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review 2021-02-19 02:28
The Playboy - Carly Phillips

This is book #2 in The Chandler Brothers series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  For enjoying the series, and having no spoilers, I recommend reading this series in order.


Rick meets Kendall when she is still dressed in her wedding gown from leaving her wedding.  At first he thinks she is part of his mother's matchmaking scheme.  Then he finds out they already know one another.


Kendall does not think she will stay in this town.  Then she gets to know Rick and his family better and life is looking up.  With more surprises than a novel should have, these two fight the attraction that blinded them at their second meet cute.


This series is so sexy and so good, it is worth reading it order.  This is the couple that I love to re-read, as they both have such rich back stories.  This makes their getting together even m ore interesting.  I love this family and all the heat and heart that the story brings to the table.  I give this a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!


***I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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text 2020-10-20 21:24
Include Aesthetic Charm To Your Casuals With Amazing Custom Patches

Custom patches are because the title implies spots of cloth with a particular design that is supposed to symbolize a cause, which are mounted on apparels and clothes showing your help to the cause. This may possibly not be the reason why always. The specific design mentioned above might be that of a game, an business, a charity event, or anything of that sort. You could have them manufactured in a number of shades, designs, and measurements and connect them to your clothes.

Even though you may make up your own personal design, custom patches are most frequently useful for the objective of popularizing a cause or even a unique symbol that stands for something. The symbol might be of the original shade and design of the symbol of the cause or business you need to represent. These spots can also be embroidered to your clothes.

This technique of representation of an establishment via custom patches is used by many people, as an example some colleges or charity organizations keep these things attached with their tailored jackets. Players for a certain custom police velcro patches activities staff have these embroidery spots on the uniforms that symbolize the state they are playing for or of the business which are sponsoring them. You might have that tailored patch built to install to your own personal clothes if you help a certain team.

They're most usually applied to identify and acknowledge the job of a certain class or association. Besides having them strapped to your clothes, you can even display your respect by connecting them to your bags or jackets etc. How can we get your hands on these spots? There are a variety of companies that manufacture embroidery patches.

You can tell them about picking a design and shade and they can keep these things made. You may also buy more common spots such as for instance these of a activities staff or an business from the store. If you are contemplating developing and bringing out a custom patch for your own business or organization, you can just specify how you would like the patch to be made and these may be produced by way of a skilled organization who specializes in custom patches.

Embroidery spots increase the general type of any little bit of clothing. It provides a little curiosity and charm to an idea little bit of cloth. It really improvements the complete figure of a piece of apparel by the addition of that extra element. So the very next time you get a couple of basic jeans, give it a supplementary chic-ness by connecting a custom patch, and enjoy the "coolness" it provides with it.

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text 2020-06-26 13:58
Cool And Funny T-Shirts - The Best Gift Regarding Any Occasion

Unless you have been living under a rock for you receive . couple of years, Get into heard of the mega-successful title Minecraft. Only this past year there's been a marketing frenzy almost all of sorts of Minecraft toys, posters and T-shirts. Minecraft has now become children name, similar to Pokemon and Skylanders, much to the dismay of plenty of confused moms. The experience has been pretty odd for the sporadic gamer as well, since Minecraft was initially in a wide open beta for that PC a person could actually pay for that game mainly because was still in structure. Finally, developer Mojang and creator Markus Perrson aka Notch released the fully finished game on laptop in November of '11. The game was released to Xbox Live Arcade last summer and finally in June of 2013 it the full retail disc.

Some T shirts have for ages been measured as the smart casual for men, girls and junior. End up being in require due to comfort and chic look and makes it appearance awesome yet wearable by everyone unit. This regular clothing has are offered in many designs like leisure activities and sports activity.

Performance groups use custom t-shirts in order to really promote a forthcoming event. When worn before a performance, printed t-shirts offer great advertising specialist tools. T-shirts with the date and name for this performance can be sold at the event as souvenirs since a way to raise funds for the group. Fans will happily purchase quality custom t-shirts as a of showing support. This holds true for sports teams and other groups. Developer T shirts added bonus, custom apparel creates a sturdy sense of team mood.

Purchase festive printed t-shirts rather than get elaborate 3 layered dresses that won't last longer than an Motivational t shirts! Button down t-shirts arrive in lovely soft hues with one liners excellent for your youngster are anyday better than jumpsuits demand to be pulled down the head of an squirming infants.

Wimbledon strawberry print t-shirts- these are basic t-shirts with raw edge and strawberry and Wimbledon logo printed on the front of your t-shirts. Components cotton made and provide sweet yet smart go. It is designed for women.

Come i'll carry on with name for your home business: something along the lines of 'Exclusive Shirts' or 'T-Shirts 4 U' - Came up with a good reputation own store where you'll be selling your custom T-shirts online.

And as expected cool T-shirts make great gifts regarding occasions. No matter if it's a boy's birthday or its Christmas time again, even perhaps as an Easter gift instead of chocolate, a classy t-shirt was really appreciated and worn for countless years to progressed.

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review 2020-06-21 00:02
The first time I listened to an audio book written by Gregory Ashe...
Police Brutality - Gregory Ashe,Tristan James Mabry


was back in December of 2018...so not really that long ago and I admit I did it for two reasons...#1 some of my friends were reading or listening to his stories and saying some good things and #2 I discovered that Tristan James was the narrator and I've been a fan of his from the first audio book narrated by him that I ever listened to. I've enjoyed around 50 audio books narrated by Tristan James...that is if you only count each title once and not how many times I've listened to a particular audio book...which would mean that I've listened to a whole lot more.


But the subject here is Gregory Ashe's 'Hazard and Somerset: A Union of Swords' series or to be more precise 'A Union of Swords' book #2 'Police Brutality'. Fans of this pairing will know that while this is only the second book in this series this is in fact the eighth novel featuring this couple...give or take a novella and/or story here and there.


The important thing to take away here is that if you want to enjoy the full Hazard and Somerset experience you need to go back to the beginning...back to the original series and yes, it might seem daunting but it's so worth it. I was actually late to the party in discovering what a hidden gem these stories are but once I found out, I was all in. I gathered up the audio books and I marathoned my way through book after book loving every minute of them to the exclusion of all else.


As a rule I'm a big fan of series that present a different set of MCs every book or even two...mostly because in the past I've found that my interest tends to lag as things begin to feel repetitive and so far that has not been the case at all with these stories. Not only has the criminal/investigative aspect of these stories varied in terms of the who, what, where, why and when but the relationship dynamics between Ellery and John-Henry has held a realism to it that's been to say the least kept my need to know 'where things are going for these two men?' 


Back in 'Pretty, Pretty Boys' we watched as Emery Hazard returned to his hometown to find himself partnered with John-Henry Somerset the bane of his existence when he was younger and as they go from antagonistic partners to cautious allies to friends and more in each successive story the reader gets to share in the emotional roller coaster ride as well as the dangers they face along the way.


Even after all this time things are not perfect between Ellery and John-Henry and just like couples in the read world their relationship is a work in progress. It's not all sunshine and light with these two...sometimes it's hard and it's just not pretty.  It was at the end of the first series that we saw Emery Hazard leave the police force and with the encouragement of his John-Henry, he set out to become a private investigator. 


So now here in their follow up series 'A Union of Swords' we get to see the effect of Emery's decision on their relationship. In book #1 "The Rational Faculty" we saw the beginnings of how things are changing for the former work partnership and it's impact on their personal relationship but here in book #2 "Police Brutality" the changes continue and with John-Henry talking about marriage and the addition of Dulac, Somerset's  recently acquired work partner, who seems to be there at Hazard's every turn and add in Hazard's newest client...Walter Hoffmeister, a rather unpopular police officer that we've encountered in previous stories, along with the fact that 'The Keeper of Bees' is very probably still around and a  threat to all that Ellery holds dear and this series is shaping up to be even more intense and mind gripping than the first one.


As much as I enjoy all aspects of the story, I have to admit for me it's the dynamics between Hazard and Somerset that keep me coming back for more. I love how these two men are together. I love that they see the flaws and imperfections in each other, that they fight...sorry, but in the real world people fight and argue and they make up. They say I'm sorry...not always with words but in ways that only someone who truly loves them can see and understand. Theirs is not a perfect relationship but one that's built on love and determination with a bit of sarcasm and snark thrown in for good measure.


Hazard and Somerset is about second chances, it's about flawed men, broken men who are to stubborn to stay down no matter how hard the world tries to keep them there. It's about men who do the right thing even when it's often not the easy thing to do and it's a series that grabbed my attention and has won my heart. I love this couple and having been there for the beginning I absolutely want to be there for whatever comes next.



An audio book of "Police Brutality" was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.




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text 2020-06-13 19:12
How To Soundly Buy Aviation T-Shirts Online


The busy fall season offers associated with promotional and motivational opportunities with the return to work and school from summer vacations. Cash back guarantee an improving economy, the necessity for us to extra service for the trip season means a would like to inspire workers for the rebuilding of inventory.

You consider the crew neck styles which offer modern look all method. The black coloured styles at the Religion T shirts are amongst the best picks which you're able opt as a debtor. These T shirts are made so that could match and wear these people jeans because formal trousers. The Flag style of T shirts from the Religion clothing brand will give matchless style with its perfect designs.

Screen printed t-shirts can be an excellent option on a person can be tired of wearing old designs which can worn by every other person. To a wearer, these custom built t-shirts might bring a lot of uniqueness and novelty. Today, they have grown popular using the public. Is actually possible to possible Developer T shirts screen print your t-shirt yourself. Many also seek the services of a good provider of screen printed t-shirts. These shirts include the best option if extra flab to have your own customized outfits. Personalized t-shirts which to be able to designed from the user are known as custom printed t-shirts. Other methods for adorning apparel, such as patch work and embroidery have taken a back seat in comparison to to screen printing, while the latter the novel satisfaction and provides a lot of self-confidence.

Wimbledon lifestyle L/S button neck t-shirt - Motivational t shirts people are t-shirts with a collar neck with switches. It also has a championships logo on location chest. It's not a basic and formal wear for the man, rendering it him look smarter.

Sometimes it isn't the screen print quality, but the t-shirt effective. Check for see-through fabric, shotty seam work or a tough feel. Many people cannot stand a neck that is too tight. Place the shirt in order to see if it is comfortable or. You can use a screen print company that prints on name brand t-shirts so that you will have an inkling of the quality before acquire involved.

Printed t-shirts are popularly given as gifts for Mother's or Father's Event. T-shirts saying "World's Greatest Mom" or "Super Daddy" make gifts that any parent will appreciate. There are also a connected with humorous t-shirts to select from. If you have a personal joke within your family, understand printed on a t-shirt for a unique gift for someone close on their birthday or as a gaggle gift on a holiday.

And as expected cool T-shirts make great gifts for anyone occasions. No matter whether it's a boy's birthday or its Christmas time again, maybe even as an Easter gift instead of chocolate, a trendy t-shirt was anxiously appreciated and worn for ages to come.

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