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text 2020-10-10 10:58
Why people are crazy about IAS?

Even though there is a surge in employment opportunities in the private sector, the IAS position's craze will always remain intact. The trend has seen to have increased by multiple folds in e the recent years. UPSC conducts examination and selects only 200 to 300 candidates for the position of IAS. Let us discuss the reason behind the immense growth in craze about the IAS post.



The IAS officers video enjoy many services that no other government worker can indulge in. They are given extreme powers to control and manage multiple situations in various levels of administration. They are given authority to lead any department, starting from education to fields like the environment. If an IAS officer becomes the district collector, he can monitor every government department in that district. They are also given protection and provision, which are stated in the constitution. They are given extreme job security as even though they work under the state government, an IAS officer can only be dismissed by India's president. This helps them continue with the job efficiently without being hampered by multiple political pressures. they are also given equal pay irrespective of which state they are serving in. Many allowances are also given, which are enjoyed by an IAS officer as they deserve it. An IAS officer fall under the VIP category and provided with bodyguards Bangalore and other special treatment that every VIP deserves.




An IAS officer has the opportunity to serve the people of the nation. They advance who play a significant role in designing and applying a well-formed Kim that would immensely help the common masses. It is there absolute duty to look after every citizen who seeks need from them.



An IAS officer gets a special social recognition wherever he visits. This power of making policies and themes and implementing them for the citizens' welfare gives them a well-deserved honor. Why won't they be recognized they have put in all the efforts in earning that position.



One of the most outstanding features of being an IAS officer is that day can serve the country at various administration levels. They can operate at local, national, and even at the international level. They have the opportunity to serve the central government at multiple intervals. They can even work on the ministers at the center for various departments. At an international level, an IAS officer represents India in numerous global organizations such as the UN, World Bank Group, and many more. Even after retirement, they can also be appointed as the finance commissioner or the election commissioner. There are multiple opportunities for an IAS officer to grasp during his tenure and even after.



There is also a change in the lifestyle orphan IAS officer. They get multiple opportunities in various fields of interest, like sports, music, social service, etc. They can also be chosen as the head of any crucial clubs associations in any society. They are given great importance or leverage in social gatherings or meetings and hold an active role and function in any organization.


Show the new aspirants of today should work hard and achieve their goal of becoming an IAS officer. Even if that requires them to join an IAS coaching institute, be it so. That would ensure them that they would also enjoy the privilege as mentioned above later in life.

Source: www.eliteias.in
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text 2020-04-20 08:26
RBI Grade B Salary

Stipend, salary and other types of incentives will give you an idea about the total Salary of RBI Grade B officer that would be offered to you after the selection in this exam. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has 199 vacancies of  RBI Grade B Officers through Direct Recruitment.

Things that we are going to discuss in this article are- RBI Grade B Officer vacancy, RBI Grade B Salary, selection procedure, educational qualifications, allowances and all the other types of remunerations. RBI Grade B Officer Salary will help you in making a decision on the basis of pay but you should also consider the job profile of an RBI Grade B Officer before making a final decision.

Source: www.anujjindal.in/rbi-grade-b-officer-salary-perks-and-emoluments
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text 2020-04-17 08:39
RBI Grade B Officer Syllabus


The Syllabus of RBI Grade B Officer (General) has also been updated in this post. This article will give you details of RBI Grade B Phase 2 Syllabus, i.e., RBI Grade B Finance Syllabus, Management Syllabus, ESI Syllabus and English Syllabus and also, RBI Grade B Phase 1 Syllabus.. 

We’ve updated the details about RBI Grade B Officer Exam Pattern & Syllabus for Phase 1 & Phase 2. Information handout will provide information about the RBI Grade B Officer Exam Pattern of Phase 1 & Phase 2 Examination and also the RBI Grade B Officer Syllabus. It is available on the official website of RBI. RBI Grade B Officer Exam Pattern is almost the same for the Prelims Exam as that of last year except for the one major change that RBI has introduced Sectional Timing for the Phase 1 Examination. 
Source: www.anujjindal.in/rbi-grade-b-syllabus-exam-pattern
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text 2020-04-15 09:04
RBI Grade B Eligibility

This article will provide you with the complete RBI Grade B Officer Eligibility. It includes Education Qualification, Age Limit, Nationality & Number of Attempts. Those students who meet the RBI Grade B Exam Eligibility Criteria can only be allowed to fill the form. A lot of students call & mail us every day regarding the Eligibility for RBI Grade B Exam. This article will clear all your doubts regarding the RBI Grade B Eligibility Criteria and various factors like minimum education qualification, minimum & maximum age limit, etc. 

This article will clear all your doubts regarding the RBI Grade B Eligibility Criteria and various factors like minimum education qualification, minimum & maximum age limit, etc.

Source: www.anujjindal.in/eligibility-criteria-rbi-grade-b-exam
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text 2020-04-13 08:51
RBI Grade B Selection Process

RBI Grade B selection procedure is one of the main features to be optimized before applying for the exam. RBI Grade B Selection Process makes you aware of the stages of the selection in that particular exam. Especially when it comes to this exam, you need to be aware of every aspect to get the RBI Grade B job profile.

To give you a brief today, we are sharing the complete RBI Grade B selection process  which will be based on the three major tests – Prelims, Mains & Interview.

RBI Grade B notification has been released. Candidates those who are eligible for RBI Grade B exam can go through the complete details about RBI Grade B Selection process.

Source: www.anujjindal.in/different-levels-selection-process-rbi-grade-b
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