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review 2016-12-27 15:13
a part works!!!
Eternal Desires Of A Succubus: Created In The Shadows Of Heaven - Lucy Lyons
I was gifted my copy of this book from the publisher, and I thank them for that.
Isabel knows she is no stunner, and is only going out to get laid. Waking up the next morning, she has only a vague recollection that she did get laid, but she can't remember anything else. Then she notices her body changing, the reactions of the men around her changing, and she starts to remember. Oz, an angel, and Gavin, a vampire, changed Isobel into a succubus. Now she has to deal with the fact that she must have sex, and a lot of it, to survive, but also, that some vampires want to control her for their own greed.
I did not know this was a part of a story going in, and I would have said no, had I known. It makes me so cross to only get half the information, half a story, when I'm expecting a full one.
It is, part told story aside, a little jumpy. I didn't much care for Isobel, at all. And only she has a say. Gavin and Oz needed a say, to make this a much better half story.
I still don't have the full picture, as to WHY Oz and Gavin choose Isobel, and I can't see where the story is going, other than that there will be A LOT of sex involved.
Now, I do like my books explicit, I'm quite happy to read porn, I make no apologies for what I like to read. BUT there has to be a good story line behind it. I'm not finding that here.
Will I continue on with the series?? probably not while its still being written. When its finished, and is available as a single completed story, then maybe, maybe I will read it then.
3 stars.
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review 2016-12-15 07:10
fabulous read!
The Wizard's Desire: A friends-to-lovers M/M romance - Anna Wineheart
I was gifted my copy of this book direct from the author.
OH!!! You know how, you start to read a book, and you see it going one way, and then totally goes another?? This one!!
I've no idea where I saw it going, to be totally honest, but I'm left feeling that it went off in another direction, and I need to say that. Brain is somewhat addled at the moment, but I will try to make sense!
Kei is not happy. The old woman in the flat upstairs has another leak and it's ruining his apartment. A neighbour gives him a snow globe from their holiday. When Kei touches the globe, he is pulled into Orion's world, where he has lived for the past decade or so. Orion did not mean to pull Kei in, but now he is here, they can make the most of it, right??
I love different, you know I do and this one is a prime example of that difference. I mean, a snow globe?? Cute, really really cute.
Both Kei and Orion have their say, and one or two others. It wasn't until Orion and Kei finally talked about Kei's dislike of wizards (because at that point it had been downgraded from hatred!) that I got the full picture too, and I love being made to wait for it. I love not seeing what's coming at me, as much as I love seeing it all laid out, right from the start. Because while some things I did not see, some I did.
I did, at points, get a little.....lost....in the trees, especially when said trees were somewhat active, but that might just be me and my addled brain.
All in all, a really great read. It leaves me wanting to read more by this author, AND more of Kei and Orion. I hope they appear in other books. I loved them together.
Thank you, to Ms Wineheart, for my copy, I really did enjoy this book.
OH! It does not seem the 346pages billed on Amazon. Which is a very good thing!
4.5 stars
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review 2016-11-29 19:56
short, sweet and sexy!
Found You: Trade Me - Dahlia Donovan,Soxsational Cover Art,Hot Tree Editing
I was gifted a copy of this book, direct from the author.
Kent ran to the Florida Keys after his divorce. Finding your husband in your bed with someone will break anyone's heart. Kent never expected Florida to have such a lovely view. He also didn't know that view came with a 5 am wake up call and dogs! Dusk's vet clinic suffered badly at the hands of Mother Nature and he is doing odd jobs to raise funds to fix it up again. Offering to help Kent fix his house seemed like such a good idea!
OH!! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Ms Donovan does short and sweet so well!
102 (according to Amazon) pages of drama, wit, love, tension, and conflict. With just the right amount of history of both men, of the now, of the build up, and oh of the steam! ;-) We get both men, their feelings, thoughts and actions.
And we get just enough! I can't stress this point enough, I really can't. Some short stories just don't have enough of anything to hold it all together, but Donovan crams the right amount of everything in and it's just perfect!
This is the first book I've read of Donovan's that is based solely in, and with characters from, the States. I was worried her humour that shines in the other books wasn't going to shine here. I need not have worried. The witty one liners and colourful language is all here and that made me a very happie bunnie!
Kent and Dusk are so well suited to each other, and that comes across right from the start. I loved the subtle signs from them both, loved how Donovan pulled them in.
short, sweet and sexy.
5 stars
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review 2016-11-13 09:26
Amazing book!
The Misguided Confession - Dahlia Donovan,Claire Smith,Hot Tree Editing
I had the enormous honour of beta reading this book, and as such, my review was written long before the official blurb.
Elaine has lived her life with labels. She isn't happy about any of them. After the gits at the Blackbird Security did what they did last year, she has taken solace in the two things that make her truly happy: her online gaming, and her mate, Alim. Just as they begin to grow into a deeper relationship, Elaine and Alim are faced with a far deadly threat than they have yet to encounter.
This is, almost, the final book in the Blackbird series. But it can totally be read as a stand alone, because the gits and their partners take a part here, and what they did to Elaine is recapped.
BUT!!! I think you should read, Under Fire, Ivy, Natasha, Alicia, Twelve Days and Lorcan, if only to feel of Donovan and her writing, and how Elaine is with everyone.
AND, because I said so!
Elaine is, as much as she can be, happy with Alim. He is patient with her, and goes out of his way to soothe her triggers and symptoms to assist with not setting off her Asperger's and causing a meltdown. He tells her he loves her, but more so, he SHOWS her. When Elaine's life is threatened, you'd have though him the shifter, not Elaine, the way he protects his mate.
Elaine deals with a lot here, not least of which is a religious nut job intent on cleansing the world of all shifters. Emotionally and physically, she is pushed to her limits. And Donovan portrays all the things Elaine deals with so brilliantly. Partly because she has first hand experience of Asperger's but also because her writing skill is growing, and developing with each and every book she writes.
As I said, I beta read this book. At first Elaine was reluctant to talk about what she and Alim share, on a personal and intimate level. But by the final time, Elaine had relented somewhat and we do get some of their more personal moments. I don't want to call them anything other than that, personal moments, because what Elaine and Alim have, and how Donovan tells about it, it comes across somewhat... special... for want of a better word.
Its always sad to say good bye to a series, but equally, for this pack, its nice to see them all happy with their partners. For the pack to grow and develop and to move on, for Elaine especially, it was right and proper that she did.
I have no doubt, none at all, some people will HATE Elaine, none at all. But please, if you like your characters diverse, and quirky, and funny, give Elaine a chance, give Donovan a chance with this book. I promise, you won't regret it.
5 full and shiny stars, all wrapped up in Alim's university sweatshirt that Elaine is so fond of.
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review 2016-10-14 10:46
excellent addition to the series.
Necromancist (The Seven Forbidden Arts Book 6) - Charmaine Pauls
Hydromancist - Charmaine Pauls
Pyromancist (Seven Forbidden Arts, #1) - Charmaine Pauls
Aeromancist (Seven Forbidden Arts Book Book 3) - Charmaine Pauls
Geomancist - Charmaine Pauls
Aeromancist: The Beginning (Seven Forbidden Arts Book 2) - Charmaine Pauls
Crushed (Seven Forbidden Arts) - Charmaine Pauls
Personal review, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Ivan Cray is back for his revenge. He never thought that revenge would cause his heart to heal. Alice Jones broke that heart when she choose her family over him.
This is book 6 in the series. I would recommend you do read these in order, there is much moving from book to book, and its carried on here.
I really enjoyed this one. But not quite as much as the rest. Not really sure why though! I still give it 5 stars.
Alice and Ivan have history; Ivan took Alice's heart and virginity 9 years ago, and left right after. Alice never really forgave him for that. But Ivan never forgave Alice for choosing her family over him.
There is a lot of misunderstanding and crossed wires between these two. It makes for frustrating reading at points, since its clear to everyone but them, that they love each other!
It's super hot and sexy, scary in places with Ivan's gift of seeing ghosts. Some characters are laid to rest, some are still on the run! I swear, Godfrey HAS to get his comeuppance soon! The man has more lives than a blooming cat!!
We meet a character briefly who will appear in a later book, and I am really looking forward to that one!
Like I said,still a 5 star read, just not quite as much a one as the others.
5 stars.
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