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text 2021-04-28 06:10
4 Property Management Trends Likely to Continue Past 2021



Without a doubt, the rental market is facing a lot of challenges due to the pandemic. It is the property managers, who have faced the most of them. From trying to accommodate safer and healthier environments, to avert all sorts of damage that delated rental payments could do to the rental ecosystems. A lot of new trends have arisen as an answer to the problems. The most important ones are likely to continue in the future and become the norm, not just goals for property managers. Here are few examples of such trends:

  • Property managers are spending more time dealing with the concerns of their residents – in the past, it seems it has always been the same 3 priorities that property managers rank as most important – profitability, efficiency and growth. However, things have changed in 2020, with residents moving to the list of top priorities. This reflects the change in how property managers spend their time during a tumultuous period like this. The main focus has been on renters and the homes they occupy – keeping units full, keeping up the rent money flowing, all the while ensuring the safety of all residents. There is more communication with renters and more active steps to reduce the strain on people who have lost their jobs. Some property managers are helping residents with filling out financial aid forms, and otherwise being responsive to problems that have been outside their scope, until now. That is a trend likely to continue.

  • Technology embedded in the property management business – for those property managers who have not moved most of their processes online, things have been really difficult. This is a trend that is likely to remain for a long time. After all, staying connected and getting things done without necessarily meeting people is no longer an option currently. Property management technology trends have risen to meet this challenge. They have brought many advantages to an industry that previously relied on a lot of face-to-face connections. And property managers report that such changes have brought positive outcomes to their work. It is the customers of these services who have benefited as well. From virtual tours of rental properties to electronic leasing, everyone seems to be on board with the new means of doing business and that is likely going to improve even more from here on out.

  • Owners need more insights and communication from property managers – during the pandemic, clients of property managements services find a better appreciation of the expertise that property managers bring in regards to rent collection and working on payment plans. With evictions and late fees changing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the costs of running rental properties going up, it is property managers that need to bring a balancing act. They have been expanding their services and keeping closer communication to property owners about regulatory changes, vacancies and payments. Naturally, owners are all in favour of this communication continuing in the future.

  • Property managers are relying on new ways to grow their business – if there is one thing that the pandemic has helped property managers with, it is to highlight the importance of strategy and technology are essential for growing the business. As regulations change, DIY property managers/landlords will not remain in the business, as profitability becomes harder to achieve. Strategies for growth based on objective realities and novel ways to boost the business will become more prominent in the years to follow.

These are all essential trends, born out of the events of the pandemic. They are likely to persist, changing and improving the property management scene in the future.

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text 2021-02-22 03:34
7 Mistakes Property Managers Should Avoid in 2021


People usually don’t like digging into their mistakes. For property managers, however, that is a necessity. There is no other way to improve their work and become better at what they do. For any property manager who cannot track these problems, there is the potential to incur financial losses and miss out on many opportunities. Here are some examples of the issues that can take place in 2021: 

  • Not automating processes – every property manager, who respects their time and knows that the more efficient they, the better for their job they are, know that they need to automate certain processes. Things like tenant communication, maintenance, rent collection, accounting and bookkeeping should all be automated. At the same time, relying less on face-to-face meetings can further free up some time, and make time management all the more possible. 

  • Not paying attention to tenants – if property managers don’t communicate with tenants, the latter will not find the need to cooperate when the time comes. It is much better to keep close track of rental experience through communication with the tenants. According to experts, lack of communication or poor communication stands at the root of staff issues. It is important to keep in touch, even from a distance. 

  • Doing no tenant screening – to ensure a tenant is suitable for the unit, a property manager needs to employ a variety of methods. They can resort to social media, services and even prepare a handful of smart questions that will give them a better idea of how suited the tenant is. All of this serves to reduce advertising costs, vacancies, lost rent, evictions and unhappy landlords. 

  • Poor accounting practices – there are no two ways about it – property managers need to address accounting matters to a large degree. That is because they need to work on aspects like income attribution, managing expenses, etc. All of that they need to do to the correct account, where information is properly laid out and accessible by the landlord/s. Oftentimes they will need specialised dedicated software and other solutions, to address this aspect of the work. 

  • Doing no social media activity – many landlords and tenants will believe what their property manager is telling them if there has been some prior engagement on social media with them. That way property managers can create a connection, which demonstrates that they want to be engaged in the work. This also shows attitude and intent, which creates additional value for the same people who will use the services of the property manager. The fact that most social media channels are free helps a great deal too. 

  • Doing no marketing of property management services – every property manager needs to get out there and connect to as many people as possible. If they are doing no marketing, then that is hardly going to happen. A good website and a dedicated marketing strategy to reach as many people as possible is one of the goals that every property manager needs to have. 

  • Making rent payments more difficult than they need to be – nowadays more than ever people are interested in making online payments. Their rent is no exception. By providing online payment solutions, property managers can not only improve rent collection rates but also minimise the risk for themselves and the tenants they serve. There is no doubt that every property management company needs to find online payment solutions for all its clients. 

These mistakes are the ones that property managers need to be most aware of in 2021. Only by paying attention can they avoid them and ensure success in their work. 

© MLM Property Management


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text 2020-12-06 19:03
7 of the Most Common Challenges Property Managers Face


Despite the fact the real estate industry is getting constantly outfitted with new technology and modern trends, it is property managers that seem to be facing persisting challenges. There are major factors, such as the state of the economy, but also smaller ones, like tenants, landlords and buildings. 

Sometimes it takes more time to resolve this than work hours allow. However, it is through sufficient planning and executing the right moves that property managers can stay on top of the main challenges in business. Here are a few examples: 

  • Responsibility – for a landlord and a property manager to form a mutually beneficial relationship, they have to build trust. And when you think about it, it is property managers who are responsible for bringing in the right tenants through various screening methods. This calls for diligent evaluation, which is a responsible task to do. 

  • Risk – there are a few liabilities and risks that every real estate management company needs to address. The managers can never afford to ignore any modes of health and safety inspections that should take place within the properties, like gas and fire safety, energy performance and electrical safety. Failure to execute any of these and properly audit the trail of activities associated is a risk for tenants, landlords and realty firms involved.

  • Time constraints – a property manager fully understands how valuable time is, especially since they need to coordinate landlords, facility suppliers and tenants. This is very difficult to do, and it takes experience and the proper utilisation of technology to get right. 

  • Support tech – speaking of technology, more and more property managers are starting to use cloud-based solutions. This allows them to greatly streamline and centralise their audits and streamline operations. Once the cloud-based technology is properly implemented, property managers can begin to take full advantage of it. 

  • Operating costs – one thing that can affect the revenue of property managers is increased indirect costs. This means they will have to spend more on materials and tools for maintenance. There are certain initiatives, which can help them out, as long as they take the time to familiarise themselves with the program and how it can work for them. 

  • Tenants – there is one thing every good property manager knows: it is much more demanding to bring new tenants in property than it is to renew a contract with any of the existing tenants. That is one of the greatest challenges that property managers face is setting a good relationship with these people. Tenants demand various things, from the most typical comfort requirements to more advanced demands like improved security of the property and frequent audit. Over time, tenants want to be able to utilise the space more efficiently via creative floor plans. Meeting all of these demands is not always easy and a successful property manager needs to know how to best address them. 

  • Staffing – property management companies always have to be on the lookout to find and train customer-oriented staff. There is training required, as well as securing competitive wages for these people. After all, a company is only as good as the people working for it and providing its service to clients. Some other staffing challenges occur when it comes to outsourcing some services, like janitorial work and handyman services. 

These are most of the common challenges that property management companies nowadays face. They need to stay on top of these challenges because finding efficient ways to overcome and stay ahead is what separates the good property management companies from the bad. 


© MLM Property Management

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text 2020-11-28 12:21
15 Hilarious Videos About Complete Property Management Services

Lease Settlement vs. Rental Settlement

A lease arrangement or perhaps a rental settlement is a significant lawful document that should be finished ahead of a landlord renting residence to your tenant. When the two agreements are similar in nature, they aren't the same and it is necessary to understand the discrepancies.

A lease settlement is often a contract between a landlord as well as a tenant that covers the renting of home for long periods of time, usually a period of twelve months or even more. The lease arrangement is extremely certain in detailing the tasks of the two get-togethers throughout the lease and it incorporates all the mandatory information and facts to make certain that both equally functions are safeguarded.

Lease Agreements

The size of the lease and the level of regular monthly lease are documented and cannot be transformed. This makes sure that the landlord are not able to arbitrarily just increase the lease and the tenant are not able to just go away the assets whenever they need with no repercussion.

The lease settlement is helpful for the particular time stated during the agreement and is then deemed finished. When the tenants would like to remain while in the residence, the two get-togethers ought to enter right into a new lease arrangement.

A landlord just isn't obligated to renew the conditions with the old lease and is also absolutely free to alter phrases and rental amounts if wanted. Due to this, some tenants choose to signal an extended-expression lease In case the every month lease is very realistic As well as in an area in which rents are most likely to raise throughout the time period with the lease.

Rental Agreements

A rental arrangement differs from the lease agreement in that it's not an extended-term contract and usually occurs on per month-to-month basis. This month-to-thirty day period lease agreement expires and after that renews monthly upon agreement of your get-togethers associated.

All the same stipulations are included in per month-to-month lease as are in an ordinary lease; nevertheless, either the tenant or perhaps the landlord can change the terms with the settlement at the conclusion of monthly. The landlord has the option to raise the rent or request the property licensing requirement tenant Stop the premises without having violating the rental agreement. A landlord must give an appropriate 30-working day see to quit, having said that, before requesting the tenant leaves the home.

Pros and Cons

Both equally lease and regular monthly rental agreements have their benefits and drawbacks. Rental agreements allow for landlords to hire Qualities that might not be attractive to extensive-expression renters. It is also advantageous when rental amounts can increase promptly, letting the landlord to renegotiate the conditions in the settlement from thirty day period to month. They reward tenants who only want to remain in a certain put all through a changeover or when they are unsure of just how long they want to hire in the precise region.

A lease agreement, on the other hand, is beneficial to a landlord by furnishing The steadiness of certain, prolonged-time period earnings. It is actually beneficial into a tenant because it locks within the rental quantity and size of lease and cannot be modified although home or rent values increase.

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text 2020-11-28 12:19
What I Wish I Knew A Year Ago About Regional Property Management Company

Lease Agreement vs. Rental Settlement

A lease arrangement or maybe a rental settlement is a significant lawful document that needs to be finished ahead of a landlord leasing home into a tenant. While the two agreements are very similar in nature, they aren't exactly the same and it is crucial to understand the differences.

A lease settlement is a contract in between a landlord along with a tenant that handles the renting of house for extended amounts of time, typically a period of twelve months or maybe more. The lease agreement is quite particular in detailing the duties of both parties through the lease and it involves all the necessary facts to make sure that the two get-togethers are shielded.

Lease Agreements

The size of your lease and the quantity of regular hire are documented and can't be property licensing requirement adjusted. This makes certain that the landlord are unable to arbitrarily just increase the lease and also the tenant cannot just go away the house Every time they need with no repercussion.

The lease agreement is powerful for the precise time mentioned in the settlement which is then thought of finished. When the tenants would like to remain during the residence, both of those functions will have to enter right into a new lease settlement.

A landlord will not be obligated to renew the terms of the previous lease which is absolutely free to vary conditions and rental amounts if sought after. For this reason, some tenants choose to indication an extended-term lease When the monthly hire is rather acceptable and in an area where rents are probably to extend through the expression with the lease.

Rental Agreements

A rental arrangement differs from the lease settlement in that it's not an extended-term agreement and usually happens on a month-to-month basis. This month-to-month lease settlement expires and then renews each month upon arrangement from the functions included.

All the identical stipulations are included in per month-to-month lease as are in a normal lease; having said that, either the tenant or perhaps the landlord can change the terms of your settlement at the end of every month. The landlord has the choice to raise the lease or ask for that the tenant quit the premises devoid of violating the rental arrangement. A landlord need to give a correct thirty-day discover to Give up, nonetheless, previous to requesting the tenant leaves the property.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each lease and regular rental agreements have their advantages and disadvantages. Rental agreements allow for landlords to rent Qualities that might not be fascinating to long-time period renters. It is usually useful when rental amounts can rise speedily, making it possible for the landlord to renegotiate the phrases of your settlement from thirty day period to thirty day period. They reward tenants who only have to have to remain in a particular spot in the course of a changeover or when they're unsure of how long they wish to rent in the particular place.

A lease arrangement, However, is useful to a landlord by providing The soundness of certain, extensive-time period profits. It truly is useful into a tenant since it locks from the rental sum and size of lease and can't be transformed whether or not residence or hire values rise.

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