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url 2021-04-06 11:34
Home Builders Grant Federal Government: How to Apply in Brisbane?

Being a first home buyer if you are planning to build your new home in Brisbane, then you may be looking for a federal government home builder grant? Here is a complete guide on the Brisbane home builders grant. This guide covers all the below points.


  • What is the Homebuilders grant?
  • The criteria you need to meet
  • Important dates
  • What types of builds can I use HomeBuilder for?
  • Using HomeBuilder towards your deposit
  • How to apply for Home Builders Grant?


For more help, you can talk to the North Brisbane Home Loans mortgage brokers now!

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url 2021-01-19 09:22
Unemployment Benefits for Millions after Trump Rages over Relief Funds

The outgoing US President’s refusal to sign a bipartisan package for relief funds can lead to the shutting down of the federal government.

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review 2018-01-12 23:17
A Pointed Expose About Government Snafus
The Federal Government is Run by Idiots! - James E. Joyce

There's little doubt about its contents, with a book named The Federal Government is Run by Idiots! This represents plain and simple thinking, and is a "nasty little book" that pinpoints federal government processes as the cause of forces destroying American society and democratic ideals.


Taxpayers in revolt receive a presentation that looks like an illustrated comic book coverage in many places, featuring large-size print and an approach that would seem to indicate its appropriateness for a younger audience; but which actually will prove accessible to busy adults who want more of a quick synthesis than the usual weighty political read presents.


Appearances aside, it should be noted that The Federal Government is Run by Idiots! is a book most decidedly directed to adult American taxpayers, and is crafted in such a manner that even those with low reading skills or who are unfamiliar with statistics, math, or politics will find it enlightening.


There's no love of either Democrat or Republican leaders in this damning report: both receive 'F' marks, along with the government entities that have supported bureaucratic snafus and leaders that promote tax codes with sweeping debt attached to them. James E. Joyce maintains (and supports with facts) that were it not for the federal government's shenanigans, the average American would have $40K more in their pockets annually for retirement income.


There are many eye-opening accusations (supported by statistics and facts) that will give liberals and conservatives alike pause for thought - including that the current social security system is akin to a "federal Ponzi scheme" and should be replaced by a National Investment Retirement Fund. Joyce maintains that social security has been a dishonest scheme since its instigation in 1935, and advocates a better replacement vehicle on the state level. He points out that in 1935, "the average American died before reaching age 65." Now that longevity has increased, proponents of the system are trying to assure that the benefit age is adjusted so that those who pay into the system actually don't reap its full benefits.


It should be noted that professional editing would have made the book a smoother read. But as a counterpoint, this is intended as a comic book and, as such, is a more inviting way of comprehending many serious facts without the grammatical density of comparatively complex discussions of the subject.


The Federal Government is Run by Idiots! is no light discourse, but a solid review that is purposely presented in a format that will lend to accessibility and inspection by even the busiest reader. After a section of admonitions and damning evidence, the meat of the book lies in a second section that details the 'Restoration of the American Dream'.


This may be a nasty little book; but truthful examination of a complex system is never a cozy read.  Want to change things so that Americans can retire at 52 and lead a better life? The keys included here offer food for thought on making this process a reality.

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review 2017-02-06 17:45
One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus


One Thousand White Women is the story of May Dodd, a Chicago socialite from the 1800s, who signs on to the Federal government plan of Brides for Indians as a means to escape an insane asylum where her family has placed her because she had fallen in love with a man below her station. Through her journals May describes her life in the asylum and later her new life as a prairie bride of Chief Little Wolf of the Cheyennes. Along her journey she tells of her fellow brides who come from all walks of life. In return for their marriage to a Cheyenne and subsequent bearing of a mixed race baby or two, the government hopes to assimilate the Cheyennes into the white man’s culture. Along the way May meets an Army Captain and they fall in love but part, knowing that their love could never be. May continues on her journey, assimilating into the life of the Cheyennes as the third wife of Chief Little Wolf, all the while keeping a set of notebooks that become her journals.


The descriptions of life on the prairie are both breathtaking and brutal. But through it all May begins to question which side is the real savage – Native American or white Christian. A detailed and fast booking book, it will appear to the reader that the journals they are reading are true although the author states up front that everything contained in the book is fiction based on the true fact that such a Brides for Indians program was proposed but never acted upon.


I loved the different ‘brides’ who, although stereotypical, give much needed diversity to the story. And although we see Chief Little Wolf as a proud and courageous warrior we soon learn that he is so much more. Finely researched, cleverly written, and engrossing the reader will find this story difficult to put down.

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text 2014-05-05 07:28
Federal government to fund 3,000 paid internships



Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced $40 million over three years to help fund 3,000 private sector internships for grads that will be paid.


The federal government announced $40 million toward 3,000 paid internships in “high-demand” fields.


The money, earmarked in February’s budget, will be spent on paid work for recent grads in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the skilled trades as part of the government’s youth employment strategy, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday in London, Ont.


“Some young graduates hit the classic catch-22 situation: to get the job, they need the experience, but they cannot get the experience because they cannot get a job,” Harper said at Fanshawe College.


Skilled trades, the health science field and “engineers of all kinds” will especially benefit, Harper said. The private sector internships will be funded through the National Research Council and the government’s Career Focus Program between 2014 and 2016.


Asked by reporters whether he was uncomfortable with too many unpaid internships in Canada, Harper said his government was addressing the specific problem of “young people getting their first foot in the door in some skilled environments that are in high demand.”


It’s estimated there are over 300,000 unpaid interns in Canada, with 100,000 of those in Ontario alone. No federal or provincial agency keeps track, although a private member’s bill introduced by NDP MP Andrew Cash last year would introduce measures to monitor internships across Canada.


But critics say the money won’t address that and other underlying problems.


“The tide is certainly turning, but more needs to be done in terms of law reform and enforcement of the laws already on the books,” said Joshua Mandryk, spokesman for the group Students Against Unpaid Internship Scams, which has lobbied the Ontario government for changes.


“The good news is that politicians of all stripes are being forced to listen and take action.”

Amending federal labour laws — which do not specifically address interns — would be the biggest improvement, said Claire Seaborn, president of the Canadian Intern Association.


“If the federal government really did want to deal with the unpaid internship issue … they would have amended the Canada Labour Code by now,” she said.


The money will also likely benefit men more than women, Seaborn said, since more men work in the skilled trades and engineering. According to a study from the University of Victoria, over two thirds of unpaid interns are female, mostly from media, public relations, entertainment and advertising industries.


In Ontario the provincial labour ministry has recently cracked down on illegal unpaid internships, especially in publishing.







Source: www.thestar.com/news/gta/2014/05/04/federal_government_to_fund_3000_paid_internships.html
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