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review 2020-01-27 16:54
ARC REVIEW Cowboy Courage by Carolyn Brown
Cowboy Courage (Longhorn Canyon, #6)Longhorn Canyon #6, Yay! It's Hud finally. A second chance romance. Rose, Hud's middle school crush, shows up in town to help her great aunt run her B&B and gift shop while she's on vacation with the Fab 5. Rose is at a crossroads in her life right now she can either re-up in the Army or do something else with her life as long as it's not going back to her family in the commune. One thing she knows for sure she's not going to make a decision based solely on a guy, not even a guy she's never stopped thinking about since she left without saying goodbye. Hud knows it's her choice whether to stay or not and seeing how there is not a opportunities for a multilingual language specialist he's worried he's going to lose her before they even get the chance.

In a funny Murphy's Law sort of way Rose and Hud are pushed to their limits. Both Rose and Hud have to face some truths before they can finally admit their feelings but when they do nothing will keep them apart not even a tornado in January. I really enjoyed this book. I loved Hud and Rose. I would love to see more of Great Aunt Luna she's my kind gal. Overall, this is a fun read Hud is a real sweetheart and Rose is a bright head strong woman  who picks her battles wisely. I am really looking forward to Pax's story next. 



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review 2019-09-23 14:51
CHRISTMAS ARC REVIEW Christmas with a Cowboy by Carolyn Brown
I've started my Season's Readings, I'm going to try every Monday to post a New or Favorite Christmas read. 

Christmas with a Cowboy (Longhorn Canyon, #5)Longhorn Canyon Ranch #5, Maverick Callahan hasn't been the same since he got back from his Ireland vacation with his Grammy Iris. Since then he has been helping his cousins set up their ranch but when Grammy falls out the pear tree and has to have her hip replaced and her foreman goes off to visit family she needs help around the ranch. She already has a housekeeper, the granddaughter of her best friend whom she invited over to spend the holidays.
Bridget O'Malley lost her best friend, gained guardianship of a new born baby, Laela, and lost her grandmother all in a couple months of each other. So when her grandmother's best friend, Iris, calls and offers her a place to stay and spend the holiday while making some money she jumps at the chance, even if that means leaving Ireland for a couple of months. 

Bridget and Maverick met in Ireland on his last night there and spent the night together, since that night neither has been able to stop thinking about he other but they didn't exchange number or even get each other's last names. When Bridget gets to Texas she never expected to find her cowboy is none other than Iris's grandson. But she's not he same girl she was a year ago she's a mother now and just can't fall into bed with a good looking cowboy. Maverick knows as soon as he sees Bridget again it was fate. He wants her to stay but he just a cowboy with nothing to his name, he has nothing to offer her except his love. Bridget is torn between her love for Maverick and her love of Ireland, she worried that things aren't going to last, that her homesickness will make her miserable, she worries about a lot of things but her love for Maverick isn't one.

Overall, it's a real sweet romance, things get hot and heavy between Mav and Bridget but in the typical Carolyn Brown fashion (she mainly leaves it up to your imagination). I loved Laela, and how quickly Mav bonded with her and Iris is a hoot. I love all the characters and it was such a nice easy read.     



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