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review 2021-01-26 22:32
The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith
The Geography of You and Me - Jennifer E. Smith
This has been on my TBR for a really long time. I'm in the mood for a rom com, so here we go!
It made me so happy in the end!
There were a couple of slight things about the story that bothered me, like how long it took for them to get together again. Geez. All-in-all it was a great romance. They characters were interesting and had great chemistry. I was glad to see the other two go, like bye. It was only ever about Lucy and Owen.
What a cute way to have a romance bud. I have to admit, the beginning was kind of scary with the pandemic stuff we're going through. When the lights went out all over the US and Canada, I was like, oh no, it's the apocolypse! It wasn't, but still. Way to get a chick going!
YA fans are gonna love this one if they haven't read it already. Now I need to read her other two books!
Source: www.fredasvoice.com/2021/01/the-geography-of-you-and-me-by-jennifer.html
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review 2020-10-17 22:01
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez - Kathleen Tracy,Rod Smith

W tej biografii możemy przeczytać o dzieciństwie Jennifer Lopez, Bronxie, w którym się wychowała, pierwszych rolach serialowych: w "In Living Color"i "South Central", "Second Chances" i "Hotel Malibu".


Dalej, biografia zawiera: pierwsze, większe hollywoodzkie produkcje filmowe ("Pociąg z forsą" ,"Jack"), i tytułowa rola Seleny w filmie odpowiadającym o życiu przedwcześnie zmarłej piosenkarki. Kolejne propozycje filmowych ról w produkcjach takich jak: "Anakonda", "U-Turn", "Out Of Sight oraz "Cela". Opisano też związek małżeński z Ojanim Noą, rozpad małżeństwa i romans z Puff Daddy'm. Rozpoczęcie kariery muzycznej i wydanie pierwszej płyty "On The 6". W końcu burzliwe życie z Seanem Combsem (Puff Daddy) i słynna strzelanina w jednym z klubów na Manhattanie.

Książkę - jako, że jest ona z 2000 roku - wieńczy: okres drugiej płyty "~J.Lo", prace nad filmem "Angel Eyes" oraz małżeństwo z Crisem Juddem.

Biografię czyta się szybko. Ma ona swoje gorsze strony, głównie kiedy autorka za bardzo zaczyna się rozpisywać na temat życiorysów innych postaci, z którymi Lopez się spotkała (aktorów, jej partnerów). Trochę to chwilami irytowało.


Plusem książki jest wkładka z ładnymi, kolorowymi fotografiami Jennifer. Książka w trakcie lektury posiada też parę czarno-białych fotografii.

Sporym minusem wydania są dość liczne literówki.


Fanom piosenkarki polecam choć z racji, iż to książka sprzed dwudziestu lat, można odczuć niedosyt. Dla mnie jest niezła.

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review 2020-06-07 13:37
Thor - Wayne Smith

by Wayne Smith


This is an original take on a werewolf story. It's told partly from the pov of a German Shepherd dog who belongs to a typicaltm American family. The father is a lawyer, the mother appears to be a housewife and there are three children. They all love their dog and he loves them and instinctively protects them, referring to them as "The Pack".


Sometimes he protects too well and gets in trouble with Dad. It's interesting looking at things through his eyes. The author seems to know a lot about dogs and his perspectives come over as fairly realistic. The first few chapters of this would make a nice, wholesome dog story if it weren't for the intimate moments between Mom and Dad getting a bit too graphic for very young readers.


When Thor senses an unknown danger coming and starts to catch the scent of an unidentified wild animal in places and on belongings associated with a relative of The Pack, we see his confusion as he tries to work out where the threat is coming from and how to protect his family.


Some dramatic werewolf action happens in the last quarter that had me breathless. It was very well done! Though a couple of challenges to belief (besides, you know, werewolf) kept it from quite reaching that fourth star.


Still, a worthwhile story and watching the change in consciousness in one transition to werewolf was more than intriguing.

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review 2020-05-25 15:01
Smith of Wootton Major / Farmer Giles of Ham ★★★★★
Smith of Wootton Major / Farmer Giles of Ham - J.R.R. Tolkien

I admit I'm biased, but I loved these two short stories as much now as I did when I was a little kid just discovering Tolkien. I feel as though they represent both his love of the heroic and the mysteriously romantic nature seen in LotR, but also his affectionately scathing take on human nature seen in The Hobbit. With SoWM illustrating the first and FGoH the second. I think these would be a good intro to Tolkien for anyone hesitant to make the larger commitment to his novels. 


Paperback version, found at my public library's Friends of the Library sale. 

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text 2020-05-24 03:50
Smith of Wootton Major and Farmer Giles of Ham - pg 0/156
Smith of Wootton Major / Farmer Giles of Ham - J.R.R. Tolkien



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