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www.office.com/setup Product Key

Nowadays, representing data has become an important factor everywhere. Be it business or education, it has become necessary to share your data with all the facts while presenting reports, projects or assignments along with its graphical representation. To be more efficient in representing the data, people use Microsoft Office on their respective devices. Microsoft Office delivers a variety of Microsoft applications for performing different productive tasks. You can install Microsoft suite via office.com/setup.



Everywhere today, data representation has become an important factor. It has become necessary to share the data with all the facts, whether it is business or education when presenting reports, tasks or assignments along with their graphic representation. People are using Microsoft Office on their respective computers to be more effective in representing the results. Microsoft office provides a variety of Microsoft applications for various productive tasks to be performed. Microsoft Suite can be installed via office.com/setup.

How do you create a Microsoft office account?



Visit the sign-in page of the Microsoft account, then go to' No account? Invite the alternative and finally create the one.



Now, fill in the specifics of the forms and then create a password. You can choose how to sign in:-Use your registered email Use a phone number You can now pick the' Next' choice to get a new email address.



How can you use office.com/myaccount to reset your Microsoft account password?



If you forget the password, you may need to reset it to Microsoft services such as Outlook.com, One Drive, and many more. The steps below to recover your password for Microsoft account are:-


  • Click the option Recover your account and then enter your email address, phone number or Skype to reset your password, then pick the option' Next.'
  • Choose one of the Microsoft account's alternate contact email address or registered phone number, then select the option' Next.'
  • To verify that it is really your email address or contact number, you must type the missing information and then select the' Send code' option.
  • If you are unable to see the code, you can select the' Use a different verification method.'
  • Now enter the security code into the option' Verify your identity' and then pick the choice' Next.'
  • Reset your Microsoft account password and type it into the option ' New password. ' You will validate this by typing it in the ' Reenter password ' option again.


Why is the protection of two-step authentication required?



Wherever you can, you should use two-step authentication. It's a measure of protection that gives you much more peace of mind.


If you are using Microsoft application for your email, particularly Outlook, you should set up two-step authentication on your Microsoft account and you can use either the official application of Microsoft or your preferred authentication program.

How can you use office.com/myaccount to set up the two-step authentication?



If you want to set up the authentication in two measures, you need to figure out where to set it up. The above steps will help you in setting up the two-step authentication:-



Sign in to your Microsoft account and then visit the "Security Basics" tab.



You must select' More options for security' from the bottom of the page.

On the' Additional Protection Options ' tab, select the' Set up two-step verification.'



How can you enter a Microsoft Office security question?


In your Microsoft Account, i.e.office.com/myaccount, you can store a security question to get back to your account in case of an emergency.


You need to type a security question and your birthday into your account to recover your Microsoft Office password. You can take the following steps:-You can press the button' Back' and' My Account.'

Select the' Safety' button on the left-hand side.

Tap on the button' Edit Password' under the heading' Privacy.

Now pick an issue of defense. If you do not want a predefined question to be answered then choose the entry' Write your own security question.'


  • Enter your question of your own.
  • Enter the question in a secret answer.
  • Enter your office.com/myaccount related password and confirm the changes.
  • You've now set your security question successfully.


How can you control the Android devices from Microsoft Office?


To access your Android device's Microsoft Office, first, install the Microsoft Office app. To install MS Office, follow the steps listed below, tap the' Play Store' and tap the' Start' option.


  • The name of the program must be entered in the search box.
  • Tap the icon or the name of the application.
  • Now, tap the option' Install.'
  • Now, to accept the license agreement, tap 'Accept.'
  • It's going to install the application.

How is Microsoft Office installed on Windows 10?


On most devices running Windows 10, the free Office applications are pre-installed. If they are not pre-installed, you can follow the steps to install the Microsoft Office setup:


Go to the' All Apps' tab.

Now, tap the button' Shop.'

The name of the app must be entered in the search box.

Click on the name of the program.

Now, tap the option' Open.'

The program has been activated successfully.


How can you install the iPad or iPhone Microsoft Office?


You need to hit the App Store.

Now enter the name of the device in the search box and tap the search option.

Click the icon' Download' on the phone.

Now, press the button ' Download.'

As the program is enabled, you will now see a progress icon.


How can you unblock your account for Microsoft Office?


  • Open the Live account tab for Windows.
  • Click the' Continue' button to go to the' Verify That You Own This Account ' tab, i.e.office.com/myaccount.
  • Now select the alternative method of contact on which you want to send the verification code and then click the option' Send Code.'
  • Enter the code you got in the email inbox on the' Enter Your Verification Code ' tab and then press' Continue' to open the' Reset Your Password ' page.
  • Fill in the' Old Password' of your current password and enter a new password in the given field.
  • Now, to confirm your new password information, press the ' Save ' button and then open the ' Review Contact Information ' tab.

Click the' Continue' button to unblock your account and confirm that your alternative phone number details are still correct.


All in all 


Creating a security layer on your MS account is critical, especially if you have enabled your account by accessingoffice.com/myaccount with the Office setup product key. Using online suite stores cloud storage data and you will not be able to access any file if you lose access to your account.

Source: wwwofficecomsetup.info
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