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text 2021-05-05 15:48
5 Tips to Get IT to Support Right for Your Company

If you have just now started your company, you will need to overcome many challenges. Every start-up faces turmoil at first, and it is important to meet these difficulties with the right aid. That is why small business needs to consider IT support right from their inception. 

You don’t need to be an expert in IT to ensure that your software, systems and all hardware components are running smoothly and without a problem. IT support companies make this a possible solution to every small start-up out there. Even without having an in-house IT presence, you can now rely on professional service, which gets the job done. Here is how to make the most of it: 

  • Make sure they are flexible – one of the most important things for a start-up is the fact that their business is still growing. This means that their needs are set at the start, but start to scale and change as the company picks up momentum. Therefore, an IT support agency that provides its service to a start-up needs to be able to scale said service as time goes by. For example, they can only focus on basic needs at first, but then, as the small business expands, they can add more and extend the service further. This strategy of right-sizing will go on till the start-up company can settle on a managed service plan that works well for their size and business goals. 

  • Budget accordingly – there is no denying that outsourcing your IT needs will usually be more budget-friendly than keeping an in-house staff. Still, there is going to be a need to budget for this sort of service. If you know your needs are small, you should be able to receive only a small bit of support, to cover your necessities. But you may also find yourself in need of more services, in which case you will have to address the extra expenses. 

  • Consider cloud technology – long gone are the days when your only option was to house big and expensive power servers on your premises. Nowadays, it is all about cloud technology. Such service providers often come from your IT support company, which is yet another reason to get in touch with such. Off-site file storage is a clever solution not just because it saves you a lot of hassle, but also because it is much more secure and convenient. You can access your data from just about anywhere and know that it is well-protected at all times. Getting such peace of mind is entirely possible with an IT support company. 

  • Focus on security – there is no doubt that securing your systems is important in the long run. It is not that difficult either – you just need to work with the right experts for the job. They can advise you on what sort of anti-virus software you should use and how to establish secure networks. They will also work with administrating access and passwords, as well as share good practices on how to maintain higher levels of security, to keep your data safe. 

  • Working with a local company – one of the important things to remember is that certain issues require on-site support. It is not always the case that the IT support company can resolve a problem without coming to see it. That is why it is a good idea to work with one that is local to your own company. That way you can rely on them when need be. 

Without a doubt, these tips will enable you to make the most of IT support for your business. Make sure you implement them. 

© Our Tech Team


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text 2021-03-04 01:56
5 Features to Look for in an IT Support Company


If you have decided to enlist the services of an IT support company for your business, you have made the right call. Outsourcing IT needs to a company with experience is important, as it will allow you to focus on expanding your business, all the while knowing the IT aspect is in capable hands. But to reap the rewards of an IT support company, you have to ensure that it is the right one you get for the job. Look for these must-have features of the service: 

  • They are reliable – reliability in regards to networks and systems are of crucial importance to the people working in the IT support business, and the clients of such companies. Therefore, a good record of their previous customers and the work they have done for them is a nice starting point to gauge reliability. It is all the more important if the IT support company has provided its services to a business similar to yours. That is how you will know they are reliable and a good fit for your company. 

  • They can explain things simply – if you had to get into the technical matters of the IT industry, you will probably need a lifetime to get acquainted with everything. There is jargon and a ton of technical terms to every industry and IT probably has more than others. However, that doesn’t mean they should have difficulties communicating the needs of your business and your requirements. On the contrary, they should be able to explain what they can do for you in simple terms so that you can make an informed decision of whether to work with them. 

  • They offer support based on people – yes, the service that IT support companies provide is based on technology entirely. However, the problems that they need to fix are all experienced by real people. The contact with them is valuable, and so every IT support company needs to have a great client-oriented approach. In other words, they need to work with people first, and then pay attention to technology. After all, they should understand what IT problems can create a problem, and be able to reassure their client that they can handle it. 

  • They are quickly available for assistance – one of the most important factors for choosing an IT support company lies with how long it takes them to respond to your queries and to fix the issue. After all, downtime can be a major hindrance and cost you a small fortune, if it happens at a bad time. The IT support company needs to be able to respond quickly. This means not just remote support, but also sending a person on-site, if need be. Consider if support will also be available outside of the traditional office hours. 

  • They provide flexible service – as with every small business, you are looking to expand and grow. It is a process, which is impossible to gauge how long it will take. As such, the IT support company should be able to accommodate flexible plans and services. If your needs are small, then perhaps a support plan that doesn’t cost a lot is right for you. If you expand your business, you may want to extend their service. That is why it is so important for them to be flexible and support your company based on its ever-changing needs. 

These are just a few of the more important features to look for in an IT support company. Make sure you do that if you want to end up with the right business partner. 

© Our Tech Team


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text 2020-12-09 00:22
5 Ways a Small Business can Benefit from IT Support



For start-ups and small companies, navigating the business world can be a big challenge. They need to optimise expenses and adapt to an ever-changing environment, which presents a multitude of problems. Growing their business is a matter of adopting and utilising the right technologies. To that end, meeting their IT needs is something that should be a focus right from their conception. And perhaps the best way to address this aspect is to rely on a third-party IT company for outsourced tech needs. There are many ways in which such an IT support company can assist any small business: 

  • Reducing overhead costs – instead of having to hire an in-house IT team and allocate resources to managing their department, a small business can save up money by working with an outsourced IT support company. The price of these services is oftentimes much less than what they would expect to pay a full-time specialist. Managers of small companies don’t need to worry about the recruitment of such specialists and employee equipment costs. There is also the matter of not having to worry about extra office space for an IT department. All of these expenses are in the past, thanks to having the option to work with an IT support company. 

  • Access to many IT services – by working with an IT support company, business owners can have some peace of mind knowing that they can have many of their technology-related needs addressed with ease. Some of the prime examples of services include system maintenance, data management and security, cloud services, system recovery and backup, software and hardware updates, etc. These are tasks that any IT expert will have difficulties managing on their own, but an IT support company can handle with ease, per their service level agreement with the business. 

  • Any IT project can be completed quickly – IT support companies are well regarded for focusing on speedy delivery of service and meeting certain deadlines. They know that any small business is counting on them to improve the service as quickly as possible, minimise downtime in case of an emergency and react to any queries on time. It is important to set the expectations right and adjust the service level agreement in such a way as to ensure that both sides are in the clear of what to expect from each other. 

  • Better level of expertise – by relying on an IT support company, small businesses can benefit from a top level of service, without spending too much. The experts that work in such companies are trained to handle the latest technologies and keep track of any significant new developments, which they can use in their work. IT support providers have better access to new technology that can help them resolve the problems of their clients quickly and efficiently. 

  • Flexible support plans – the best IT support companies out there know that the needs of their small business clients can change significantly over time. They can scale down or scale up the service they provide, to meet the expectations of any company, regardless of their size. What is more, they can adjust the service to match the newly emerged challenges that small businesses face, or provide solutions to problems before they have a chance to become a real hindrance to the business. 

To benefit the most from IT support, small businesses have to invest a little time in researching the right company to work for. The benefits of doing so are great and can really give them a boost. 


© Our Tech Team


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text 2020-09-01 09:06
The Importance of IT Support and what Makes a Good Service



There is hardly any business today that doesn’t need technology. It serves an important purpose in small organisations and big ones alike. Investing in technology is probably the most important step in developing any sort of business and if you have only recently started one, you need to consider this. 


Of course, there is also the matter of IT support. When technology fails, this could have devastating consequences on your work. It is IT support that works to prevent such things and resolve problems before they have caused any damage. If you are still not convinced that IT support is of key importance to your business, it is a good idea to consider the following: 

  • It can protect you against cyber-crime – maybe you have read the news on cyber-attacks against some of the largest companies and the damage they have caused. While it is most certainly the big ones that suffer the most, no company is safe from cybercriminals. Small businesses get hit as well, and recovering from one such attack can be even more impossible for them. That is why other than ensuring anti-virus measures and protection, it is also important to consult with an IT support company on cyber-security. They can guide you through the necessary steps to secure your data and ensure you have peace of mind about it. 


  • Resolving tricky situations – while having expertise in running the systems of your company is fine, you also need to know what to do if something goes wrong. And that is where an IT support company comes in. Instead of wasting time relying on a trial and error approach, you can have an expert working to restore your systems in no time. Downtime can be a costly issue to deal with, especially if your company relies on technology and software. Even when you are using software that provides customer support, it is much more reliable to have an IT support company at the ready, should something go wrong. 


  • Storage of data and its management and security – ever since the regulations tightened around data protection, every company needs to take data protection very seriously. Working with an IT support company can prove useful if you are not sure how to manage and implement strict data protection protocols. Thanks to the supervision of experts, you will not only manage that but also gain some valuable knowledge on possible loopholes, such as vulnerable data storage locations and missing permissions. 


So, with all that said, it is evident that working with an IT support company can provide a lot to your company. Now it is time to explain what a great IT support team needs to bring to the table, to make a viable choice for you to work with: 


  • Cost – that is not a top priority, but it is one when it comes to value. You can get a few quotes and then check what each of the companies offers in return for your money, to decide. 


  • Response time – to reduce downtime, an IT support company should be able to quickly address your queries. 


  • Expertise – the provider of IT services you work with needs to be qualified, to support your systems and software. 


  • Flexibility – as your company grows, so do your IT needs. The provider should be able to scale well with your company, to be fully useful to you. 

© Our Tech Team

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text 2020-06-02 07:28
4 Mistakes Companies make with Office 365


If you are planning on implementing Office 365, or maybe you already have done so, you are on the right track. Many businesses rely on this good old classic and it is for a good reason. It is more expensive to rely on servers than it is to move to the cloud. For small businesses especially, it is much better to rely on a cloud suite, than it is to experience all of the inefficiencies of free file and email sharing systems. 


However, you must know that moving to the cloud doesn’t mean your security and productivity issues instantly go away. You have to invest some work on your end, to reap the benefits, or perhaps consult with a tech company for some support. Additionally, you have to be aware of the mistakes that companies make in regards to Office 365 so that you can better avoid them: 


  • Thinking it is just for email – moving to the cloud is always done with the idea of starting with an email. It is easy to migrate and it is easy to use. However, most companies settle just with that. But here is much more you can do, such as allow your employees to work from any device anywhere. This is a great way to boost productivity. But there is also the other extreme – going too far way too fast. Oftentimes people are so thrilled about the possibilities of certain applications that they completely forget full implementation of these requires time and money. It is always a good idea to first consult with your team on what they struggle with and focus solely on that. Phase 2 could then be further improvements and areas where you can naturally progress, after setting a solid foundation. 

  • Not taking security seriously – surprisingly, people assume that it is Microsoft that owns responsibility for Office 365 security. That is not the case, and you best understand this right from the get-go, or else you can end up in trouble. First, you should start with implementing multi-factor authentication for any global admins. If you are dealing with sensitive information (legal, medical, finance) you may want to also implement rights management and information protection. Security is not something you want to compromise on. 

  • Not fully realising the features – Office 365 has a ton of useful features that can make the work of your employees much easier. However, you can only benefit from them if people know these features and understand the right time and way to use them. What you need is someone aware of Office 365 so that they can teach people the best practices. Having someone explain how new features work and educate your team on using them is a great way to become more productive. 


  • Lacking ownership – as already mentioned, a lot of companies are only doing minor migration to Office 365. To reap the full benefit, you should nominate an internal champion for doing some of the work with a partner with a customer success manager. They can be responsible for new feature awareness, hire on-boarding training, refresher training for people of the company and identification of best practices and sharing them with the company. 

Always remember that change can be challenging, but showing persistence and good intention to become more effective will surely provide the best results. Consult with a company on the matter, if you wish to explore the options and get the most out of Office 365. Remember, when implemented properly, it can drastically improve the processes in your company. 


© Our Tech Team

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