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review 2020-05-28 00:07
‘Everything My Mother Taught Me’ by Alice Hoffman -highly recommended short story.
Everything My Mother Taught Me - Alice Hoffman,Brittany Pressley

I rather like Amazon's idea of having collections of short stories, written by well-known writers and available as Kindle and audiobook versions.


One of these collections is called 'Inheritance' and focuses on family secrets and their consequences.


When I saw that one of these stories was by Alice Hoffman, I was excited. When I heard the opening sentences, I knew I had to have a copy:

'There are those who insist that mothers are born with love for their children and place them before all other things, including their own needs and desires. This was not the case with us.'

The dispassionate tone of the second sentence was the hook for me, a move into a minor key that says, 'something is very wrong here and has been wrong for some time.


So I spent an hour listening to Alice Hoffman's precise prose describing a girl's deep understanding of her mother's loveless nature, her choice to stop speaking after her father's death and her decision, as she comes of age, on how to put a stop to her mother's behaviour and achieve her own freedom by learning one of the lessons her mother taught her: put your own needs first.


Brittany Pressley's narration sets exactly the right tone for the story. Click on the SoundCloud link below to hear a sample.



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review 2020-02-27 20:32
Everything My Mother Taught Me
Everything My Mother Taught Me - Alice Hoffman

Honestly, Alice Hoffman writes short stories like no one's business. She is the first short story in Amazon's "Inheritance Collection" which looks at five fiction masters reveal that what is past is passed—inside households, across generations, and within the families of our own making. I honestly am not in the mood to read all of the short stories though. I read Hoffman's and loved it and went ehh on the second story and decided to cut my losses at this point. Hoffman's story hits high notes and makes you feel as if you are standing alone with the main character (pre-teen Adeline) in the 1900s in Massachusetts. 


"Everything My Mother Taught Me" follows young Adeline who is grieving her father. Her mother she understands does not love her and did not love her father while he was alive. Because of the times, the two are forced to go off so her mother can find work as a housekeeper to a set of lighthouse keepers off the tip of Cape Ann. Hoffman describes a desolate place that slowly becomes beautiful to Adeline. Adeline has not spoken since her father has died, but she can see what is happening all around her. And once again she realizes that her mother is only showing one side of herself to others. 


I loved this story from beginning to end. Hoffman makes short work of packing punches in her stories. There's a reason why I have read most of her anthology work at this point. She makes you feel as if you are in the middle of nowhere along with Adeline watching how her mother is slowly wrecking another person's life. 


I loved the ending and wanted to read more which is all you can ask for as a reader when you get to the end of a very good book, or in this case, short story. 

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review 2015-11-16 00:00
Songs My Mother Taught Me
Songs My Mother Taught Me - Marlon Brando,Robert Lindsey Acabo de ver Listen to me Marlon. Uno de los mejores documentales que he visto en la vida. Me ha destrozado.
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review 2013-07-23 00:00
What Your Mother Never Taught You The Pizza Gourmet Will!
What Your Mother Never Taught You The Pizza Gourmet Will! - Carl J. Oshinsky,Terry Landry Another cookbook that I loved from my childhood - the reason that my mom makes such AMAZING pizza - and another book that I recently decided to see if I could find on Amazon. Amazon - I love you :). I found it and have already made three of the pizzas that I remembered as a child. The crust recipe is great. The pizza ideas are great. Take it from me - a BIG pizza lover - it is MUCH more worth it to purchase this book and take the time to make your own, rather than wasting your money on crappy pizza that you buy from the store.
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review 2013-07-10 00:00
Songs My Mother Taught Me
Songs My Mother Taught Me - Marlon Brando,Robert Lindsey این کتاب اتوبیوگرافی <مارلون براندو> اسطوره بزرگ هالیوود است، اسطوره ای که خود را حتی هنرمند هم نمی داند!
این کتاب بیشتر بیان عقاید شخصی است تا بیوگرافی؛ براندو در این کتاب دیدگاه های سیاسی، اجتماعی ، هنری و خاطرات خود را با شخصیت های مختلفی که با آنها برخورد داشته (الیا کازان، مرلین مونرو، رابرت کندی ، چارلی چاپلین و....) را بیان می کند.
من در این کتاب شخصیت مارلون براندو را به صورت فردی کنجکاو، باهوش، منسجم، حقیقت جو و عدالت خواه یافتم. براندو در طول زندگی خود در دفاع از حقیقت و عدالت برای کودکان، سیاهپوستان آمریکا و سرخ پوستان فعالیت های بسیاری داشته است.
خواندن این کتاب را به تمامی دوستان پیشنهاد می کنم.
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