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review 2020-06-10 04:59
Come On, Get Lucky - Jacqueline Rohrbach

Grant is an amazing police officer.  If only he could translate that to his personal and love life.  His best friend, Lee is able to be fun and get out there.  Why is it so hard to find someone?


Lee wants to help his best friend.  He sees Grant as a gentle giant, and wants to help him meet someone worthy of his time and attention.  Lee himself has had issues with finding someone for himself as well.  Can two best friends help each other find true love?


This book was funny and charming.  With a little crazy thrown in for good measure. I will not spoil the story, but I will tell you there is a little bit of everything in there.  I found the humor to be silly, the banter to be fun, and the lead characters to be great to read.  I found myself rooting for them pretty early on in the book.  I give this a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This early copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2020-05-26 19:52
Book Review: The Green Dress
The Green Dress - Liz Tolsma

The Green Dress is about a woman who is staying with the Robinson family. There seem to be strange illnesses or deaths occur. It seems to be about a woman named Sarah Jane Robinson. What is going on in the house is strange.

Harriet seems to bring in a Dr. Weaton. She moved into the Robinson family household but things seem to happen more once Lizzie passes away. But we do not know who it is. As the story goes on and more death occurs. The suspicions rise. Who is killing the Robinson family members and why?

The author does a wonderful job of having you trying to figure out the culprit. You get a history of some of the members. What a way to show some true colors in some folks. This story has you wanting to turn the pages and rooting for the heroes to save the day. You are pulled in emotionally as well. I was guessing Dr. Beers or even Mrs. Robinson. Can Michael and Harriet save the Robinson family members or will it all go bad?

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review 2020-05-09 01:40
Book Review: When I Meet You
When I Meet You - Olivia Newport

When I Meet You is well done. It another story about genealogy. We are brought in with Jillian being with her dad on a trip to Denver. She does not know why. But her reaction to the steamer trunk brings us to the start of Jillian's journey in finding out who the owner is.

I enjoy the way, the author brings the past to life and the future together. Though she does it with clues given to her. We will not be able to solve the mystery until the end. Jillian also is pulled to look at her family history or at least into the steamer trunk that she was given by her mother.

The timelines go back and forth between the 1909 storyline and the present-day timeline. Could have Jillian found someone special. Norlan seems to be more occupied to feed two hundred people. Will he be able to create a menu for that many people. Will get the help he needs as well.

There are historical events. The story is mostly on the train from Ohio to Denver. Pinkerton seems to be the one mostly corresponding that is sent to a woman that is the owner of a trunk that was abandon at Denver's Union Station. Whatever happened to the owner?

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review 2019-11-06 02:28
Review: An Amish Christmas Bakery
An Amish Christmas Bakery (4 Stories) - Amy Clipston,Kelly Irvin,Beth Wiseman,Kathleen Fuller

 Cookies and Cheer by Amy Clipston:

Alyssa Byler dreaming of the next holiday window display for her work. As she draws out her idea for the window display and then she gets permission to create it. She needs to ask someone to make the cookie cutters for her. As Alyssa Byler get more ideas. Will they be all good. She asks Kyle Smoker to make the Cookie Cutters will happen when there is more demand?


Alyssa Byler seems to get pulled into the hustle and bustle and forget the most important thing about her lifestyle. As the season approves and gets busier. Everyone is trying to remind her of what import at this time when Christmas is coming.


Will she learn it and ask to be forgiven. Kyle and Alyssa's relationship grows. Will they make it through the rough patch. Celebrate the coming to Christ as it meant to be. Will Alyssa ask the one person to help give her a solution for her to be with her family and Kyle and help her friend Denise?


Loaves of Love by Beth Wiseman:

What would you do if you were left in charge of the bakery during the holiday season? Well, Katie is and she seems to be seeing someone. Though we learn that she is the only girl in a family of eight. So she got to help once her mother is put on bed rest after surgery.


Henry has finally has been able to feel up to ask Katie out on a date. Will, he finally asks her or will it be too late? Henry seems to have some issues with his feelings. He is a family friend of Katie and her family.


There seems to be a woman that comes into the bakery and asks Katie if she can get her order and have it ready by Friday. As she was about the work on the order and miss lunch when David comes in take Katie out to dinner. What will she do?


It seems things get more interesting as the story goes on. What happens between Katie and David? What will happen between Claire and Henry? Katie's brother Jonas stops by as well. What will happen when Katie takes the new oven gift from David?


The woman seems to have ordered twelve loaves of bread. What she does with them. You will be surprised. Katie seems to want her wood ovens after trying it and some mishaps. This woman seems to give Katie a loaf of bread.


The woman talks about the number of twelve. There seem to be quite a few things in the bible the number twelve. She just says the lord was to give it to her and that she calls the bread “Loaves of Love” and then leaves the bakery. You will not believe how it ends when Katie sees another loaf of bread on the counter?


Melting Hearts by Kathleen Fuller:

Have you ever thought you were friends with someone and it turns out they are not your friend? Well, It seems this is the case with Mattie. Does Mattie think she would be like her best friend? Though maybe she should decide for herself.


Mattie is asked to come to help her aunt when she calls her. Though she after a few weeks. She finds out that Peter is coming. Though her aunt and uncle doe not know she strongly dislikes him. Though she believes Peter is horrible.


Peter arrives and things get more interesting between Mattie and Peter. Does Mattie know her friend is using her? Mattie seems to believe that Peter is someone that bad and not to be trusted? But maybe he's a nice guy but can not admit it. Mattie seems to tear between her beliefs and her feelings.


Peter comes to help out with an additional job that Atlee as offered him. Peter seems to be around Mattie. You will be surprised at how this ends. Who will trust who? Mattie's aunt Caroline and her Uncle Atlee get some unexpected news. They are shocked by the news. I do not want to give away the ending to either of the couples mentioned. Is Lizzy more mean and curl and why?


Cakes and Kisses by Kelly Irvin:

How would you feel if you were picked on when doing your job? It boys that do it and find out they do it on purpose. Well, Ambrose gets treated differently. Most everyone likes him. You will be surprised to learn about him.

Martha seems to be at a loss when she finds out her mother passes away. Leaving her and her sister Elsie and her younger siblings to care for. Martha seems to have a bit hard time with the loss of her mother. But will she find love?

Ambrose and Martha seem like they like each other. What will happen when they want to spend more time together? Martha wants to help Ambrose learn to read. Will happen. Burke and Carina seem to want to help her and Ambrose out as well.

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text 2019-08-09 08:16
CZYTNIKI marki Nook ZMIENIAJĄ właściciela

Marka czytników Nook, należąca do amerykańskiej sieci księgarskiej Barnes & Noble właśnie oficjalnie zmieniła właściciela. Biznesowe i branżowe serwisy informacyjne powielają informację o tym, że firma została zakupiona przez fundusz Elliot Advisors.


Księgarnia sieci Barnes & Noble (Los Angeles, 2019 r.)


W oficjalnym komunikacie wszyscy prezentują dyżurny optymizm. Wskazuje się, że Barnes and Noble to największa sieć księgarska w Stanach Zjednoczonych. Amerykanie dołączają do grupy inwestycyjnej, która już wcześniej (w 2018 r.) nabyła Waterstones - największego sprzedawcę książek na Wyspach Brytyjskich (ponad 280 sklepów). Brytyjskie doświadczenia mają być wykorzystane w ratowaniu pozycji amerykańskiej sieci. Prawdopodobnie amerykańscy dyrektorzy Barnes and Noble, którzy mieli milionowe pensje a brakowało im pomysłów na ograniczenie milionowych strat zostaną zastąpieni ludźmi ze Starego Kontynentu. Swoją przeprowadzkę z Londynu do Nowego Jorku zapowiedział już, kierujący obecnie obydwoma księgarniami, James Daunt. To m.in. jego pomysłom Waterstones zawdzięcza oddalenie widma bankructwa, które podobno było bliskie. Teraz brytyjskie księgarnie działają bardziej jak konstelacja luźno powiązanych sklepów niż jednakowe sieciówki od linijki.


Informacja o przejęciu księgarni Barnes & Noble pozytywnie wpłynęła na jej notowania giełdowe (źródło: finance.yahoo.com)


Co ciekawe, w komunikatach jest mowa o książkach i fizycznych sklepach, ale nie pada ani słowo „e-book” ani „Nook”. Jeśli w prasowych komentarzach wspomniany jest „Nook” to jest na przykład łączone z określeniem „katastrofa finansowa” (ang. financial disaster). Sieć Waterstones w 2016 roku pozbyła się działu książek elektronicznych na rzecz Kobo. Czy przejęcie Nooka wraz z Barnes & Noble stanie się okazją do ożywienia tej marki czytników i ich powrotu także na zdominowany przez Amazon brytyjski rynek e-booków? Czy też zobaczymy ich ostateczną agonię? Czas pokaże, jakie plany mają nowi właściciele i jak na to zareagują klienci.


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