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text 2021-07-28 07:00
Use AI for the Perfect Business Growth

So, one point comes up again and again whenever there’s a talk on how technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Pick an industry, pick an everyday chore, pick a daily task, or just select anything, and you will find technology to be constant everywhere. 


With technology abound now, there have been many developments in this existing technology that are only making things progress better for the world’s development. Artificial Intelligence is one such part of technology that has made its importance felt everywhere in the present global scenario. 



As its presence is very dominant, AI software development presents a lot of opportunities for domains and enterprises that have cognitive requirements. What we mean to say is, AI is a mine of promise in those industries where entire workflows or parts of certain procedures require a simulation that resembles human thought processes. 


The majority of these industries include manufacturing, banking, and retail enterprises. This is because innovative solutions are the need of the hour in these domains, where competition is at an all-time high, and differentiation has become crucial in winning over clients. 


Don’t be surprised to find billions of dollars being invested by these companies to seek cognitive solutions powered by AI for enhanced delivery of services and threat detection. 


Cognitive AI & its Role in Automating Businesses


The major difference between Artificial Intelligence and cognitive Artificial Intelligence is just one- while AI employs the use of new methods of solving problems in a human way, cognitive AI basically indulges in problem-solving in a way that’s similar to the approach of how humans would do it in the same place. 


Today, cognitive AI works predominantly on different sets of tools and software, empowering businesses to make highly informed and smart decisions in a complicated commercial ecosystem. Long story short, cognitive AI can be considered as the practical form of implementing AI into business processes. 


The cognitive AI technologies fall into different categories that pave the way for AI application development services, namely- 


1- Statistical Machine Learning


Techniques falling under this category make use of ML algorithms to automate the process of model building, assisting enterprises to figure out customer behavior, detection of frauds, and even allow the delivery of suggestions and recommendations as well.


2- Robotic Process Automation


This technique helps to cut down on the burden of redundant tasks and automate them so that the manual workforce can focus on other tasks at hand. 


3- Deep Learning Neural Networks


For object recognition and classification of images, Deep Learning takes care of all the complex issues that are associated with sections like online gaming, automatic cars, and product categorization as well. 


The biggest advantage of these cognitive AI technologies is that they boost the operational pace and also bring a significant reduction in costs, which is what efficiency is all about. From process automation to derive the right insights from huge data sets, everything helps in improving the overall business performance. 


Why Cognitive AI?


Enterprises today look for ways that enhance revenue with the creation of new products not just cutting down costs. For them, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions, as well as Deep Learning are ways that can be used for business reinvention to transform their existing business models.


A Couple of Tools for Building AI-Powered Cognitive Apps


IBM Cloud


It’s a full-stack cloud platform that’s a single point to develop and manage apps through various app development ecosystems. It’s also simple to pinpoint the location of where these apps reside on the cloud. 


Watson Developer Cloud


Over this cloud platform, huge data sets are arranged properly and are very easy to use. With this cloud tool, you can quickly develop and deploy virtual agents and chatbots across multiple channels and platforms. 
Closing Opinion


While AI is surely going to be here for a long time to come, making its best use in business operations is something that will take some getting used to. Taking the cognitive route will take your business enterprise to a growth that’s consistent and streamlined to the best possible degree.


Consagous Technologies is a leading AI app development company that has been delivering exemplary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions for more than a decade now. If you are looking to reap the benefits of AI, look nowhere else then.


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text 2021-06-14 07:11
How Much Does it Cost to Build a Medicine Delivery App

Covid-19 has changed the way things used to be. Online medicine delivery apps have come to the rescue at times when people were in lockdown. Will customers go back to ordinary shopping modes? This is a good question and I think the answer is not straightforward. People love what is comfortable and easy, something that online medicine delivers apps promise and offer. So, believe it or not, Covid did more than changing people's behavior at a drastic time.

Now let us talk about money. How much does it cost to build a medicine delivery app?


The answer is it depends on several factors. Here they are:

  • - Features and functionality
  • - Development platforms
  • - Development location
  • - Development time
  • - The expertise of the company.

You may consider one or several platforms. Developing an app with more than one platform, naturally costs more. The technology used is also a factor. Additional features, like multiple payment gateways or real-time analytics, add to the cost.

Today, there are development teams in different geographies. Those in the USA and Europe will cost you more but there are also high talents in Asia and Eastern Europe.  For instance, a developer in the US charges between $150-$250per hour, whereas in Eastern Europe and Asia developers charge $40-$80 per hour.

The cost will also depend on the time spent on app development.

The reputation of the company is also a factor. It's a good idea to consult the portfolio of the company before you decide to hire a development team.

Learn more about How Much Does It Cost to Build an App

How Do Medicine Delivery Apps Generate Money?

There are several models for making money  with a medicine delivery app. Businesses choose one or a combination of them.


  • Subscriptions

Although this is not the best option for startups, subscription plans are still used by some online apps. Lexicomp is a medical app with a great database of diseases also offering useful information about drugs and their effects. There are several different subscription plans available to choose from to find one that best fits your budget and needs.


  • Fees

This is a more popular approach when you charge a fee for medication but don't charge for the service. Examples are pharmacy home delivery apps PillPack and Capsule.


  • Advertisements

Businesses can promote medicine, other pharmacies, and medical services and generate revenue from advertisemen

  • Built-in promotion

Online medicine apps owners can promote the services of their parties by placing these companies in the recommended section or showing their medicine on the top of the page. Instead, the apps generate revenue from third-party vendors.

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text 2021-06-10 10:02
Watching the Transformation of Social Media in the Past Decade!

The era of social media hit great advancements with the introduction of Facebook, Linked In, etc. A decade back, many predictions were made about social media. Some anticipated that it would fade away, while others claimed that it would bring new waves for businesses.

From the beginning to present times, in the race of social media application development, several different social media platforms came up and vanished quickly because they lacked the optimum user base.

Just like other entertainment & media app development, there are only a few top social media apps that have gained maximum attention and luckily they have this from the time of app launch. The reason behind this is - there always exists an uncertainty that the app being new, would stop working, which makes the user conscious about privacy and therefore they count only on the top-rated apps.


Let’s see what transformations headed towards in the social world in the past decade:

Real-time interactions

The time is long gone when getting the latest information on the happenings around the world was done through the newspaper. Today, people receive the information at the moment something happens. For this, social media is playing a very important role. Social media users can make any news or video go viral just in seconds. Businesses these days are monetizing and leveraging social media offerings to go viral and trending.

Expanded to businesses

Social media is no longer limited just to making friends or to connecting with friends online. Slowly but for sure, the value of marketing over social media began to appeal to the local businesses rather than just normal individuals. Marketing professionals soon understood that the world is going to travel through social media. Nowadays, a business without a Facebook page may not be considered a business in many aspects.

Used for enhancing CX

Social media platforms are strong marketing tools because customers these days don’t like ads. Using social media, brands and marketers are allowed to interact with the customers on a different and relatable level. Not only this, but social media also provides them with the potential to create more meaningful customer experiences. It allows the customers to raise their concerns and suggestions.

Conversations rather than Ads

The potential to talk directly to customers is extremely valuable and having a healthy interaction may provide better returns. Social media encourages such conversations with its new features and various content curation tools allowing users to enhance their social media experiences as per their preferences. Customers these days are more likely to skip ads, but would positively respond to a message.

Emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies like AR & VR

The social media platforms are aware that embedding the latest emerging technologies is the only way to hold on to the existing users and attract new ones. AI technologies like AR, VR, and other machine learning algorithms are turning out to be a hit on social platforms, giving users an ultimate interface and experience.

You must also read: How AI & ML are Transforming Social Media?

Video Content and Live Streaming Sessions

In the last few years, video content on social media apps has grown to be more prevalent. From Youtube to Instagram, almost every top social media platform has video streaming services. There are thousands of content creators on Youtube and other social platforms. Live streaming has also been popular lately, empowering influencers, brands, etc. to provide interactive live sessions to their audiences instead of scripted videos. One can also invest and expect good returns in media and entertainment app development like video streaming apps.

Read this to know more about Video Content: Future of Marketing in Social Media?

Making Brands Appear More Relatable

Social media sites have provided marketers with powerful platforms for storytelling. Unlike previous generations, customers these days are more inclined towards authenticity and prefer to spend on brands that appear more human and relatable than the old-school marketing platforms. The storytelling concept is unique to consumer experience and the brands profit from this by telling their brand stories and relaying values.

Going through the above-mentioned points, ultimately, social media today is not exactly what it used to be a decade back. And it is also a fact that it won’t be the same ten years from now. The present scenario is quite exciting with all the possible technologies.

To succeed in the long run, one needs to pay attention to these changing trends and learn what works best for their niches for social media.

If you wish to be a part of this trend and you are looking for a social media development company, there can be no better choice than Consagous Technologies.

Consagous Technologies is the top and best social media app development company. With our highly experienced team of developers, we bring you the absolute best social media app with cutting-edge technology-loaded features and whatnot. Our team has experience in serving clients from various industries. We are also a top mobile app development company in the USA. To know more about us visit consagous.co now!

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text 2021-05-26 08:34
Common Mistakes to Avoid During Mobile App Development in 2021!

Today several apps are being developed by any XYZ custom mobile app development company. But, not all of these apps succeed even when they are designed and developed by keeping all the aspects in mind! Why? This is because the mobile application development company ignores many important factors that are necessary for developing any mobile application. Mistakes like not focusing on your - target users, important in-app features, visibility, etc. are very common.

When you ignore these key aspects while app development, there are maximum chances that your app will be nothing more than a failure in the market. It doesn’t even matter how dedicated developers you’ve hired! All your invested capital, time, and efforts will turn out to be a waste.

Therefore, it is suggested to focus on these common mistakes instead of over-using resources on your app functionalities.


While developing any business app, the developers unknowingly commit some very common mistakes that can be specifically characterized and discussed in two segments based on design and technology.

#1. Design-specific mistakes in App Development

i. Less becomes More when Displayed on Bigger Screen

The display technologies have seen major changes over time. With the increasing screen size of smartphones, it should be very necessary for developers to display all the features of the mobile app on the main screen itself. The users, these days, quickly get distracted by new apps with their visual appearances and it gets very difficult to retain them.

So it is very important to keep your app visually appealing but simple. To make it easy for the users to relate between the different screens of the app, try focusing on the visual elements available. Keeping your app visuals to be very simple and classy, will make it look more alluring to the users.

ii. It’s not OK to keep a similar UI for both Apple and Android app.

Another common mistake by any custom app mobile development company is - they apply similar UI designs for both Apple and Android apps. No doubt that both Playstore and Appstore are apps marketplace, but, these two are different platforms and need different designs. And unlike Android, not all UI designs are okay when developing apps for Apple.

The developers strictly need to keep the above point in mind and also if YOU are an app developer or if you own any top mobile app development company please be sure that you never commit such a mistake.

iii. Do Not Complicate about the UI and UX. Keep it Simple.

As briefed in point (i), if you want your app to be successful, be very sure that you keep it the least complicated. Both the UI and the UX need to be very simple and classy because it’s 2021, and simplicity embedded with top-notch technologies is - the new normal. You should make sure that you are delivering something that has zero complications. The moment users identify your app as complicated or difficult to understand, they will skip your app and this will be the only reason that they uninstall it and won’t get back.

So it is important for any custom mobile app development company or developer, to think and understand any app’s UI/UX from the users’ point of view.

iv. Fancy Fonts could be Dangerous

There’s a misconception trending among the developers that the use of fancy fonts makes the UI of the apps attractive. When developing a mobile app, this misconception is misguiding the developers for not choosing regular fonts like Roboto for Android; and San Francisco for Apple devices.

And make it very clear that choosing a specific font for your app needs licensing and if you use any such fonts without getting it licensed, the development cost of your mobile app would increase by 2000 USD or even more. Too much fanciness can turn out to be dangerous for your budget for mobile app development. Therefore, it is suggested to use simple fonts which are easy to be licensed.

#2. Technology-specific mistakes in App Development

i. Don’t remain stuck to a single Platform.

When it comes to deciding a base platform for launching an app, developers generally prefer to choose Appstore and not Playstore. Undoubtedly, iOS devices have a dominating market among the custom mobile app development company in the USA. But, one should always remember that Android has a global audience and it serves as a more powerful platform than iOS when it comes to targeting the world outside the United States. And, as discussed earlier, always do keep in mind that both the platforms are different.

ii. Avoid underestimating the importance of Research.

Before you begin with the development of an app, detailed research is very important to be planned and should be thoroughly executed. You need to have an idea about your target audience, their choices, likes-dislikes, necessity, etc.  

Incomplete research and wrong analysis will lead to the development of an app fully loaded with features but at last, it comes with no guarantee that the audience will ever require such kind of in-app services that you are providing through the app. So, it is always a better opinion to perform extensive research, and based on the research reports, you take any decision regarding the app development.

iii. Stop undervaluing- the importance of advertising  

The amazingness of your app is of no use unless and until your audience is aware of your existence. The app won’t be selling itself to the targeted group of users. It’s your call to action to show your app’s existence to the right users at the right time and this goes a long way in advertising. This kind of expenditure will add up to your costs and therefore, it is necessary to include them while budgeting.

You will also need to focus on the advertisements of your app updates. A Mobile app development company like Consagous Technologies will be a great help and a trustworthy source for such updates.

iv. Beta-Testing

A common mistake made by the development team - not beta testing the mobile apps before they are launched. Overlooking this thing generally ends with the existence of hidden issues like UI glitches, malware, bugs, etc. These flaws could ruin the app and can also cause harm to the user’s data.


Developing an app with mistakes can not be accepted, as it directly affects performance and leads to failure. Overcoming these mistakes is an excellent idea for the app to become great. After finding out these mistakes, be sure that you won’t repeat these. Avoiding these mistakes will improve your app quality, performance, and usability.

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If you are new in the industry of mobile app development, you can outsource the development processes. Consagous Technologies is the best mobile application development company in USA. We have a highly dedicated team of experienced developers who will guide you through the complete development process with required budgeting and much more. We have got the absolute best solutions when it comes to mobile app development. Contact us for more information related to flawless custom mobile app development services in USA.
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url 2021-05-05 08:35
Top Mobile App Development Company In Dallas-Android/iPhone

Best Mobile App Development Company In Dallas-Android, iOS and iPhone to creates highly polished Custom applications to meet all your business need

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