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review 2021-05-20 02:07
MONKEY SEE, MONKEY ZOO by Erin Soderberg
Monkey See, Monkey Zoo - Erin Soderberg,Erin Soderberg,Guy Francis

Willa loves getting treasure that falls into the Monkey Pit at the zoo even if it means she has to climb onto the ledge to get it. Getting in trouble for going on the ledge means that mama takes her dangly earring treasure. Thinking of an idea to get it back, Carter, a little boy, comes to look at the Monkey Pit and has a conversation with her. He also leaves his new backpack and he needs it for school tomorrow so Willa decides to leave the zoo and find Carter.


I enjoyed this story. I found it fun and interesting. I liked that Willa made friends outside of the zoo. The best ones were the chipmunks. Exploring the world outside the zoo was fascinating as Willa learned what was good and what was unsafe. Meeting some mean critters and people taught her to hide but she does not let it deter her quest. The other characters, especially Carter, are good. Villains abound as Willa tries to help. A good story for beginning readers.

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review 2017-07-01 02:15
DEAR JANE by Marissa Clarke
Dear Jane (Animal Attraction #1) - Marissa Clarke
  Cute story. Jane is a mistake waiting to happen when it comes to dating. Eric is a fellow attorney who works at her family's law firm. She has him set her up for dates then debriefs with him. She is funny as she tells her stories. Both are attracted to the other but because of the non-fraternization clause in their contracts they cannot act upon the attraction. Chaos ensues as Jane continues her dates.

They are a cute couple. Jane's dream job is not the law nor is it beyond her reach. Her family should have supported her youthful dreams. Jane's dating stories are funny. The ending was different. I am surprised that Eric did not lose out on Jane.

I look forward to more in this series.
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review 2016-12-03 16:57
Bear Hearts by Tamara Hoffa
Bear Hearts (Animal in Me Book 2) - Tamara Hoffa

This book had a great concept - but wasn't put together very well. The beginning of the story covers a lot of time in just a couple chapters - but it isn't very clear about the time that's being covered. So I was a little surprised at some of the jumps.

Elizabeth was also a little too confusing for me. She did several things that she knew were wrong, but she did them anyway so she could keep an eye on things. I just didn't buy it. What she did made me not like her - even though she wasn't always directly involved with it every step of the way.

The romance between Elizabeth and Martin was cute, but somewhat predictable as well. Martin was the saving grace of the story. His reactions to things were so genuine and real that I really felt connected to him.

I love a good long ending - where we get to see our couple together and see how they're doing. But this ending was too long - even for me. Instead of giving me that one last look, it just dragged on a little much.

Source: www.bittenbyromance.com/2016/12/bear-hearts-by-tamara-hoffa-review.html
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review 2016-10-04 21:21
Howl Sassy: The Animal in Me series: Book 4 (Volume 4) - Tamara Hoffa

For a star rating and a full review please visit InD'tale Magazine online, October 2016 issue. http://indtale.com/reviews/paranormal-urban-fantasy/howl-sassy-animal-me-4

Source: www.indtale.com
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review 2016-02-22 20:51
Children's Review: Ocean Animals
Animal Planet Ocean Animals (Animal Bites Series) - Animal Planet,Laaren Brown

We received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

K really enjoyed this book as he got to learn a lot of cool and neat facts about different animals in the ocean. We both loved the bright colors that were within the book as it made it fun to read. The only two issues I had with the book is one the writing on the lime green background is hard to read even in the light. That may need to be changed a bit. Two the formatting of the book is not very good, I hope that it is fixed before the book becomes published.

I think children of all ages will enjoyed not only looking at the pictures but learning new things about ocean animals they may not have known about. 

K thought it was cool that there is a group of volunteers that clean up the beach and would like to help out himself. He didn't think there could be that much trash to be picked up. 

As you read you get to learn how big certain animals are and what you can compare them to, to what their habitat is like. I think this would be great addition for school libraries to school classrooms. 

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