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text 2019-10-20 09:16
The 5 Top Nintendo 64 Games That Have Passed a Test of Time

Nintendo 64 will never be remembered as the video game console with a big list of different titles. We can see only 296 titles released but there is no doubt that all of N64's games are made with the highest quality. Let's have a look at the 5 best Nintendo 64 games voted by members of the KillerRoms team.



Super Mario 64


Super Mario 64 ROM


Super Mario 64 was one of the first three-dimensional platform games. This game established a new archetype for the 3D genre and showed us how the future games will look like. Once Super Mario 64 was released, the games could see a lot of differs in the movement of the hero and in the whole game in general.


Super Mario 64 was probably short of revolutionary. Many fans and critics called this game as one of the greatest and most revolutionary video games ever made. Playing this game we can enjoy amazing 3D graphics, awe-inspiring level design, and brain-busting puzzles. Super Mario 64 is a great choice for curious and determined gamers. The sheer scale of the achievement is something to admire. Super Mario 64 has passed the test of time and is a real masterpiece in the gaming world. 





007 - Golden Eye ROM


This game was released in 1997and became the perfect adaptation of the James Bond movie that allows us to control the favorite double-O agent: Bond, James Bond.


The atmospheric campaign gives us a variety of experiences including stealthy infiltrations, using Bond familiar guns and makes us feel like a secret agent.  GoldenEye also provides us with a revolutionary four-player multiplayer to fight against other players. This game is still a fun shooter you can enjoy nowadays. This game is a pioneer in the whole gaming genre.



Donkey Kong 64


Donkey Kong 64 ROM


Donkey Kong 64 is an outstanding platformer, and some would argue that it can even overshadow the Super Mario 64. The levels are massive with tons of collectibles and secrets to find and the variety in the worlds is impressive. Also,  we have five different Kongs to play and each Kong has its unique abilities. 


Donkey Kong 64  pushes the N64 to its absolute limits. This game has the best graphics on the system, with its real-time lighting effects. The audio is legendary, with reactive music that changes in different worlds. Donkey Kong 64 is a game that needs to be played by everyone who wants to get experience with the N64 gaming console and enjoy playing one of the best games. 



Star Wars: Rogue Squadron


Star Wars - Rogue Squadron (V1.1) ROM


Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, a Star Wars licensed game, is a great dogfighting game with outstanding graphics. 


The game was beloved by Star Wars fans as it is expanded on the Star Wars universe in many interesting ways. We can see the intersections with characters from the films on both familiar and new to us planets.


The graphic of this game was amazing and showed again the power of Nintendo 64. Start Wars Rogue Squadron looked like the movie and if you like the Star Wars universe and want to be involved in the best dogfighting game so the Rogue Squadron is for you. 



Mario Kart 64 


Mario Kart 64 (V1.1) ROM


Mario Kart 6 is one of the greatest titles ever created by Nintendo. Mario Kart 64 provides us with eight different racers classified into three weight categories, 14 unique power-ups, and 16 tracks with an extra mirror mode that adds some difficulty flipping the levels. The tracks are full of dangerous obstacles, and little surprises.


While the sequels have improved the racing formula they could not capture the intensity of the Battle Mode that Maio Kart 64 had. This game offers a bit of something for everyone. You can enjoy the Grand Prix to compete against each other and computers, the Battle mode to and the time attack mode to improve your skills. Mario Kart 64 is tone more bestselling game on the N64, which has also passed the test of time with excellent grades.

Visit killerroms.com to download all of these games for your devices and get more nice titles for your N64 collection. 

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