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review 2014-10-10 15:29
Falling for the Ghost of You - Nicole Christie

** spoiler alert ** I laughed several times with Violet's thoughts and behavior; I was practically in love with her from the very beginning. Her reactions around Hot Guy, a.k.a, Zane, were hilarious. The way she describes him, he is the most handsome guy in the world. So of course, the most handsome guy in the world (to me) that was pictured as Zane was:

Zane is not Japanese, but still...

I enjoyed their chemistry although I am against man-whores. Which Zane is. Violet has to move with him for a month, while her mother and his father are having a premature honeymoon, so she witnesses the presence of different girls every night. I wonder if Violet would have been so condescending if Zane wasn't such a hottie...

Anyway, they start going out, blah, blah, blah, all very nice. Then turns out he has been hiding a huge secret from her, she misinterprets, yadda, yadda. Sadly predictable. She is hurt, she thinks he has been using her, etc. I wonder, how could she never have guessed he was the popular actor/singer/idol? I mean, if I have been dating Kame (cutie boy in the picture), I would have known the instant I met him it was him. Supposedly Aiden Cross (his celebrity personality) is her favorite singer. And she never saw the resemblance??? The lame excuse of "he died his hair; he had contact glasses" is ridiculous. ALL actors and idols change their looks, but us fans (and sometimes, non-fans) can recognize them.

And that ending... Ugh. Just no. They are, what, 18 and 21? I guess it was the perfect ending for a younger audience... which I am not.

Summary: around 75%, very good. Funny, romantic, etc. Then it turns very angsty, and finally, corny. Going downhill. Booo.

Note aside: I was happy when one of the old ladies was telling Violet her adventures in Paraguay! My country is never ever mentioned, except perhaps in stories concerning drugs, smuggling, etc, so it was a nice surprise! XD

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review 2014-10-01 17:12
Thunder Heights - Phyllis A. Whitney

Once I attempted to read Phyllis Whitney, and for some reason, I wasn't hooked. Maybe it was because of reviews saying her style was similar to VH, and to me, it wasn't. One of the major differences was that PW's plots take place in US and I prefer Gothics in Victorian Europe.

In spite of that, I think this book was good and, yes, similar to VH. A former governess (and young orphan), suddenly heiress of a Mansion. The members of her family, 2 Aunts and a Cousin, are suspicious of trying to kill her. The mystery may not be great, but I love how she, Camilla, cannot trust anyone, and escapes death by mere luck.

There were 2 negative aspects of the book: 1) the last chapter. I assume it is because the edition I have is condensed. All ends too rushed, and kind of melodramatic; 2) Camilla's love interest. There is not enough about him to make you like him. And the little there is of him, he is always angry.

Nevertheless, point Nr. 1 is due the edition of my book, and point Nr. 2 is only secondary to the story.

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review 2014-08-26 15:22
Life in Outer Space - Melissa Keil

I love when I find myself with the desire to hug the book I’ve just read. And not only after I finished it, but also while I was reading it.

I admit that I wasn’t hooked in the first couple of pages. But once I got familiar with Sam, I fell in love. Specially with him. He is such a loser, but in the good way. A total “retard” (used as in term of endearment); or, as I learned in this book, a “knob”. I love that the book was written from his POV; his thoughts were hilarious to read. He is completely clueless, paranoid, and introvert. He is a real nerd; not only he is obsessed with gore movies, but he also likes to write scripts about it -killer cats, zombies-. His taste in horror movies is somewhat MEH, in my opinion, but it was so cute how passionate he was about them. And, of course, he also likes to play games (is WoW really that good, or is just a hyped videogame? I really need to play it someday).

I could relate to him in several aspects: YES to movies; NO to dance. YES to British accent, NO to the use of the term “LOL”. Maybe the best word to describe this book is kawaii. Seriously, I was giggling or grinning most of the times.

The story takes place in Australia, which I had no idea before picking the book. Sam has been living his life quietly and almost unnoticed (except for some bullies) with his 3 best friends; friends that are also very much likeable: gay Mike, weird Adrian and Japanophile Allison. Usually when I finish a book, I forget the names of the MC's friends, or I have a hard time to remember them. Not here. The reader has the chance to know each one of them; the 3 of them are relevant to the story.

Then, enters Camilla, new girl in town; daughter of a very popular journalist. She becomes popular since Day 1; she is everywhere and shares time with everyone. Including Sam’s group, who never goes to parties, never has lunch in the school cafeteria, etc. She befriends them and literally, turns Sam's life upside down. And the story gets all “ohhhh”, “awwww”, “hahaha”. Sam’s fights with his friends made their friendship more real, because they were over silly things or misunderstandings that, eventually, lead to the reconciliation. Sam and Camilla together was so awwwww. Camilla is certainly a lucky girl. According to her words, Sam looks a bit like Luke Skywalker in the first Star Wars movie… Even though I am not into blond guys, a geek Luke Skywalker? Oh yeah.

I loved the book even though it seemed it was going to end with Sam not getting his girl. But no worries, this book is cute from beginning to end (although it also has it serious moments), so of course it has it HEA.

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review 2014-05-21 18:09
Gokusen 11 - Kozueko Morimoto

Fuji is a master to convince Shin to do things he doesn't want to.. Chapter "Let's go to a goukon" of.. dogs! , and there is a bra involved.

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review 2014-05-07 18:24
Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake - Sarah MacLean

The bad thing about reading an over-hyped book is that, if it is not as good as expected, the rating will be lower, in  my case at least. But I honestly cannot see why it is so popular. The story and all the elements have been over-used in a regency romance. I could predict every next problem or drama. The only unexpected thing was Callie.

I liked her, in spite of that horrible name. Why every female author gives her heroine the most awful name is a mystery to me. Calpurnia. This may be the winner of all horrible names. Just because she has to bear that name for all her life makes her a heroine (I would know.. my real name is as awful as hers). I like that she was not childish and I pitied her in her misery. She was nice without being too nice, she was proud without being too proud and she was honest.

She is the one that makes me rate the book a bit higher than 2.

But everything was so predictable. Let's summarize:

- Spinster, old-maid, plain heroine
- Handsome, wealthy rake who does not believe in love because of some sad incident in his past life
- Heroine loves rake secretly; he never noticed her existence until some incident occurred, which makes him consider her as "different"
- Hero starts to fall in love with heroine, only that he thinks it is merely attraction, but who gets extremely jealous of any other man who gets close to her
- Both have several passionate encounters, one of which ends with the hero taking heroine's virginity. Immediately after such act, hero propose marriage because "it is the right think to do, and you may be pregnant with my child already"
- Heroine does not want to marry without love; she desperately loves him and wants him to love her back
- There is a wager that involves the heroine, hero makes a bet with another man and eventually, heroine finds it out and there is a misunderstanding and blah blah blah
- Heroine always was considered just OK in her looks (maybe even plain), but one dress makes her suddenly the most beautiful girl in the ball

- And more blah blah that for now I can't remember, but I will eventually.


So it was OK, but not good enough. To think that this book is mentioned in every single request in GR is amazing.

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