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review 2020-05-31 05:29
Forty Day Fiancé by: Erin McCarthy
Forty Day Fiancé - Erin McCarthy





Forty Day Fiancé by Erin McCarthy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

McCarthy does it again. With sassy wit and irresistible charm, she gives readers what they want. Forty Day Fiance' is a laugh out loud, can't help but fall in love, kind of read. Felicia is one step away from finding her happy ending with the man of her dreams. Except he doesn't know it yet. What began as a curiosity becomes a disaster in the making. McCarthy proves she knows her readers by heart and continues to give them a reason to smile. 

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review 2019-10-12 03:11
Book Review: God Gave Us the Bible
God Gave Us the Bible: Forty-Five Favorite Stories for Little Ones - Lisa Tawn Bergren

I know some parents might be seeking an excellent book for their children. Are you seeking a way to identify Gods story to little one? Well this book, God Gave Us the Bible as a few favorite stories. It a good one and well done.

The stories are brief but mean full. They may allow the children asking some questions about the bible or the meaning of the story. This book retains characters that display this though animals with a Mama bear and a few forest animal kids. I like this concept and could understand it. The stories are not in depth of the Bible, but it gives the children or animal kids in the book to ask about a b meaning of a word or prase. Mama explains them try to provide them an answer that they would understand.

The pictures are effectively put together. I enjoy looking them, and they did tell the story. I was able to read this book in one sitting. I had to take a break when I was going an appointment. I finished the same day as I started it. If I did not have to go any where and launched this at home, I would completed reading it in one sitting.

This book does teach you some lessons and the story of Christ though the eyes of little cubs. Parents should think to put this on their bookshelves for their children or grandchildren. Good for children of juvenile readers.

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review 2019-07-16 02:41
Forty Days & One Knight - Samantha Cole

This is book #2, in the Trident Security: Omega Team series.  This can be read as a standalone novel.  For reader to completely understand, I would recommend readers read in the order intended.


Darius is undercover with a hellish drug lord, when in comes more women for his human trafficking ring.  This one he recognizes.  She is someone who can blow his cover too.


Princess Tahira has no idea where she and her cousins have been taken to.  She must escape or fall victim to the worst sort of crime.  Good thing a hero is there in the shadows.


Such a dark and stormy knight!  Sorry did not mean to be flip.  This read is actually quite difficult and a warning to the readers is in order.  If you have been following along with this incredible series you will not want to miss this one.  You have danger, suspense, heat, tension, friendship, and more.  I was happily to find these characters are so deep there is so much development to them.  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2019-01-11 23:45
The Year We Turned Forty by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke
The Year We Turned Forty: A Novel - Lisa Steinke,Liz Fenton

This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

I really enjoyed this story. I found that this book grabbed my interest right from the start and was a rather solid read until the very end. I found that I wanted the best for these three women and hoped that the choices that they were making would work out for them. I wondered what I would do if I were thrust into the same situation that they were presented with and still haven't decided on an answer. 

Jesse, Claire, and Gabriela have been best friends for years and have always celebrated their birthdays together. The celebration for their fortieth birthday was one of the more memorable parties since it ended with Jesse going into labor with her son, Lucas. Fast forward ten years and the trio is celebrating their fiftieth in Las Vegas where they are given the chance to go back and relive the year they turned forty. 

I loved the concept behind this story. Who doesn't have things in their past that they would love to go back and change? I know I could compile a rather long list of things I wish I had done differently without a problem. These three ladies all of have major things that they want to change. Jesse wants to save her marriage, which fell apart after the birth of her son. Gabriela wants to have a baby. Claire wants to save her mother who died from cancer that year. The changes that they are making create such an impact that other unexpected changes start occurring and they have no idea how to handle everything.

I liked these three characters. They were all flawed and made some pretty big mistakes in their lives. I found Jesse and Claire to be my favorites of the group. Gabriela was so focused on her single goal of having a baby that she pushed everything else aside. Jesse wasn't able to change the biggest obstacle to saving her marriage but she could change how she handled things. I wasn't always happy with the choices she was making but I understood why she made them. Claire had a lot to deal with and I understood her desperation to save her mother and improve her relationship with her daughter. 

This was my first experience listening to Lisa Larsen's narration but I think she was a great choice for this story. She was able to capture these three characters along with all of the emotions that they were experiencing. I found her voice to be very pleasant and I had no problems listening to her for hours at a time.

I would recommend this book to others. I thought that this was a thought-provoking story of three friends trying to repair some of the mistakes in their lives. There were no easy fixes in this story and all of the changes they accomplished took a lot of hard work. I wouldn't hesitate to read more from this talented writing pair in the future.

I received a digital review copy of this book from Atria Books via NetGalley and borrowed a copy of the audiobook from my local library via Hoopla. 

Initial Thoughts
I really enjoyed this story. This book takes a look at three friends who get the opportunity at age 50 to go back 10 years and try to do things differently. It was a rather interesting plot that made me wonder if I would have made the same decision in their place. Of course, there are things in my life I wish I could change but if I did where would I be right now? Their 40th year was memorable, to say the least, and it was interesting to see how many things changed often unexpectedly. I thought that the narrator did a great job with the story and added to my overall enjoyment of the book.

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review 2018-07-13 00:00
My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me: Forty New Fairy Tales
My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me: Forty New Fairy Tales - Neil Gaiman,Alissa Nutting,Carmen Giménez Smith,Naoko Awa,Lily Hoang,Hiromi Itō,Ludmilla Petrushevskaya,Kellie Wells,Michael Mejia,Lucy Corin,Jonathon Keats,Ilya Kaminsky,Rabih Alameddine,Karen Brennan,Katherine Vaz,Timothy Schaffert,Sarah Shun-lien Byn An eclectic collection of re-imagined tales by some well-known and respected authors, primarily hailing from the fantasy/science fiction section. As in most anthologies, there is variation in the quality of the stories-hence the three-star rating. Some were pretty experimental, while others more closely aligned themselves to the conventions of traditional fairy tales. Judging the degree of success is a bit subjective, so it would be recommended that a reader skim through the forty and select whichever ones seem to appeal to them the most. Bernheimer also released a second collection in 2013, this time geared toward re-telling of myths entitled: xo Orpheus: Fifty New Myths.
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