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text 2021-06-15 09:47
FREE E-BOOK. THE BIRD WHISPERER - Book 3 in The Mattie Saunders Series

FREE E-BOOK. JUNE 15-19, 2021


Book 3 in The Mattie Saunders Series


Love on the rocks, cultures in conflict, climate in crisis,

women at risk, birds on the brink.







Love on the rocks, cultures in conflict, climate in crisis, women at risk, birds on the brink. Romance, action and environmental issues combine for an entertaining and exciting exploration of provocative themes and contemporary culture.


The end of her relationship with rock star partner, Bodine, has left Mattie feeling unsettled and the death of a close friend has heightened her vulnerability. She hopes her fieldwork studying hummingbirds in The Rockies will allow her the peace to heal, but a #MeToo episode with her college professor forces her to flee into the wilderness.


She's rescued by Simon, an Indigenous person and activist for First Nations causes. His care and concern are comforting, and she finds herself attracted to him. But the attraction abruptly ends when they confront an eagle poacher who sells the feathers and body parts on the black market.


The poacher is Simon's cousin and he's not about to turn him over to the authorities. Cultural differences emerge and principles clash as Mattie realizes she has to decide between justice for the bird and her feelings for Simon.



“A very entertaining story with plenty of action and a strong female main character. The storyline is very good and contains several subplots. All the characters “gets” are realistic. A highly recommended novella that was very enjoyable.”





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text 2019-06-28 22:16
There's just one problem with this book
A Shimmer of Hummingbirds: A Birder Murder Mystery - Steve Burrows

which is I have to keep breaking off to look up the hummingbirds which have been mentioned.


**Adds Colombia to birding wishlist**

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text 2019-06-26 13:26
Decisions decisions
A Shimmer of Hummingbirds: A Birder Murder Mystery - Steve Burrows
The Winter Long - Seanan McGuire

I had both of these on hold at the library and they both were available for pick up last night. So once I'm done with Harry Bosch, which one do I read first?


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review 2017-02-01 15:51
"A Shimmer of Hummingbirds", by Steve Burrows
A Shimmer of Hummingbirds: A Birder Murder Mystery - Steve Burrows

Book 4, in A Birder Murder Mystery series

This is the 2nd book I have read in the series, I simply couldn’t resist asking for it when it became available from Dundurn via NetGalley and I was most happy to have received an advance copy, thank you.

This birding series is an original police procedurals and a delight to read featuring the debonair detective Dominic Jejeune. The drama in each is cleverly thought and excitingly transmitted but I do think it is preferable to read this series in sequence, otherwise you will wonder what is going on with Damian, Dominic’s fugitive brother “A Simmer of Hummingbirds” does touch the subject but does not clear up the mystery. In fact it left me so intrigued to learn more that I must read “A Pitying of Doves” and “A Cast of Falcons”, book 2 &3, the installments I missed.

In this latest, the storyline has two scenarios and the narrative alternates between the two. We have Dominic on a birding holiday in Colombia while doing so he takes a side trip and seeks for clues that would exonerate his brother: Damian was charged with murder. Meanwhile back in the UK the team have their hands full with a murder investigation of a local accountant.

This is an absorbing story from start to finish. Switching from one scenario to the other flows smoothly, definitely, Mr.Burrows is a master storyteller and knows how to keep the tension on and feeding it to us one drop at the time. The real strength is the characterisation: the players are realistic, well-drawn and are the driving force in this book. Although part of the Birder mystery I found this installment doesn’t overwhelm us with names and descriptions of hummingbirds.

For mystery buffs who love originality have a go at this series.

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review 2015-06-19 22:44
Racing Hummingbirds
Racing Hummingbirds - Jeanann Verlee

A book that is amazing, as said many times already, due to its honest and rather "dirty" nature. I waited a couple years to finally find a copy and read it. I'm not too sure whether or not the wait was entirely worth it, but I do know that I felt close to the narrator when reading the poems. I couldn't relate to absolutely everything, but it was poems like "40 Love Letters" that had me smiling and sighing and constantly nodding away with agreement and understanding. The amount of honesty and power in the poems is remarkable, and is exactly my kind of poetry. I want to feel blown away by the scope of the emotions the poet puts forth, and Verlee succeeds at that magnificently. Not every situation in the book was something I could relate to, understandably, and some things I hope I never have to go through, but the language was so rich and vivid that I felt like I was going through the situations being described and feeling all the pain, anger, fear, disappointment, but also that unmistakable touch of hope and ferocity that was nurtured in the very heart of the collection. I feel energized after reading this one, and know that I now have a little pick-me-up on my bookshelf whenever I need it. I can't wait to see where Verlee's new poetry collection takes me.

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