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text 2020-02-05 06:54
Get to Know About Jail Inmate Population

Having someone interned in a prison is rather difficult to accept and particularly if you are unaware of where the person is incarcerated. Fortunately life for those related to people incarcerated as well as the detainees has become much easier today as prisons are now renamed as correctional homes and rather than punishment rehabilitation has become the focus. It has become quite easy to locate your loved one with the help of Inmate Locator or Jail Inmate Population Report which is updated regularly to make sure that it is complete and accurate. However it is likely that the information may change quickly so it may be actually difficult to get the absolutely correct information with regard to an inmate. You can get help from sites like pigeonly.


Information is not Always Accurate


No department of correction guarantees accuracy of Inmate Population List nor does it guarantee completeness of the information contained. Thenames of offenders sentenced to the Department of Correctionsinclude:


  • Offenders sentenced to state prison or state supervision
  • Current and prior offenses
  • Offense types including related crimes

For further information the Department of Corrections may be contacted along with the Bureau of Classification and Central Records. While concern about connecting with someone you know is one side of the coin, the other side is that the information is made available to the public as well as the law enforcement for reasons of public safety.


Fast Changing Information


Inmate information changes very fast and the information provided may not reflect the latest information in the Inmate Population Finder. Though an effort is made to make sure that the posted information is correct, it could reflect factual or other errors. Reliable sources are tapped to process the data provided but there is no warranty expressed about the accuracy or adequacy. You need to know the details of the person you are looking for to be able to zero in on the person.


Use of Database


You need to remember that arresting a person may not mean that the person has been convicted of a crime. Unless you are sure that the person has been incarcerated you will obviously not be able to locate him or her in any database including the Current Inmate Database. Other things that you need to remember are:


  • that you cannot use this database for any kind of legal action
  • You cannot use the information illegally
  • You have understood and are

When you use this information it is understood that you have acknowledged and accepted the terms of use of the information that you have access to.


Remember the Following


You need to remember that the list of jail inmates gets automatically updated every

fifteen minutes and thus reflectsall recent changes in the status of the detainees. In case you require anyspecific inquiries about a particular detainee which is not available in the inmate population list you will need to get in touch with the Detention Center staff at the number provided or you can do it through your private legal counsel.


There is a current inmate database which lists people presently in correctional homes and includes the details on their charges and the bond amount as well as booking photo. This information which is updated every half an hour does not however does not indicate any guilt. Remember that once a person is released from the correctional home your search will not throw up any names.


The list is updated daily and lists the names of inmates who are booked in the twenty four hours starting at midnight of   the preceding day. So if are looking for information on someone you know has been booked you can check on the search engine to find out whether the personis among the inmates listed. You will get every detail about the persons who are still in custody. Even the race and ethnicity statistics are recorded here.


Remain Connected


It makes a lot of difference to you as well as your loved one to be able to remain connected during the tough times. It really is unfortunate if either you or the other person has been detained in a prison. However as you can understand it really is not that difficult to stay in touch as well as

  • Send photographs and pictures
  • Send books, magazines, and other reading material
  • Send money to use at the commissary
  • Visit them in person

You need to enter the inmate’s name which may give you several options unless you know all details. At least this is better than not knowing anything at all. Once you enter the name you will be able to find the rest of the details including release date, or prison location. If you want any further details you need to select the name of the prison which will take you to the website of the location where you can find additional details. If you are aware of the location of the detainee, that is, in which prison he islocated, all you need to do is pull up its website and search to get details of whether the offender is still in custody. If you find that these details are unavailable all you need to do is call the prison and get the status. If the inmate is released it will not throw up any names. You can do a Nationwide Inmate Search for Active jail population which is made available for you to search for your loved one for free. These sites are constantly updated and have detailed information.


 If you have been connected to your loved one during the legal process it is most likely that you already know which prison they are in after conviction.However, if you have no clue about the entire legal process then at least it gives you some peace of mind to know how to locate them. You can register your name on helpful sites like pigeonly for free, and connect with someone you know or a relative who is detained in a correctional home.  Once you have access to all the details you can connect with them and send them money, books, magazines and even make phonecalls.

Source: pigeonly.com
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text 2020-01-30 06:54
Share valuable memories with inmates by sending pictures

Life is a journey that consists of many worthwhile movements, highs and lows, and many such incidences that can prove it to be meaningful. The incidences, occasions, and all the little gestures that happen to be part of lives are shared with friends and family. All together, go through these movements, be they happy occasions or hard times.


But what if your best friend, family member, or spouse is not with you during any such fluctuations in life, due to some unfortunate incidences? What if they have committed a felony and are convicted? Will they miss what is going on in the outer world? Will they not be able to have even a share of any memorable event in the family?


Well, as it is a known fact that the time stops for no one, you cannot merely avoid celebrating all the occasions. However, you can Send pics to inmates of any small or big events, by which they will be able to know about what is going on in the family.


Sending pictures to inmates will make them encouraged and energized, the photos will act as a strategic move to keep their spirits up. Meetings and calls in the jail facility can be allowed at specified intervals, in between that particular time images act as a



Now the question arises of How? What are the ways to send the photos in jail or even receive Picture of someone in jail? Will the image that you post, will be received clearly by them or, will it be blurred? Will the photo reach the inmate in time? Will the picture be accepted by your inmate, or will it go to someone else?


All these questions can make your head spin. But there is no need to worry! There are such inmate locator tools that are more than ready to help in all your inmate related problems. The inmate locator tool helps in many areas like,


  • locating your inmate
  • sending money
  • calling inmates
  • sending letters, postcards, photos, articles

The working of the inmate locator tool is very easy. Download the app on your mobile phone, and provide necessary information about your inmate, the device then searches through the database of federal, state, and Country facilities to find your inmate.


Once your inmate is found, there are a lot of plans available for affordable phone calls to inmates as well as sending them letters, postcards, photos, articles. Before choosing the plan, you can also try out a free trial to send as well as get a Prisoner in jail photos.


However, there are some specific rules for sending the photos which must be abided by the sender. One thing you have to keep in the mind that your inmate has been convicted so that they improve their behavior, and hence it is a moral duty to encourage them to do so.


The Rules for sending pictures to inmates differ from facility to facility. It would be advisable to follow some basic rules so that the prison authorities do not discard the photos before they reach your inmates.


  • A photo should be printed on a paper with a white background
  • The size of the photo should not be more than 8 x 10 or 4 x 6
  • The paper has to be a plain single, not crumbled or in sheets
  • The number of photos can be from five to ten, not more than that.
  • Avoid sending the photos that contain any nudity or tattoos or any specific logos
  • Avoid sending photos that involve any violence
  • Enter the inmate's number on the backside of the photo, so that the photo reaches your particular inmate.
  • The envelope in which the photos are sent has to be white with an only address written on it.
  • Any images that will help your inmate in jailbreak like blueprints, or maps, or any such informative pictures and images are strictly prohibited.

Keep one very important thing in mind that the pictures or the images, you send are seen by many other inmates as well as staff, so send appropriate pictures.


Do not send any picture that might create problems to your inmate


It is not advisable to send the picture of your inmate or any other person with a criminal record.


You are sending the photos to your inmate to encourage them and keep their spirits high and hence do on send any such image that might disturb them or persuade them to commit any criminal activity.


In general, the pattern to send the pictures or images in the facility is, upload the images or photos from your computer or laptop and post, and the inmate locator tool will then take care of the rest procedure. The device will ensure that the photos sent by you reach your inmate as it is and as soon as possible.


All the laws about sending the photos not only differ from prison to prison but also from which charge your inmate is convicted. It is the best idea to contact jail authorities and act accordingly.


So what should you send them?


Send them family photos which will make them happy and in their best behavior

Make a thing sure before sending, that the photo should contain images of those people who are allowed visitations to the inmates in jail


Send photos of special events that would be appreciated by your inmate

By sending such images, you will ensure the inmate that once they are released, they will be joining you in such events


Most importantly, if you have kids, send their hand drawn pictures. This act will make them feel that their kids are missing them, and once released, all would be able to be fa family once again.


Make sure that the drawings are on plain white paper.


Sending photos is a way of telling them that you all miss them and are eagerly waiting for them.


Send photos, images, or pictures to your loved inmates with the inmate locator tool and be least assured that the clear photo images would reach them on time.

Source: pigeonly.com
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text 2019-11-04 09:15
Locate Your Inmate Effortlessly With An Inmate Locator

Searching a person in prison, in normal circumstances, is hard, and it is obvious to get confused about where to start? When the search is about your loved one or best friend, or any other family member who has been confiscated by the authority, the whole situation becomes extremely hard to handle.


Thousands of questions start running through the mind, where are they, or are they okay, or what will they do if they need us, and many such more web of questions get thicker and thicker. The main issue being How to find an inmate locator?


However, this is the exact time when you have to deal with the problem with patience and smart thinking. Nowadays, in this modern digitalized world, inmate locator apps can be downloaded on the phone for free.


Once the inmate locator app is downloaded, the next steps are very simple to Find an inmate locator las vegas. The inmate locator contains a database in which all the up to date inmate records are present. Some apps even give pieces of information about the latest releases of the inmates.



The working procedure of the apps is not at all complicated. To find your inmate when you open the app and register for free, you will be needed to provide some information about the person you wish to discover. Some fundamental information like,


  • Name of the person


  • Birthdate or age of the person
  • Sex of the inmate, whether the person is a male or a female.

After this necessary information is entered, the app runs this information through its database, and the results are shown. You can Send Photos to Inmates as well.

Now it may so happen that the results that might be displayed would be for all the same name persons with the same birthdate and the same sex, which may be hundreds or even thousands. As the app contains the database of unlimited inmates, finding one person from a thousand others might be a bit tricky.


However, no need to worry at all,  all you have to do is keep on giving all the known information as and when an app asks for. It may so happen that you may have to provide some more information about the person you are searching for. The more information you provide about your inmate, the easier will be the search.


The following information might be about, from where did the person get convicted? And in which facility is he in?


Well, if you were present at the time of conviction, you might be able to answer this question, but what if you were not available at that time, no need to worry if you do not know you will not have to answer this question.


There can be three facilities where inmates are taken federal, state, and country. So if you know the name of the facility inmate has been taken to, simply type the name. And the database would bsearched again.


However, if you do not know, no issues with the inmate's search in the database will still be going on.


In some circumstances, you may know the facility where your inmate was taken. However, he may have been transferred to some other facility. In such cases, you can provide the name of that place where the inmate was first taken, too, and this will also help to narrow down the search of your inmate. You can send Pictures to Jail to your loved one inside the prison.


The whole process of these inmate finding tools is to become a bridge between you and your inmate. The costing of the registration is free for some apps which send notifications to you if your inmate is transferred to some other facility via SMS or emails.

Hence it is essential to provide as much information as possible to the tool in which you have registered to find inmate locator. Once all the information is fed in the device, finding your inmate is an easy task.


Once when you know where your inmate is, there is nothing that can stop you from boosting his moral. You can call him and have long talks encourage him, and give your support in this hard time of his life.


The inmates in the jail are entirely away from the news of the outside world, as they are not allowed to carry phones, no newspapers are provided, and hence they have no idea what is going on outside, they are even worried about your well-being too. You are the only connection to the outside world, and your talks and visits are the most significant supporter.


You can fill up the application of visitations and go and meet him/her when the permission is granted, even call him/her and let them know what going on in the outside world.


The inmate’s visits are allowed once a while, and you can even send letters in typical courses, but between the visits and the notes, there is quite a time gap. You can fill these gaps by posting the photos and articles.


However, all these calls and meetings and sending of photos or other items are only possible if the inmate is found.


So to find your inmate, download the app and register for free.  Feed-in as much information about the inmate as possible. If at all you know the identification number or the inmate number of your particular person, the search of your inmate will be in no time.

So once the inmate is found with the help of the app, there are other services provided by the tool. The registration is free for these tools, and the services provided are also very well in budget.


The inmate locator app is specially crafted for the people who not only want to find their inmate but also can connect with them. The services provided are such that even a ubiquitous person can afford them.


The prison life is not easy to deal with, so you can also send money to your inmates with Money On books, and with no connection from the outer world can trigger depression, and with your support on their side, coping up with difficulties would be a bit more comfortable.

Source: pigeonly.com
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