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review 2020-08-25 21:46
The New One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson
The New One Minute Manager - Ken Blanchard,Spencer, M.D. Johnson I’m not entirely sure how to rate this book. The text is incredibly short: about the length of a magazine article. The takeaways are even shorter; much of that short text is a parable about a young man learning the ways of the one-minute manager. That said, I got this book from the library so I’m inclined to be generous regarding the amount of actual content, and there is something to be said for expanding on a simple idea at a little more length in order to fix it in readers’ minds. The takeaways are basically this: Goals: Employees need to know what their goals in their positions are, so that they can figure out for themselves whether or not they’re succeeding without having to wait for infrequent performance reviews. The manager and employee should figure out together the employee’s goals, which should be written down with timelines in a short form that’s easy for the employee to review regularly. (I’m having trouble figuring out how to implement this one in my workplace due to the nature of our work.) Praising: Managers should try to “catch people doing something right” and offer specific praise when they see it to make employees feel good about themselves. People with confidence and who like their jobs do better work, so focusing on people and focusing on results shouldn’t be a choice between two different goals. Also, you shouldn’t wait until people are doing something perfectly before praising them any more than you’d wait until a kid has learned to talk before praising their attempts. (I need to work on this but at least the how-to is obvious.) Redirects: When people do something wrong, the authors suggest that you discuss it with the person as soon as possible; confirm the facts and review the mistake together; tell the employee how you feel about the mistake and pause for a moment for them to be concerned; and then express that you know their work is better than this, have confidence in them and think well of them as a person. Then, let it go. (All this seems challenging to do, but probably a good idea. I haven’t tried it yet.) Overall this seems to me to pack some good advice that goes beyond what you’d expect from the brief page count, though yeah, it is really short. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out how to use it.
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text 2020-05-12 02:36
device has both hot and cold settings

Of course, you can prevent the rollers from becoming dirty by using a carrier every time you laminate. Once it does, however, it's ready for anything. This machine can be be easily opened up so you can get dust and any excess adhesive off the rollers. This display helps you control the speed and temperature settings, and you can also use it to employ the reverse mode. If you need a fast laminator and you want to be incredibly productive, this is definitely the product you need.1.2. The Speedy-Lam has an LCD display that makes it easy to control the machine's actions. How long does it take for this machine to heat up? It takes the Speedy-Lam about 5 minutes to completely warm up. What happens if one of my pouches gets jammed? Pouch jams are annoying to deal Wholesale Gusset Bag Packaging with, there's no doubt about it.


Now that you know all about the Speedy-Lam 30R-10, get it for your office today.6. And the machine won't feel warm to the touch when it's in operation because it has a patented cooling system to keep the heat under wraps.Everyone knows that time is money, which is why you need to have an office full of the speediest machines around.5. Everything you laminate with this machine will look great and won't be marred by any eyesores such as bubbles or wrinkles. Is this laminator easy to clean? Definitely. This allows it to automatically shut down at the correct temperature and not become damaged.7. Can this device help me out? Of course.


If you've been looking for a super fast laminator, you should take a look at the Speedy-Lam 30R-10. This device also has a system that helps the machine cool itself off after use. Is that true? Yes, the rumors are true: the Speedy-Lam offers some of the fastest lamination around. I've heard that the Speedy-Lam is one of the fastest laminators available. This device has both hot and cold settings so you can laminate a wide variety of items, even ones that are heat-sensitive such as photographs and ink-jet printouts. As for pouches, you can use just about any ones you want, including those that are 14 mil thick.. Is there a control panel that I can use to control the machine?


Yes. It has the ability to process a letter-sized document every five seconds and it can laminate up to 12 feet of material in a single minute.4. The Speedy-Lam has ten rollers and two cooling rollers to ensure that all of your documents will be laminated flawlessly. However, dealing with them will be easier because this machine has a reverse mode that will allow you to remove the offending pouch. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this great product.3. You'll be amazed at how fast it can operate and how much more productive you can be. What pouches can I use with the Speedy-Lam? Can I laminate items that are thermally sensitive? Absolutely. It is great that this is a fast machine, but I really need some high-quality results.

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review 2020-04-23 12:47
More Last Minute Knitted Gifts
More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts - Joelle Hoverson,Anna Williams

by Joelle Hoverson


I admit, I was attracted to this one because of the elfin hat on the little girl on the cover.


As the title suggests, this is a book of patterns for gift items that you can knit. It is different in that the table of contents is organized by how long it takes to make an item!


There are some really nice items to make and some of them take as little as two hours, maybe less. Hats, bracelets, wrist warmers, sock and even toys can be made quickly when you suddenly need a gift for someone. That alone makes this is brilliant book.


There are holiday items like bauble covers, not to mention the cute elf hat, and many of them would be a joy to give to someone. The knitted baskets in the 2-4 hour patterns really appealed to me. Nice design and so useful!


The book has full color photos for all the patterns and some of them show the effects of making them in different colors and sizes.


You get the usual baby socks and hats, but also things for adults like scarves and wrist warmers in particularly nice designs. A few household items are included that are diferent from the usual stuff. As the time commitment gets longer, the patterns include more clothing items for both children and adults. There are even patterns for gift tags to make your present especially nice. There's an index in the back to make it easier to find the pattern you want.


Personally, I may have to make a gift for myself out of this. The beret was very appealing, especially with the photo of different ways to use color to make it unique. Apparently there was a first book called Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I may have to search it out!

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text 2020-04-21 09:07
Booking Flights From New York to Las Vegas At Affordable Rates

Miami is a beautiful city located in the state of Florida along the Atlantic Coast. A legendary city known for its fabulous beaches and scintillating entertainment scene. Home to some of the most well-known celebrities, the place is frequented by tourists from across the world. Since Miami is on the tourist map, it is well connected with other cities of the world. There are several flights from Miami to New York every day. New Yorkers coming here for a brief vacation can make the most of these flights and enjoy bumping into some of the noted celebrities in this glam paradise.




Many well-known commercial airliners ply their services between these major cities. When planning a visit from Miami to New York, ensure booking flight tickets in advance. This way, you can make the most of early bird discounts. If you are travel flexible, you can avoid planning a trip during weekends or holiday times. Many airlines offer discounted tickets during off season and days. This is the best opportunity for travelers who would love traveling to these magnificent places on a budget. The money thus saved could be put to a better use. There is no dearth of entertainment and hangout options in Miami and New York. You can use the money thus saved on enjoying the entertainment scene in these cities.



If you wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of New York City, check out New York to Las Vegas flights today and plan a quick vacation with your friends or family members. Timely bookings avoiding holiday season and weekends can help you get cheap or affordable tickets. There is no dearth of airlines plying their services between these cities giving a lot of options to the travelers.

Visit Farenow and look for cheap tickets and make your visit a memorable one.


Source URL: https://bit.ly/2SaksjR



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text 2020-03-28 14:22
Thinking of Flying to Your Destination in 2020? Here Are Some Budget-Friendly Airlines

Flying is no doubt the best way to travel to your destination, but it is also one of the costliest ways to travel. As most of the airlines apply the rule of dynamic pricing, the tickets get more expensive as you get to book the last minute flights. To ensure that the airfare does not burn a hole in your pocket, you can plan your trip, search for the cheapest time to fly, or look for an economical, no-frills airline. These are some of the budget-friendly airlines you can use for flying in 2020. 


The economical options 


Budget-friendly fights will, indeed, be less costly. However, they will also let go of several services you can find in a full-service flight. And often, they will land at secondary terminals from which you will have to spend more time to exit the airport. Still, if you do not mind the cutbacks, the most economical airlines you can look for a less costly journey are; 


  1. 1 - Jet Konnect 


This is a budget airline that charges lower airfare for most of their flights. They have been reported as the airline to provide the most services on a small budget. 


  1. 2 - Air India express 


Air India Express is a government-owned flight that offers excellent discounts on air travel. This primarily Indian air company also has budget flights to foreign destinations. 


  1. 3 - Vistara 


It is also a well-known budget airline that provides excellent services to its customers. Customers have been known to be satisfied with this airline, and there are quite a few options for bookings. 


  1. 4 - Air Asia 


One of the best budget airlines in the world, Air Asia has quite a few numbers of flights in every destination. They are known for their services and their trips. 


  1. 5 - Indigo 

Again, it is one of the best-known airlines in India. This airline provides cheap flights and in-flight services that are almost as same as full-flight airlines. 


Using the services 


The services that are available free in full-free airlines need to be paid for in the budget airlines. Like, the blankets, food, and extra drinks are charged by the airline. You cannot reserve the seat of your choice. There is no in-flight entertainment, magazines, or other accessories. Therefore, if you do not have any problem with these, then you can travel to your destination at a considerably lower price.  



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