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review 2015-02-02 18:42
It was good but something was missing
Firefight - Brandon Sanderson

Yes, this is me the downer again.


I liked this book and the parts I enjoyed the most involved Megan and David together talking, working as a team, learning about each other. Those where the moments where the story really picked up big time and I felt the author was really engaged in those moments but I felt that rest of the plot really stall and we sort of got this in between book which kind of sucks.


I still like this series, I still think is really good and kind of original but we are kind of losing momentum. I will keep reading because Megan is freaking awesome and David is really funny but I am not as invested in the storyline as I once was.

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review 2014-12-18 12:00
I burned for real!
Burn for Me - Ilona Andrews

Okay, drop everything you are doing or reading because Ilona and Gordon have done it AGAIN, ladies and gentlemen!

This book was an awesome, wild ride the likes of which I haven't read in a looooonnnnggg time when it comes to PNR. Every other major author out there has so far managed to screw up their start to their PNR series this year but not Ilona and Gordon, they delivered like nobody's business in this book.

While I have been anxiously awaiting this book this year, I do confess to having doubts that I wouldn't like it quite as much, all of us seasoned readers know of the disappointment that can come from too high and expectation. I gotta say however, I was truly, sincerely, insanely impressed.

This is one awesome start to this series and while I do have a few bones to pick they are minor compare to the grand scheme of things. People worry that it was going to be 'romance-y' need not have doubts, while we do have a few paragraphs waxing over Rogan's hotness and perfect bodies and lyrically written sentences steeped in cheese, they are actually less than what is found in most PNR. While the sexual tension between the main couple, Rogan and Nevada, is thick we do not get insta-love and over the top declarations of devotion. We do get a flowering bond between our romantic twosome and it is enough to leave you wanting more but at the same time not enough to make gag.

Regarding the characters, when it comes to Mad Rogan, Ilona and Gordon made about as crazy as I have read a character in a while. He is honestly a psychopath, he has no regard for rules and peoples lives until they serve some sort of purpose. How do you like or fall in love with a man like that? Well, you don't at first, you dislike him and wondered what the hell is wrong with Nevada that she likes him so much. I actually didn't even start to like him until 75% of the way through when I finally started to warm up to him.

There is a slight problem with the pacing in the first half but if you persist you will find the issue fixed and quite an amazing second half of the book that really makes this first instalment. The ending was quite amazing, really over the top, it felt like Ilona and Gordon went down the road of go big or go home.


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review 2014-05-03 17:43
Asshole Supreme with wings that shed edible sparkle...
Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh

I have been avoiding this book like the plague for a long time now but I finally caved, however I can't say it was an all around nice ride. I have my issues with this book, there where some good moments but the relationship left me with a sour after-taste. The prose is the thing that really stands out in this book, sometimes its too purple, Singh writes very beautifully even if plot suffers and she wasn't able to build a proper relationship for Elena and Raphael. 

This book starts out really solid, Elena is a likeable heroine, Singh does a really good job at getting the ball rolling and making you interested in this world she has written. It is for this very reason that its sad she drops the ball so soon afterwards and has Elena sexually harassed and stalked by practically every new male she meets, including her "love interest." 

Raphael is this sort of macho man who sees women as objects to used and owned. Unfortunately for Elena he takes a keen interest in her and proceeds to terrorized her, stalked her and chased her around New York for very little reason other than he enjoys making her quake with fear. Finally Elena shoots him with a special gun that blows out half his wing but instead of running away like her hair was on fire she feels guilty for having destroyed his 'beautiful" wings and calls for help. Of course, she is in the wrong now because even though Raphael was out of control and ready to tortured her with fear she physically hurt the winged asshole so she is hog tied by his security, locked in a room and made to wait until asshole supreme with wings wakes up.


Of course, when asshole supreme with wings wakes up their relationship turns mushy and lovely, he is remorseful of what he has done to Elena and thus the honeymoon begins. Elena of course bonds with her abuser and for no other reason other than Raphael being handsome she is in love and proclaiming to herself that Raphael "is in her blood" and that she will "crave him to her grave" which is truly ridiculous as he has done nothing but harass, manipulate and stalk her for 50% plus of the book. 



I see a serious issue with this relationship, I never felt like Raphael and Elena are in love with one another. All I see when I read about them is a sick obsession with each other because he finds her amusing and she denies him. I really don't know why Elena is in love with Raphael other than his hot body because he is such an asshole to her that if it wasn't because we know he is the love interest I would think him the villain. 

The main plot of this book while very interesting it gets lost within Elena and Raphael's abusive relationship. However whenever it makes an appearance it gets quite interesting. I doubt I will continue with this series as Elena and Raphael are just not likeable to me.

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review 2014-04-25 00:13
Days of Our Lives in Space
Fortune's Pawn - Rachel Bach

I really liked how this book started out but at around something like 40% it turned into "Days of our Lives in Space with Body Armor" and that just doesn't fly with me. There where good action scenes but the book ultimately failed to deliver on the plot and it just focused on the romance which to be honest I wasn't very hot about. 

I never truly go around to really liking Deviana, she started out kind of smart but really just an adrenaline junkie and then she devolved into a love sick girl who did stupid things. This girl really pushed the enveloped to the point where I really started to question whether she was truly a seasoned merc like she boasted she was or just a pretender. 

I like Rupert okay but I couldn't fully fall in love with him and his squishy unicorn ways, I have come to the realization that I really, really like my alpha males and squishy males like Rupert just don't turn my oven on. I was also kind of pissed at the juvenile way their budding relationship was interrupted because it felt too much like a Day of Our Lives episode. By the way the whole plot thing with "plasmex" which is basically another name for the Force (as in Star Wars) and the "phantoms" beings jumping around everywhere was kind of cliché, I expected a bit more.

I'll probably want to pick up other books by this author but as it stands I don't feel like continuing with this series.

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