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text 2021-06-12 08:51


LOVING THE TERRORIST – EcoWarrior Series – Book 2

What would you risk to save a very special wild place?

June 12-16

Download your copy now at





Risking it all.

Miriam is forty and frustrated. In an attempt to enhance her living-just-to-breathe life she joins some neighbours protesting a highway bypass that will destroy Eagleridge Bluffs. Not only are the Bluffs her special sanctuary, but they’re also the beautiful home of rare and endangered plants and animals.

The protest gains the support of environmental organizations including the attention of a group of eco-radicals lead by an enigmatic young man named Zaahir.

Miriam is mesmerized by this charismatic leader and sees him as someone that can save her as well as the Bluffs. But is Zaahir just using Miriam to help him further his radical political agenda?

As legal channels fail and civil disobedience falters, Miriam is seduced into the murky world of eco-terrorism.



"... a thrilling read, full of action and romance with a few twists thrown in for good measure."
"Raglin has constructed something special here, bringing the book to life with his wonderful descriptions and great way of drawing the characters out."
                                                              FIVE STARS - Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

"I loved this book! It had everything from romance to action, and it also addressed some important environmental issues which I have great interest in. I look forward to reading the other books in the Eco-Warriors series.
- FIVE STARS - S. McConville, Goodreads review


"Rod Raglin crafts a wonderful, thrilling tale with Eagleridge Bluffs (Loving the Terrorist). His unique author's voice shines through in this lovely novel, with the characters of Zahir and Miriam springing to life from its pages."
- FIVE STARS - L. Newman, Goodreads review

"This is a short but fulfilling read. The author has a unique voice and a great ability to tell a story. You are captured from the first page to the last and want more when it's over."
- FOUR STARS - Melissa, Goodreads review

   Timely topic presented through believable circumstance - FIVE STARS
   Raglin is a master at breathing life into his characters. Every individual is meticulously developed, each with their own flaws and merits. Relatable interactions are seamlessly woven together in this heart-rending glimpse into how human greed and our relentless push for immediate gratification can destroy irreplaceable natural beauty and crucial environmental diversity. And how believing in a dream can end in joy.
   - Mary Keefer, Amazon Verified Purchase






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text 2021-06-11 07:42
Organic Rice Protein Market Growth by 2024 With Key Players : AIDP Inc.& Axiom Foods

Industry Insights

The global Organic Rice Protein market was valued over USD 30 million in 2015 and is expected to witness rapid growth over the forecast period. The growing demand for organic, vegan, non-toxic and non-GMO food ingredients is expected to fuel the demand for these products. The hypoallergenic nature is proving extremely useful and replacing dominant allergens such as gluten proteins, dairy, and soy.

The high nutritional value of these products owing to the presence of large amounts of amino acids is beneficial for building muscles owing to which organic rice protein is combined with dietary protein in health supplements. Increasing utilization of this product in sports & recovery drinks and non-dairy drinks is expected to propel the demand. High-quality products developed using extensive R & D is driving market growth. Superior properties and low cost of these products are expected to open new avenues for application in end-use industries.

Organic rice protein exhibits functional properties such as viscosity, solubility, emulsification, and foaming which helps in maintaining the quality of the product. Low consumer awareness about organic rice protein coupled with the availability of alternative products coupled is projected to act as a restraint over the forecast period.

Application Insights

Sports and energy nutrition application segment dominated the market in 2015 by accounting for over 85% share. The growing focus on healthy and nutritional drinks containing organic ingredients is expected to have a positive impact on market growth. The ability of these products to improve metabolism and controls sugar level is responsible for rapid growth in this application segment. The growing trend of going vegan is boosting the demand for meat analogues and extenders product category which is expected to boost the demand for these products over the forecast period.

Product Insights

This product is available in different forms such as concentrates, ion exchange protein, hydrolysates, and isolates. Isolates accounted for over 50% of market share in 2015. Isolates are utilized in baking, cooking, and beverages purposes as a flavor enhancer.

Concentrates are witnessing gradual growth due to high investment by various market players and low cost of the product. Concentrates have the ability to replace products such as food proteins without impacting texture, taste, and color of the product.

Avail Sample Report @ https://bit.ly/3gbkmog

Regional Insights

Europe is expected to witness the fastest growth on account of increasing consumer awareness. Growing consumption of meat analogs coupled with rising focus on healthier lifestyles is likely to propel the demand for organic rice protein over the forecast period.

North America was the most dominant region for this market in 2015 by accounting over 50%, owing to growing demand for sports beverages in Canada and US. The presence of many key manufacturers in this region is likely to drive market growth over the forecast period. High preference towards natural food ingredients is expected to further augment the market growth.

Competitive Insights

The key players in the organic rice protein market are AIDP Inc., Axiom Foods, and Rice Bran Technologies. The other industry players include Shaanxi Fuheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Top Health Ingredients Inc., The Green Labs LLC, Nutrition Resource Inc., Shafi Gluco Chem Pvt. Ltd., Bioway Organic Ingredients Co. Ltd., and Golden Grain Group Ltd.

Agreements and partnerships are the strategies adopted by the key players. Companies are trying to increase their global reach by entering into partnerships and expanding their distribution channels. Key manufacturers are involved in extensive R & D for high-quality product development, which is expected to drive the competition among the key manufacturers.

Market Segment:

Organic Rice Protein Product Outlook (Volume, Tons; Revenue, USD Thousand, 2013 - 2024)
        • Rice Protein Isolates
        • Rice Protein Concentrates
        • Others

Get in touch

At Million Insights, we work with the aim to reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our representatives strive to understand diverse client requirements and cater to the same with the most innovative and functional solutions.

Contact Person:

Ryan Manuel

Research Support Specialist, USA


Source: bit.ly/3gbkmog
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video 2021-06-09 21:11

Activists Unite! Presented by Nataša Pantović at NARD21 Malta Animal Rights Day 2021, June 06 2021. The Event was organized by a Maltese NGO Animal Liberation Malta in Mosta's most amazing garden with an amphitheater directly facing a sun-set + some most beautiful people from Malta, Macedonia, Japan, Greece, Libya, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, England, and many more countries. What a gathering of young illuminated hearts! All united in their love for animals... ALM's mission is to raise awareness and take action against all forms of animal abuse. "Last Sunday, Malta held its first-ever National Animal Rights' Day. Our team, responsible for street activism, worked independently on this project in collaboration with the International NGO, Our Planet. Theirs too, to make this happen. It was a touching ceremony commemorating the billions of animals that die each year at human hands. Despite the adversities and restrictions, the organising team managed to pull this off, bringing together a small number of people dedicated to the cause, paying tribute to animals and joining more than 70 cities worldwide on the same day. Several touching speeches and live cello animated the ceremony, including reading the Declaration of Animal Rights in English & Maltese and concluding the ceremony by inviting participants to sign the declaration. Many heartwarming dedications and words of solidarity towards animals were documented on paper. We then transitioned to the celebration part, coming together to finish the day off with positivity and hope, being grateful for the fact that more & more people are making the connection and becoming conscious of Animal Rights. During the ceremony and celebration, social distancing was observed and the participants adhered to the Covid-19 restrictions. This is the beginning of a new era for Animal Rights in Malta, and we have a lot of work to do to bring about Animal Liberation. Hopefully, next year’s NARD will be bigger, better and more impactful. A big thank you goes to everyone who attended." The Organiser.

Presented on the National Malta Animal Rights Day 2021 June 06 2021. The Event was organized by a Maltese NGO Animal Liberation Malta. https://www.facebook.com/animal.liberation.malta/ Credit to Robert https://www.facebook.com/rcuschieriphotography/ for a great job with the photography. In Mosta's most amazing garden with an amphitheater directly facing a sun-set + some most beautiful people from Malta, Macedonia, Japan, Greece, Libya, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, England, and many more countries. What a gathering of young illuminated hearts! All united in their love for animals... Well done!

Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpFtJLtx544
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url 2021-06-09 19:28
Activists Unite Speech by Nataša Pantović at The National Animals Rights Day Malta 2021

Activists Unite

To tackle the emergency facing people and planetEducationMindfulnessPower of MindHealthy Living


At Malta's National Animal Rights Day 

Speech by Nataša Pantović

Last Sunday, Malta held its National Animal Rights' Day. In Mosta's most amazing garden with an amphitheater directly facing a sun-set + some most beautiful people from Malta, Macedonia, Japan, Greece, Libya, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, England, and many more countries gathered to celebrate this worldwide event.

The National Animals Rights Day Malta 2021 holding Banner

The National Animals Rights Day Malta 2021 Main Banner

The Event was organized by the Maltese NGO Animal Liberation Malta.  

ALM's mission is to raise awareness and take action against all forms of animal abuse. 


Activists Unite in Conscious Living!

Source: artof4elements.com/entry/285/activists-unite
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url 2021-06-05 16:49
Scoop.it Self Development research Articles by AoL Mindfulness
Conscious Parenting Mindful Living Course for Parents - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Mindful Being - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Conscious Creativity: Mindfulness Meditations - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Mindful Eating with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes - Nataša Pantović Nuit

Mindful Living Project provides individuals and parents with training sessions and workshops covering the subjects of self-development, applied psychology, conscious relationships.  The books present various transformation tools and techniques to better deal with life’s issues, competition oriented culture, stressful work environment and parenting problems.


The project focus is Creativity and Art related to the area of:

  1. Mindful Eating and Body Awareness
  2. Thinking Process and Emotional Intelligence
  3. Mindfulness as Applied Psychology tool in Daily / Weekly / Monthly setting
  4. Divergent Thinking and Creative Thinking
  5. Conscious Relationships
  6. Setting Goals
  7. Conscious Parenting
Source: www.scoop.it/topic/free-self-development-course
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