dimensions of 8*8 bakery boxes, and thus, they are required to be innovative in the display to inspire the audience. It is because plain and simple encasements have almost none pleasing effects. But these printing methods can also be put to use by writing details of the products on the coverings. For instance, the price of items, their expiry date, manufacturing date, etc. can be printed on the cookie boxes to make people aware of what exactly they are buying and going to eat.

h3>For personal purposes:

Another major reason that high standard encasements must be used is that they might prove to be extremely useful for personal purposes as well. The wedding cake boxes can be used as a gift and given to the couple on their special day by modifying them in a creative and colorful manner.

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