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text 2020-10-01 13:23
Residential Electric Diagnosis & Repair New Orleans

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url 2020-04-07 16:14
Podcast #178 is up!
Revolutionary Brothers: Thomas Jefferson, the Marquis de Lafayette, and the Friendship That Helped Forge Two Nations - Tom Chaffin

My latest podcast is up on the New Books Network website! In it, I interview Tom Chaffin about his history of the friendship between Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette. Enjoy!

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text 2020-02-08 20:30
Reading progress update: I've read 60%.
Fancy Dress Ball - J. Jefferson Farjeon

This story is decidedly weird.


I'm still not sure what is going on and whether the different stories of the characters we met at the start of the ball will at some point merge into one plot. 

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text 2020-02-08 18:00
Reading progress update: I've read 17%.
Fancy Dress Ball - J. Jefferson Farjeon

Well, this is an interesting setup: We are introduced in vignettes to several individuals who are all preparing to attend the Chelsea Arts Ball, the titular fancy dress ball. 


I'm not sure yet whether this will be a mystery or a political thriller or dark and atmospheric crime  plot. This story could develop into any of these. 

It's certainly suspenseful.


And as with all of Farjeon's stories I have read, it is very charming.

"How’s the Prime Minister?”

“Very nicely, thank you.”

“Good! And where’s the next war going to break out?”

“Near East, I should say. Cheerful news for your father, anyway.”

Conrad frowned. War meant munitions, and munitions meant business, and business meant motor cars. Might even mean a motor car for himself, Conrad Shannon. A racer! But . . . oh, well, the world was a mad hat, anyway. Conrad decided to talk about the weather.

Instead he found himself saying: “Look here, you don’t mean it, do you?”

“What? War?”

Lankester shrugged his shoulders.

“Probably not. But who knows? War will go on till the world’s temperature cools—and till every man can contemplate his own extinction.”

Conrad stared at the speaker. This wasn’t exactly ballroom talk! But it fascinated him. People didn’t often trouble to talk to him seriously. Out of nowhere he shot the question: “And till father’s munition factory goes bust?”

“No, munitions don’t make war any more than peace conferences stop ’em. It’s all a personal matter—and the moment you and I hear the drum, off we’ll pop to the recruiting office.” He laughed. “But meanwhile, Conrad, we are a Russian dancer and a golden cherub. Where’s Dorothy?”

“Still adoring herself in her mirror,” he answered, “but I admit she’s got a case.”


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text 2020-02-07 23:37
The Friday Post
Fancy Dress Ball - J. Jefferson Farjeon
Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie

No foodie experiments tonight. 

I met up with friends and went out for dinner, so there was no need to try and create something fun at home tonight.


However, with the weather warnings that Storm Ciara will hit us over the weekend, there may be a soup post on Sunday. We'll see. 


What I do know is that this has been a very busy week at work and I just want to relax this weekend. So, even though I have a few really riveting reads going on (essentially everything on my currently-reading shelf except Genji), what I really, really want are cozy mystery comfort reads. 

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