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review 2020-07-28 02:39
FAIR PLAY by Samantha Wayland
Fair Play - Samantha Wayland

Savannah is the trainer for the Moncton Ice Cats. She maintains a chilly front so the players don't hit on her. When she learns the team is up for sale, she lets Garrick LeBlanc know and they start to plan how the current owner can keep the team. Because of this they grow closer but, unfortunately, a buyer has stepped forward. Can they keep this buyer from the team? What will happen if this buyer gets the team?


There is a lot going on in this book. First, the romance. Second, the team and its sale. Third, problems for Savannah with a certain player. Lots of action and adventure as this story goes on as Savannah and Garrick have to find out the truth about the person who wants to buy the team. Savannah sure is a wiz with tape. It saves her many a day. I liked these characters, especially the good guys. I like how Savannah is oblivious to the support she has and discovers it has been there all along. I was glad the bad guys got theirs. Could not have happened to better couple. They deserve each other.


I am looking forward to the other books in this series.

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text 2016-06-01 15:26
June TBR
Sons of the Wolf - Paula Lofting
The Heretic's Daughter - Kathleen Kent
The Last Lion 3: Winston Spencer Churchill: Defender of the Realm, 1940-65 - Paul Reid,William Raymond Manchester
The Queen's Caprice - Marjorie Bowen
The Heretics of De'Ath (The Chronicles of Brother Hermitage Book 1) - Howard of Warwick
The Colour of Poison: A Sebastian Foxley Medieval Mystery (Volume 1) - Toni Mount
A Trick of Fate (The Renaissance Sojourner Series Book 0) - Kristin Gleeson,Moonyeen Blakey
Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy: Four Women Undercover in the Civil War - Karen Abbott
Fires of Faith: Catholic England Under Mary Tudor - Eamon Duffy
The Children of Henry VIII - Alison Weir

I completed a surprising amount of my May TBR. Research on Queen Mary was the key area where I fell short, so those books are on here again. This is mostly because I am going back through books I have already read for sections on her before I start these new ones, so Mary has not been completely neglected.


The club read for More Historical Than Fiction is A Bloody Field by Shrewsbury. This is not on my list because I have already read it, but I look forward to the discussion of Henry Hotspur Percy (and all those other Henrys). Join us!


Audio Books:

The Last Lion

The Heretic's Daughter

Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy



The Queen's Caprice

The Heretics of De'ath


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review 2013-10-12 13:36
Trick to Catch the Old One
Trick to Catch the Old One (The New Merm... Trick to Catch the Old One (The New Mermaid Series) - Thomas Middleton

bookshelves: earlymodern16c-18c, britain-england, filthy-lucre, published-1507, play-dramatisation, fraudio, amusing, jacobean

Read in October, 2009

** spoiler alert ** [image error]

A Trick to Catch the Old One (1607)by Thomas Middleton (1580 - 1627)

Blurb: Thomas Middleton's "A Trick to Catch the Old One," a city comedy about avarice, the power of money and the gullibility and greed of those who pursue it. Alan Rickman is magnificent.

Alan Rickman (Witgood)
Dilys Laye (Flavia)
Maurice Denham (Pecunius Lucre)
Peter Bayliss (Walkadine Hoard)
Timothy Bateson (Harry Dampit)
David Garth (Onesiphorus Hoard)
Colin Starkey (Limber/Sir Lancelot)
William Eedle (Host)
John Webb (Lamprey)
Brian Smith (Spitchock)
Mark Straker (Sam Freedom/George)
Peter Acre (Moneylove/Young Gulf)
Anne Jameson (Jinny)
Trevor Nichols (First creditor)
Brian Sanders (Second creditor/Notary)
Arnold Diamond (Third creditor/Tavern-keeper)
Melinda Walker (Joyce)
Tina Marian (Audrey)

Adapted by Peter Barnes
Directed by Ian Cotterrell
Music by Jeremy Barlow, played by the Broadside Band

First broadcast on 6 January 1989

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review 2012-08-30 00:00
A Trick of the Light (Armand Gamache Series #7)
A Trick of the Light (Armand Gamache Series #7) - Re-read Aug 2012*sigh* It's so easy to forget the beauty of a story and its characters... it's so easy to shut the book, lay it down, and forget the intricacies of its exploration of the human mind, will, and emotions.I re-read this book in preparation for reading Ms. Penny's newly released book in the Chief Inspector Gamache series, "A Beautiful Mystery". And I'm so glad that I did! So many tiny details that I'm sure play a role in the next book, because I can't believe she'd leave us hanging about Jean Guy Beauvoir and Annie or Peter and Clara. And Gamache is still healing from The Big Incident and still trying to find out, as quietly as possible, who released the video of The Big Incident to the internet, where it went viral.I learned quite a bit about art, too - as seen through Ms. Penny's eyes. But she seems to have a deep appreciation for art and artists. Re-reading this book makes me want to spend more time in art galleries and museums!--------------1st read - Sept 7, 2011Love, love, love this book! I adore that Louise Penny took us back to Three Pines! Even though quite a few folks are murdered there, there is something peaceful and renewing about Three Pines and its citizens.Clara finally has her solo show, but not with Denis Fortin, whom she quarreled with in the last book. Denis had the gall to use a horrid slur when referring to Gabri, and Clara not only told Denis off, but she told him where to go.Clara's solo showing is at the Musee -- far more prestigious and far more daunting for Clara. Among the guests are famous art gallery owners, agents, friends, other painters, press, and Inspector Gamache and his trusty 2nd in command, Beauvoir.After the grand showing, the party moves to Three Pines for a whole-town celebration: BBQ, dancing, and general merry-making. It's not until the next morning, as Clara sits in her refuge, her garden, to prepare herself for the critics' reviews of her showing... and as Peter and Olivier bring the papers with said reviews, that they discover a body. In Clara's refuge -- her garden. Just legs with red shows sticking out from the plants, reminding everyone who sees it of the Wicked Witch of the East's end in "The Wizard of Oz".Except this is no stranger... tied deeply to Clara's past, Peter's past, and to many bitter secrets, this murder isn't about to go away easily.
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review 2011-10-30 00:00
A Trick of the Light (Armand Gamache Series #7)
A Trick of the Light (Armand Gamache Series #7) - I love returning to Three Pines again and again (although it does seem so improbable that so murders could happen in one little village). I enjoyed all the characters again, the mystery and the meals. But this one did not rise to the level of Bury Your Dead. Still enjoyable though and I look forward to the next visit to Three Pines.
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