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review 2018-12-27 22:30
Dear Santa, I Know it Looks BAD But it Wasn't My Fault!
Dear Santa, I Know It Looks Bad but It Wasn't My Fault! - Norma Lewis
A cute, holiday themed book that has a heart-felt message that can be applied year-round. Writing a series of letters to Santa, this adventurous cat, tries to explain any issue that Santa might have pertaining to his escapades. Scalawag is hoping that by clarifying his actions, Santa will bring him the gift that he most desperately wants: a Catman and Robin video game.
Reading each of Scalawag’s daily letters to Santa, I came to understand that he is a curious and bold feline with a clever and witty disposition. Most of the time, Scalawag feels that he does nothing wrong in his escapades and that others are at fault. Scalawag feels that because of what he has to go through, he deserves the game. Oh Santa, Scalawag needs that video game.
Scalawag lives with Miss Violet and his escapades affect her, and not always for the better. The illustrations in the book, do a great job showing their relationship and how Miss Violet feels about Scalawag.
As the book comes to an end, Scalawag is at it again only this time, he has managed to involve quite a few individuals. These individuals help Scalawag realize what is really important. (I looked up the definition too and fit perfectly.)
Cute, humorous illustrations add to this book, making it a fun book to read and enjoy.


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review 2018-12-13 18:37
Oh It Was Terrible
Unearthed - Amie Kaufman,Meagan Spooner

1.5 stars. Audiobook. Narration 2.5 stars- Quick thought: A bad remake of Indiana Jones and The temple of Doom.
Long, long and mostly boring inner dialog that made me tune out. This was a book where I just wanted the characters to stop talking, yeh not good. The female MC was so irritating, she had this uncanny ability to do stupid stuff and then talk herself into thinking it was brilliant. She's a cliche in all ways, a street rat trying to save her sister from slavery, a school drop out who is actually a mathematical genius, perfect because the male MC isn't at all and they need it to save their lives. It's not that she's smart that bugged me it was how it suddenly came up and then became her crown, and her old persona was forgotten. The male MC was the son of a famous notorious man who is on a mission to prove his daddy right. He's English, and unprepared for this planet. yes they are on another planet. So we have a street wise scavenger and rich college grad, to save them all. There is an uncomfortable bit of romance going on that does not fit in the story at all.
The adventure is them trying to solve an ancient mystery left by an alien race filled with booby traps. Oh and yes they are also being chased by evil villains armed with guns. Very Indiana Jones with out the fun entertaining parts. They are able to solve puzzles and escape traps, amazing right ? Then when danger is nearest they rest/sleep and get caught. So they out smart, dumb down and out smart back and forth till finally at the end we see what the real deal is. The doom that only these two misfit kids could figure out and just when you think things might resolve, they get caught again.


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review 2018-12-01 03:16
The Newest Canadian Super-Heroes are Back in Action
They Promised Me the Gun Wasn't Loaded - James Alan Gardner

When I read the first book in the series, All Those Explosions Were Someone Else's Fault, back in January, I said "the sequel can't get here fast enough." I didn't quite expect to be reading it 11 months later, but I'm okay with that.


It's just a couple of weeks after the events of the previous book, and the newly formed team of superheroes has gone home for Christmas break. Now with just a few days before classes start up again, the team is coming back. In the last book we focused on Kim/Zircon, this time our protagonist is her roommate/teammate Jools/Ninety Nine.

Jools doesn't even make it out of the airport before she's dealing with the police and a powerful Darkling -- and maybe a powerful Spark artifact.


(Quick reminder: In this world there are two super-powered groups: the Darks/Darklings and the Sparks. The Darks are all the supernatural-types you can think of (and some you can't): vampires, weres, etc. The Sparks are Super-Heroes and the like (although some have gone astray))


Jools, with a little help from her friends, gets out of that mess -- only to find herself signed up for more.


Soon, in an effort to keep this artifact from falling into the wrong hands -- Jools finds herself cut off from her friends and in the secret-hideout with a very maverick group of Sparks -- a modern-day Robin Hood and his Merry Men. This gives her an opportunity to watch other Sparks in action, to see how they live and think -- and come up with some ways to evaluate her new lifestyle. Also, there's a lot of fighting and nifty tech to read about.


I wasn't crazy about how little time we got with the rest of the team because of this, but I think in the long run, it'll work for the strength of the series. And when we get the team together again, it's even better to see than it was before.


Again, I had a blast with this book. Gardner's world is ripe with story-telling possibilities and I'm enjoying watching him develop these characters and this world. Jools is a great character -- a solid combination of vulnerable and snarky, unwise and ridiculously intelligent -- you'll probably end up with her as your favorite character in the series (at least until book 3). Go grab this (and the other one, too) now.

2018 Library Love Challenge

Source: irresponsiblereader.com/2018/11/30/they-promised-me-the-gun-wasnt-loaded-by-james-alan-gardner-the-newest-canadian-super-heroes-are-back-in-action
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review 2018-01-31 00:00
The Curious Case of the Werewolf That Wasn't
The Curious Case of the Werewolf That Wa... The Curious Case of the Werewolf That Wasn't - Gail Carriger I haven't read anything by this author or from this genre, so I wanted to start with something short. This was crazy short though, like maybe one chapter of a normal book. I'm a little disappointed. I'm not sure it was enough to hook me, but the story was interesting.
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review 2017-08-01 03:12
The Curious Case of the Werewolf That Wasn’t
The Curious Case of the Werewolf That Wasn't, the Mummy That Was, and the Cat in the Jar (The Parasol Protectorate Book 6) - Gail Carriger

Parasol Protectorate, Book .5

I Picked Up This Book Because: I wanted to finish up the series and I’ve had this one waiting around for quite some time.

The Characters:

Alessandro Tarabotti: I remember he is Alexia father and a curse breaker.
Georgia Worthington

The Story:

As I said previously it has been so long since I’ve read the Parasol Protectorate series that I don’t really remember the significance of this story. I know Alessandro is Alexia’s father, is Leticia her mother? And Floote is here though I can’t remember his relationship to Alexia either. Basically this just left me with a bunch of questions. I also had a reminder of how much I like Ms Carriger’s prose.

The Random Thoughts:

The Score Card:


3 Stars

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