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text 2021-08-03 09:14
Salesforce Future- Trends to Stay Aware of
Okay, before we start with the trends in Salesforce app development, let’s first get you acquainted with some of its very promising statistics over the years- 

-Salesforce has a 20% market share in the overall CRM domain.
-Currently, the world has over 150,000 Salesforce clients, and they are consistently increasing.
-Companies that switch to the Salesforce CRM witness a 25% growth in their revenue on average.

These stats are just the icing on the cake. There are more! All of them point out the dominant platform that Salesforce is when it comes to great CRM platforms. 

Salesforce- Starters

As the numbers have already highlighted, Salesforce is one of the best CRM platforms in the world. By using cloud technology to its full potential, Salesforce allows businesses to connect with their customers, giving them a 360-degree view of your entire business procedure by boosting IT, marketing, and sales teams for tracking customer activities all the time. 

Over the past few years, the platform has become synonymous with every kind of business enterprise, irrespective of the domain it caters to. It is Salesforce that allows enterprises to keep a check on changing customer requirements. Well, Salesforce has worked hard to ensure this, which is a big reason why a platform and company name are considered the same.

The right set of Salesforce implementation services make the development of the Salesforce app easier and free of trouble. 

Salesforce Trends that will Make it Essential for Companies

Now that you know a bit about Salesforce, let’s take a look at some of the trends that will be emerging to make it increasingly essential for companies- 

1- Better Analytics

The right sets of data and analytics are very important for the better performance of business operations. As a result, it has become crucial for the companies to switch over to a model that allows them to predict customer behavior well in advance, based on their previous transactions. 

Salesforce allows the analysts at companies to understand customer behavior, making them better informed about the future decisions that they will make while making their purchases. The result is better customer segmentation, better profits, and enhanced levels of customer service. 

2- Voice Technology

In the span of just a few years, technology has gone to entirely new dimensions in terms of evolution, and virtual sales are a big part of that evolution. With the arrival of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, clients can interact with their prospective customers virtually, leading to a quick closure of sales and better customer satisfaction. 

IT personnel think that voice technology will become an important constituent of CRM platforms in the time to come. As if on cue, Salesforce already has Einstein, a voice assistant that has made the lives of both retailers and customers very simple.

3- Increased Demand for Better UX

With more companies providing Salesforce mobile app development services, remote work became manageable, but that personal touch looked to be missing in a lot of places. Gradually though, the world became accustomed to that. 

Salesforce played a big role during that phase, by streamlining complicated workflows and time-consuming activities, paving way for simpler and much more efficient workflow designs. From the platform, this ability to deliver a better user experience will continue for a long time to come. 

4- Going Ahead with Marketing Automation

Bringing marketing automation into effect is one of the biggest things that companies with Salesforce administrators look to have. Their marketing automation tools include Salesforce Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which help businesses in achieving their targets efficiently and effectively. 

While Pardot governs sales with mail marketing, lead generation, and social media, the updated Marketing Cloud executes better marketing campaigns through the following touchpoints- 

-Automated emails to all registered clients. 
-Run campaigns to offer discounts and offers to specific clients. 

At the Close

The trends that we just mentioned about Salesforce are completely revamping how businesses operate, helping them free up a lot of their important time for other important processes needing their attention. 

Despite everything that the platform does, you should choose a company that can create and personalize Salesforce solutions for you in the best way possible. This purpose can be solved by Consagous Technologies, which has been around for more than a decade and can truly deliver impeccable solutions as you need them to be.

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text 2021-07-28 07:00
Use AI for the Perfect Business Growth

So, one point comes up again and again whenever there’s a talk on how technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Pick an industry, pick an everyday chore, pick a daily task, or just select anything, and you will find technology to be constant everywhere. 


With technology abound now, there have been many developments in this existing technology that are only making things progress better for the world’s development. Artificial Intelligence is one such part of technology that has made its importance felt everywhere in the present global scenario. 



As its presence is very dominant, AI software development presents a lot of opportunities for domains and enterprises that have cognitive requirements. What we mean to say is, AI is a mine of promise in those industries where entire workflows or parts of certain procedures require a simulation that resembles human thought processes. 


The majority of these industries include manufacturing, banking, and retail enterprises. This is because innovative solutions are the need of the hour in these domains, where competition is at an all-time high, and differentiation has become crucial in winning over clients. 


Don’t be surprised to find billions of dollars being invested by these companies to seek cognitive solutions powered by AI for enhanced delivery of services and threat detection. 


Cognitive AI & its Role in Automating Businesses


The major difference between Artificial Intelligence and cognitive Artificial Intelligence is just one- while AI employs the use of new methods of solving problems in a human way, cognitive AI basically indulges in problem-solving in a way that’s similar to the approach of how humans would do it in the same place. 


Today, cognitive AI works predominantly on different sets of tools and software, empowering businesses to make highly informed and smart decisions in a complicated commercial ecosystem. Long story short, cognitive AI can be considered as the practical form of implementing AI into business processes. 


The cognitive AI technologies fall into different categories that pave the way for AI application development services, namely- 


1- Statistical Machine Learning


Techniques falling under this category make use of ML algorithms to automate the process of model building, assisting enterprises to figure out customer behavior, detection of frauds, and even allow the delivery of suggestions and recommendations as well.


2- Robotic Process Automation


This technique helps to cut down on the burden of redundant tasks and automate them so that the manual workforce can focus on other tasks at hand. 


3- Deep Learning Neural Networks


For object recognition and classification of images, Deep Learning takes care of all the complex issues that are associated with sections like online gaming, automatic cars, and product categorization as well. 


The biggest advantage of these cognitive AI technologies is that they boost the operational pace and also bring a significant reduction in costs, which is what efficiency is all about. From process automation to derive the right insights from huge data sets, everything helps in improving the overall business performance. 


Why Cognitive AI?


Enterprises today look for ways that enhance revenue with the creation of new products not just cutting down costs. For them, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions, as well as Deep Learning are ways that can be used for business reinvention to transform their existing business models.


A Couple of Tools for Building AI-Powered Cognitive Apps


IBM Cloud


It’s a full-stack cloud platform that’s a single point to develop and manage apps through various app development ecosystems. It’s also simple to pinpoint the location of where these apps reside on the cloud. 


Watson Developer Cloud


Over this cloud platform, huge data sets are arranged properly and are very easy to use. With this cloud tool, you can quickly develop and deploy virtual agents and chatbots across multiple channels and platforms. 
Closing Opinion


While AI is surely going to be here for a long time to come, making its best use in business operations is something that will take some getting used to. Taking the cognitive route will take your business enterprise to a growth that’s consistent and streamlined to the best possible degree.


Consagous Technologies is a leading AI app development company that has been delivering exemplary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions for more than a decade now. If you are looking to reap the benefits of AI, look nowhere else then.


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text 2021-07-17 07:57
Brillmindz is consider as a leading eCommerce App development company in Saudi Arabia

Amazon shopping modules have changed dramatically since the emergence of e-commerce applications like Flipkart. According to a recent poll, more than 75% of people consult an e-commerce website before purchasing goods from a nearby store. For every e-commerce shop or wholesaler, this has produced a significant need for e-commerce app development companies in Saudi Arabia.

Growth of eCommerce
eCommerce is said to have grown at a rapid rate over the world. With over 235 million individuals accessing the Internet solely through their mobile phones, India's online commerce has gradually evolved into "app-commerce." Mobile websites are essential, but apps have taken over as the de facto standard since they provide personalization and allow eCommerce players better understand their users, increase communication, and make targeting possible.

Cost to make:

We have received the following results of eCommerce mobile app cost:

  • eCommerce Android app development cost - $20000 -$70000+
  • iOS eCommerce app development cost - $25000 -$80000+
  • eCommerce hybrid app development cost - $35000 -$90000+

If you make E-commerce mobile apps, Brillmindz Mobile App is the greatest E-Commerce app development company in the globe, providing top-notch services at affordable pricing. We create mobile apps for a variety of industries.

We are prepared to give e-commerce development services in order to help you integrate your business into the mobile world by developing a bespoke e-commerce mobile app.

To maintain the best possible e-commerce standards, our applications have all of the useful marketing methods to deliver the most engaging digital experience for your consumers. We provide your valued consumers with an exceptional experience.
It helps design powerful and intuitive apps - an AR app or a multi-vendor market solution - with a decade of knowledge and hands-on familiarity with numerous technologies. Brillmindz's experts can assist you in developing eCommerce apps for a variety of industries, including grocery stores, healthcare, and education. It also allows you to employ developers whenever you want.

Our Services:

  1. E-Commerce App Development
  2. E-Commerce Store Customization
  3. Shopping Cart Development
  4. Payment Gateway Integration
  5. Maintenance & Support

Visit here :
Mobile App development companies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Source: brillmindz.ae/mobile-app-development-company-in-riyadh
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photo 2021-07-13 07:29
Tips to Creating a Mobile-Ready Website

Making a mobile-ready website is easier said than done. Apart from the technical aspects, such as incorporating mobile compatible website design, your content should also be fit and tailored for mobile usage. A responsive website is also Google’s preferred format for mobile websites. A good mobile-friendly web page design should use larger font sizes, because it may be hard for people to read if your font sizes are too small. It is important to put relevant information in obvious areas that visitors are sure to see. Part of ensuring that you have a mobile-ready website is making sure that you have a fast site-loading time. Finding the right mobile web solution is easy when you hire the right team of expert web designers in Lakewood, CO

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text 2021-06-30 06:29
How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Dating App like Mingle2?


The online dating section has improved like nevermore previously and has impeccable expectations to develop additional. It has converted the first channel for reaching people as per their likes adopted as per the statistics. With such large interest, company proprietors are looking to spend in this division. If you are one such practitioner attending to make earnings by holding on to dating app development, you must be questioning, how much does it Cost to Develop a Dating App like Mingle2.

What’s Mingle2?


  • It is a location-based app that has a tremendous database of users and is extremely prevalent beyond the earth. The principal purpose for its reputation is its capability to offer different and manageable characteristics trimming over the opposition. Just register to the app with uncomplicated moves to start gathering, chattering, dating and swinging out with personalities of your devotions. Then the app has a reason to combine singles with satisfaction. A meaningful amount of people have been collecting the advantages of Mingle2 by developing powerful relationships and creating impactful considerations as the dating trend expands beyond the nation. 
  • As the modern young contemporaries are going gaga above dating apps, the Mingle2 app has converted one of the foremost players in the business. The combinations have produced productive associations, connections, and compatibilities with long-term servitude. It helps to completely make new friends, by dating or simply gathering and conversing online which was never so regular in earlier days. 
  • A freakish characteristic of Mingle 2 dating app is that there will be no boundaries to the communications like other equivalents. Even though there may be different dating apps, Mingle2 offers an unlimited possibility for improving the understanding to find cooperative people in nearby locations.

Why are Dating Apps Widespread Across the Globe?

  • A major cause for the prevalence of dating apps is the opportunity to separate people before reaching them in character. Ere this, people had to go blindfolded while they match any person on their first date. This is a great concern particularly for women going to meet newcomers. 
  • One more huge appearance to review is the practical landscape of social media app development. Forward with submitting a fitting meeting, the dating app allows simple and genuine service. Consequently, apps with exceptional characteristics along with easy navigable UI have been useful in the competing market. 


How Much Does it Cost to Make an App like Mingle2?

If you are contemplating producing an app like Mingle2, then the initial point that happens to your brain will be How much does it cost to make an app like Mingle2? The fact is that it will never be a specific quantity that suits every project. Some key features determine the cost of developing an app like Mingle2.

App Size

The development of an app like Mingle2 may involve a different variety of characteristics and functionalities. So, with the enrichment in these components, there will also be augmentation in app size. Hence, to skirt improving the extent of the app due to irrelevant embodiments,

App Design

It is reliable that users view for appealing UI, but not ostentatious forms more than functionalities. The design should be manageable, navigable yet occupying to continue the user’s enthusiasm for greater. Excellent designs will enhance the abundance but also come with an expanded cost of development.

Type and Number of Platforms

With the enhanced opposition in the business, any app needs to prepare the pattern for larger. An essential action in performing this to improve the app for optimal platforms as per customer proximity. Creating a native app will offer you abundance but will require more than composite apps that have a unique code base for various platforms.

Final thoughts

With more characters going the online way, mobile dating apps like Tinder which were already successful will go still additional in regulation. But it is necessary to connect with a strong mobile app development company in India like Mobiweb Technologies. With a team of proficient app builders, they hold an edge over the opponents for producing a grand end product according to your specifications. We are also experts in fantasy sports app development services. 

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