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text 2020-05-19 12:13
Environment Friendly Juice Boxes Is A Hot Topic To Focus

The use of eco-friendly packaging for keeping consumer items safe is one of the most trending topics nowadays. The traditionally used packaging designed used in the industry was manufactured of plastic materials and other sorts of non-renewable resources that were extremely hazardous to the environment and widely contributed to the excessive levels of waste going to the landfills. Printed packaging boxes also contain hazardous chemicals and lead-based dyes that can seep into the surrounding, impacting the wildlife and water bodies. Moreover, the worsening condition of the environment due to global warming and the carbon footprint of the industrial sector has also lead to the shifting of packing styles to recycled boxes and other sorts of eco alternatives.


Consideration on the juice boxes

Recently there was news regarding the use of juice boxes in the school premise as the principal was concerned about the waste adding into the landfills annually and the non-recyclable nature of the juice boxes. Many packaging and printing companies in the market provide the juice manufacturers with alluring designs of juice packaging that are not quite ecofriendly in nature. The custom packaging boxes for juices are also comprised of a number of layers of different materials that make it hard to process these boxes once they are out of order. These custom boxes also sometimes contain high value of plastic, which makes it difficult to recycle.


Are juice boxes recyclable?

One of the most common questions regarding the juice boxes being used in the industry is that whether these boxes recyclable or not. Most of the manufacturers make use of cardboard boxes for this purpose that is lined with wax and other sorts of lamination materials, optimal for maintaining the integrity of liquid inside and omitting any damaging risk of cardboard by liquids. These custom cardboard boxes are highly effective in keeping the products safe and can contain a high level of paper stock. Natural kraft packaging is also used in the industry for packaging of these items; thus, the cartons are highly recyclable and can be used for a long period of time in order to keep the products safe during shipping and storage.


How the recycling process works

Juices packaged custom printed boxes are favorite of everybody, but have you ever thought how they are recycled once they are out of use? Typically the journey of these boxes starts with the recovery of the material and sending it to the recycling facility. These boxes are then shredded into little pieces; afterward, they are mixed with water in giant blenders that are revered as Hydra blenders. One they are left there for a specific period of time, the internal materials break down and are separated automatically. The slurry-like material is then processed to separate different types of materials such as paper stock, aluminum, and plastics. The slurry is then processed and dried to get new packaging material that can be used for making new Kraft boxes.

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text 2020-05-07 08:43
Technology Used in Printing & Packaging


90% of people buying decisions are based on the custom boxes of the articles. Indeed the right presentation of product influences the customer buying decision. For instance, most people purchase perfumes because of its packaging, not fragrances. Now you can understand the position of packaging. But do you know what effort the manufacturers put in creating a beautiful piece of art?

There is a long process behind a single box. They use various printing and manufacturing technologies. So it is time to look for the methods that packaging and printing companies are using to create the fantastic boxes for the products.

Offset printing on custom boxes


Do you there are three types of the printing method, companies are using for printing. So, the most popular one is offset printing. The packaging box manufacture mostly uses this technique for the printing of custom product packaging. These methods include paper machines, multifunctional web, and multi-color groups.

This machine has high specs, and because of it, it is best to print the pre-printed custom cut cardboard boxes with huge production batches. Once they write the surface, then they paste it on the corrugated Package Boxes. The speed of printing is around 10,00/sheet so you can use for small or medium size batches of Product Packaging Boxes.

Do you know this process can print directly on the cardboard custom boxes and offer the best quality? This type of printing method is best for multi-color screen and overprinting. This technology has good production and printing, soft colors, cleat boundary, and excellent printing layer.

This process is fast, easy to operate, and does not cost you much. So in many Custom Packaging Companies, you can this printing process.

Flexographic printing methods

 After the offset printing, there is another process of printing, Flexographic. Like, offset printing, this method also includes the flat paper and color machine for the web. As you know, the flat paper gadget has the pre-printing technology kind of paper printing and printing directly on the corrugated custom product packaging. You can do it online.

Do you know why flexography is most popular amongst the cardboard packaging boxes wholesale company? It is because it combines the benefits of gravure printing, lithographic, and letterpress process.

Its palate of printing is flexible, and it allows lighter pressure on the cardboard. In short, it had think ink, lighter pressure, and clear print.

You have seen there are various custom made boxes for products that have printing on glossy and matt surfaces. Do you know by this you can print both rough and glossy surfaces?

With this technology, you can print the thick cardboard and thin and also suitable for absorbent paperboard and non-absorbent material.

Gravure printing

On some packing boxes and wedding card packaging, you have noticed the gravure writing and images. The manufacturers use gravure technology to produce these results. It also has the flatbed printing press and web and function, and the color set have different models.

This method of printing has fast speed and durability. It is because the ink layer of gravure is thick; this ink is full of -dimensionality. Its printing layer texture is firm and vibrant. Its ink dried faster, so gravure printings best for large-areas.

If you compare these three printing processes, this method produces glass chromatic aberration. It does not end here; the printing quality on cardboard custom boxes is optimal and suitable.

Now you have understood the three main printing methods that packaging box manufacturers are using. Let move towards how they manufacture the box for the products.

Die-Cutting  Technology

There are beautiful custom boxes you can see on the manufacturer's website. Some gable boxes to Auto Lock Boxes all of them look fantastic. The beautiful color and printing on it add up to its beauty. Now you have learned how they print these package boxes. But do you know how they create these various shapes?

Die-cutting is the most popular making method. In this process, packaging box manufacturers use dies to create patterns, designs, and shapes. They use low strength material such as paper boxes, fibers, corrugated fiberboard, foam, metal sheet, and more.


Die-cutting is the machine that changes specific material into the given shape. In custom boxes, business manufacturers use this technology to make beautiful and attractive boxes as per their brand's requirements. They can add a window to it, create pillow boxes, sleeves packaging, and much more.


In a Nutshell:

 The custom boxes manufacturers use die-cutting technologies for creating mind-blowing boxes for the products. Now, you have also learned they use primary three leading printing technologies for printing on this packaging. It does not end here, and there is much more to come in the coming years.


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text 2020-05-05 10:56
How to Make the Custom Boxes For your Product

Writing material Boxes let you oversee things like paper, pens, pencils, welcoming cards, playing a game of cards, stick, paper cuts just as other office things. Changed kind of fixed things are utilized on the birthday celebrations, strict occasions, commemorations, graduations, or retirement festivities to pass on exceptional messages to family, companions, and associates.





 Fixed says something past simply the words that you write in the letter. Improving postage stamps and adorable stickers are additionally remembered for the stationary.  Custom Product Boxes sets should be bundled in quality, sturdy writing material that upgrades, as opposed to cheapens the nature of your items

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text 2020-03-12 12:59
Know the Basic Things in Product Packaging Boxes!

The world is filled with so many products. All are different from others. However, there are various factors that how you can influence your customers towards your brand.  And the product packaging that you design for your product is one of them.


Product packaging simply means how you present the product and how it can capture the perception of your customers.  Your packaging tells your story, set the stage for you. It also presents your entire organization.


If you want a different and unique and different look for your brand than choose a clean and modern packaging, it will leave a perfect impression than your competitors.


The reason for choosing perfect packaging is that it tells a lot about your brand within a second. Because customers judge the value or quality of a product at a glance, the right packaging can also help you to stand out in the market, which is another significant asset. 


You might think that packaging as minor.  But many businesses overlook it until the last possible moment. However, the packaging is an essential component of your branding in the market. So, choosing a design that suits your brand is not a light decision.


 In this writing, we will walk you through the process of selecting a perfect packaging design. The ideas will surely represent your imagination well and help you maximize sales. 


But You Need to Know the Basic Things Before You Proceed.

There are a lot of things you need to know regarding the product boxes.  For example:

  • Design 
  • Colours
  • Visuals
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Boxes vs. Bags vs. Wrapping
  • Materials
  • Effect on environment



However, before you start making your design or boxes, research is key. Research always matters if you invent a new one.


You need to understand these four keys. These four keys will impact your design expressively.


Know Your Target Customer:



You must have knowledge what is your target audience because it influences your design. Knowing the customers, their age, sex, will help your imagination to choose the colour, size, custom printing, and all other related things.


Digital Advertising with Visual Advertising.


You have done the digital advertising, now do the visual advertising. That is more powerful than the other advertising. The visual advertising means your logo on the pack, brand name, and product information.  Know this thing because it is vital for your brand. It will support your brand instead of work against it.




Marketing Strategy:


Know your competitors mean that you can beat them in your branding. You must know what your competitors are doing in the market. What standard they are following, so you can design according to the market standards?  


Latest Trends:


This is among the basic things in designing. Trends make to recognize in the market. But be in the line of conventional designing.


Types of Product Packing:


There are three types of product packaging.  It depends on your sort of product you sell and how you deliver it to your customers. Now we are moving to have a look at each one of them. 



Pack according to the products. 


Have you ever have seen the shampoo bottle, candy bar boxes, or the jewellery box?

All these products are different and demand different packaging. The product packaging knowledge includes the labels, hanging tags. Also, they require different packaging materials.




The immediate product packaging is the central focus for customers. So, this is where you should start. Functionality and beauty both are important here. 



Outer Wall of The Packaging


Make your product aesthetically attractive that passersby make their decision to buy it.  Outer product packaging is also important for shipping purposes. The outer beauty of the mailing box, envelopes, and stickers all are important for branding. It gives you the chance to set a powerful impression on the customer.



Inner packaging of boxes:


Where outer packaging is for attracting the customers, there inner packaging is for securing the product. It gives life to the products. For example, glass products inner packaging that fix the bottle and don’t let it move during shipping. The internal packaging of Cereal boxes saves it from the outer environment, temperature, and moisturizer. 


Who Are We?


At Plus Printers UK, you get endless opportunities for remarkable customization for your custom boxes UK. We offer you various personalization options so that you can get the custom packaging UK according to your desires. You can customize the design of the box. Moreover, you can amend the size and can select the printing options for your boxes. If you want to use our created designs well and good.



On the other hand, if you have your design and want it to be printed on your custom box, we can do that. Just tell us your design idea; we will make it a reality.


In addition to that, if you have any queries regarding custom packaging UK and cannot find a solution to it. We are here to assist you. Ask us we will solve your packaging issues. No matter how difficult they are and which packaging genre they belong to. Feel free to ask anything.  


Moreover, you get all these brilliant customization options at highly affordable rates at Plus Printers UK. So, want to get custom printed boxes wholesale, place your order now, and enjoy an amazing business experience with us.

Source: www.plusprinters.co.uk/custom-retail-packaging/custom-product-packaging-boxes
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url 2020-02-12 05:40
Design Easy to Open Packaging for the Customers

Finding the best and creative designs of box packaging will let your brand to become extensively identified in market areas.

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