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review 2018-03-18 01:37
A Venture of the Heart
A Venture of the Heart (Silver Bay, #1) - Amelia Judd,Karen Dale Harris

Title: A Venture of the Heart
Author: Amelia Judd
Publisher: Mitchell Davis Press LLC
Series: Silver Bay Book 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"A Venture of the Heart" by Amelia Judd

My Thoughts.....

I enjoyed this quick read where you found the characters well developed, defined and portrayed in this sweet romantic story. It was quite interesting seeing how this will work it all out for Pax and Sage as it becomes obvious that one will not be able to live without the other as fate will send them a olive branch. With both of these two main characters having their own issues will they be able to give into their true feelings as we find Pax is a 'risk taker and Sage is a rule follower and Pax's sister's best friend?' Well, to find it all out you will have to pick up "A Venture of the Heart" to find out how it all happens and how did the family play into it. Be ready for the twist and surprises that will keep your attention as you as turning the pages to see what is coming next.

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review 2017-10-20 21:24
When a Stranger Comes
When a Stranger Comes... - Karen S. Bell

Title: When a Stranger Comes

Author:  Karen  S. Bell

Publisher:  K.S.B.

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"When a Stranger Comes" by Karen S. Bell


My Thoughts....


All I will say is that this author really knows how to keep the reader in suspense in this 'magical realism, paranormal and  supernatural read.  It was quite interesting seeing Alexa Wainwright born [Gladys Lipschitz] as she 'soared to the number one  bestsellers list and became an international sensation.'


What will Alexa have to do remain on high as 'she vows to do whatever it takes to attain the heady ego-stroking success of her debut? '  Now this is where this story will take a switch as the character Alexa realizes that 'this vow will be tested as she's magically transported to a alternate reality.'


I liked how this author was able to present such a unique magic, paranormal and supernatural read that will keep you on pins and needles taking this read all in.  The characters were all so well developed, portrayed and delivered to the reader. There are a lots of questions that are needed to be answered .... such as ..how will Alexa make it in this world that is so full of loopholes [especially after 'she finds herself in this iron-clad book contract that even changes its wording on her novels?'  All of this happens  after she becomes involved with the publisher King Blakemore... signing a contract Alexa doesn't even remember and why were the people Alexa meets seemed to come right from her novels?  How and why was King Blakemore able to do all the things he was doing to Alexa?  What was Evangelina and Kips play in all of this so important to this read?   Who was in the tale that was truly a big help to Alexa  in understanding her background and why was this so very important in this read? What will happen as Alexa finds herself into a situation she sees no way out of?  What all will come of this reveal as Alexa gets 'a second chance to save herself from eternity with Blakemore and be free?' Now, to finds all of the answers to these questions and so much more in this well written story you will just have to pick up and read "When a Stranger Comes" and see how it is presented and comes out.


In the end after being given a second chance will Alexa to get it right this time will she be able to make a more a more sensible choice or will she make the same mistake again by going after the money?  Well, as this story end at least Alexa has someone new in her life...her dog Trinity who definitely seems to care for her especially after coming back to reality[or was it?] and also having her mom and Margaret back in her life after all is said and done.  What was now going on with Alexa's publishing company that had been sold to Blakemore Media head by CEO King Blakemore and the email that was sent saying "Enjoy your second chance. Make wise choices in this rewrite of your life, milaya moyna." Will Alexa be done with her 'Darkside Trilogy?' Again, to know what this story is all about you will have to pick up "When a Stranger Comes" and would definitely recommend as a good read.


To the author....Thank you for the privilege of reading your novel and giving my honest review of it. 

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review 2017-07-25 05:48
Born To Be Wild
Born To Be Wild: Book One in The Lake Series (Volume 1) - Chicki Brown,Karen McCollum Rodgers

Title: Born To Be Wild

Author: Chicki Brown

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Series:  Book One in The Lake Series

Reviewed By: Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Born To Be Wild" by Chicki Brown


My Thoughts....


This was a sweet love story that involved two people who were opposite being from two different places however the hero was quite a likable guy that literally stole the heroine heart making this one wild and beautiful read. Tangela and Reese's story had the prefect chemistry and I would recommend this novel as a good read.  I do look forward to other series by this author.  I see we have a Lake Series with Breelyn's [Tangela's best friend] story coming next. I wonder if we will hear any more about Johnnie, Carlton or Dashay?  Anyway, we will be waiting!

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url 2017-05-16 20:26
44 new books in series today
Testimony - Scott Turow
World Without End (!Hero Trilogy) - Ross Lawhead,Mark Gilroy,Stephen R. Lawhead
Vanguard - Jack Campbell
Hospitality and Homicide (A Tourist Trap Mystery) - Lynn Cahoon
The Ultimatum (The Guardian Book 1) - Karen Robards
Raised in Fire (Fire and Ice Trilogy) (Volume 2) - K.F. Breene
Thick As Thieves - Megan Whalen Turner
Under Pressure - Alex Morgan

Highlighted a few in this post ; see http://www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar for the rest and the series info.

Source: www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar
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review 2017-02-07 22:51
Searching For Ever Land
Searching for Ever Land - Karen Sloan-Brown

Title: Searching for Ever Land
Author: Karen Sloan-Brown
Publisher: Brown Reflections
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Searching for Ever Land" by Karen Sloan-Brown

My Thoughts.....

Now this was one of those reads that will definitely keep your attention. Keeping up with Portia Roberts who 'struggle to recover from a tragedy that cause separation from her husband.' I found this read quite a interesting one as this author lets the reader see deep into Portia's life. In doing so we are able to see deep into her mind as she seeks release using a drug called propofol, Now this is quite a story of how Portia hears about this drug...from the death of 'Michael Jackson.' Was this what he had used that ending his life? Well, it seems that after the death of her son Nickolas and with her husband leaving her she had a horrible time sleeping and after hearing about propofol Portia was left wondering about its experience she would having in taking it. This story will get real deep presenting the reader with what all Portia did in order to get this drug. Would you believe she even left her investment job for a job working in a hospital in order to meet the right doctor who could possible get this drug for her? Well, we get quite a story of how Portia meet up with Keith, David and George. From those three characters we get quite a intriguing story. Take my word each one had their own story to tell. Will Portia be able to get this drug and if she does what affect will all of this have that will affect on her life [with her daughter, husband and even her sister]. Will a therapist be able to understand what in the world is going on with Portia? Well, I don't want to tell too much more other than saying as the story goes on as her husband will reenter back into the picture after two and a half years that will present some other tensions into this messy story that leads to a divorce. I found all of the characters well developed, portrayed and very believable giving the reader one interesting page turner of a read.

The author did a wonderful job in presenting this story to the reader. I was able to learn quite a bit about the drug 'propofol' through this read.

Being able to zoom out of your mind and see past images, present, future and to have sweet dreams but I know again this is quite a dangerous thing to do. What one will go through to seek relieve in ones life but in the end will they have the happiness and the release they need? Will this be enough for Portia as the read will show what she will do in the end? Even though Portia thought this would be her last time using this drug if it wasn't for that nosy neighbor....well you will just have to pick this one up to see for yourself as Portia "Searches for Ever Land." will she finally get that HEA? I did feel that the ending was rather rushed but interesting where the reader will get one 'dramatic, sexy, funny story that is full of surprises that will keep your attention.

I wanted to add that the book cover is simply beautiful and Thank You to the author for the gift of "Searching for Ever Land" for me giving my honest opinion of the read.

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