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review 2018-02-10 11:00
An Ex-Soldier Finding His Way at University: Bells Above Greens by David Xavier
Bells Above Greens - David Xavier

Here's a review of light young adult fiction for a change:


Sam Conry is nineteen, but he has already seen a lot since he was a soldier in the Korean War for nine months and he lost his admired older brother. Now he is back to the USA and he meets the girl whom his brother wished to present to him as a surprise... and his fiancée. After the summer Sam resumes his studies at the University of Notre Dame where also his late brother's girlfriend Elle is a student at St. Mary's College. Sam drifts through student life - confused and without direction.


You'd like to know more? Find my review here on my book blog Edith's Miscellany!

Source: edith-lagraziana.blogspot.com
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text 2015-12-13 18:40
More AAB

Author Beverly Jenkins commenting on this review of her book Destiny's Captive:



She seems really cool, and I love seeing responses like this!

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text 2015-09-18 06:50
AAB (Awesome Author Behaviour)

This exchange gave me the good feelings. THIS is how wise and mature people respond to negative reviews. Secondary snaps for SuperWendy for posting the review in the first place.


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text 2015-08-18 07:42
Chapter Four — Okay, Walker, who is this book supposed to be about?
If You Know Her - Shiloh Walker,Cris Dukehart

Because in the first three chapters we're tortured with Psycho-POV more than three times longer than the hero and heroine's POVs combined. On top of that, before the story has really started, before we find out more about the heroine even (other than what we know about them from the first two books) we have to suffer through an exceedingly long, excruciatingly explicit rape and murder scene. Why in the name of all that's fucking holy was that necessary?


It wasn't. All of it just made me want to flounce this book. I might have if I weren't indisposed at the time. But I made it through the first two books so I want to know if I'm right about who the killer is. Even my hopes the heroine wouldn't be as annoying and bitchy as she was in the last book have been dashed so far. I hope it gets better.  I hate it when books make me all ragey. Especially right off the bat. 



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text 2015-07-25 07:59
Unnecessary Sex
Extreme Exposure (Audio Download) - Kaleo Griffith,Pamela Clare

Because romance authors are so desperate to shove in as much superfluous graphic sex as possible now, the hero and heroine go ahead and have sex at the end here even though the heroine:

  • is concussed
  • used her head to break someone's jaw while concussed
  • was knocked out with a blunt object after breaking someone's jaw with her head while concussed 
  • has two broken ribs
  • was shot (though a flesh wound)
  • bruised all over from being beaten multiple times
  • chemical burns in various places


Then talks about how sore she is afterward. Well, no shit. 


Like, really? That's all I'm saying. Same complaint different book.


Overall, though I really liked the suspense storyline and characters. Even if she's a journalist. 

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