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review 2020-03-30 04:18
Burn Zone (Hotshots #1) - Annabeth Albert

Jacob has been in love with Lincoln for a while.  They have had to live apart, since Lincoln would not give them a chance and hurt his best friend.  Jacob being his best friends little brother put a kink in the works.


Lincoln is not sure what to do when Jacob not only comes back to town, but works with him as a smoke jumper as well.  He has paid his dues.  The only issue now is can Lincoln let Jacob run in danger and not blow his cover?  His feelings have been hidden and now they may come to light.


This story was so HOT!  I mean that in both the figurative & literal ways.  I loved that this was a second chance story.  The job is dangerous, but so is loving someone forbidden.  These characters made losing sleep worth my while, as I could not put this one down until I finished the whole thing.  Lots of sparks a flyin'!  I give this read a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!


***This ARC copy was given by Netgalley & its publishers in exchange for an honest review.



You can pre-order today:

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review 2016-08-26 00:00
Extreme Wildfire: Smoke Jumpers, High-Tech Gear, Survival Tactics, and the Extraordinary Science of Fire
Extreme Wildfire: Smoke Jumpers, High-Te... Extreme Wildfire: Smoke Jumpers, High-Tech Gear, Survival Tactics, and the Extraordinary Science of Fire - Mark Thiessen Extreme Wildfire was an interesting and educational read. Everything is laid out in a thoughtful, easy to understand fashion. The fire facts, nature’s signals, and notes from the fields each give small bursts of useful (and cool!) information. I liked reading up on the famous fires. I’d never even heard of most of the fires, including Black Saturday or the Big Blowup. The pictures really give you a sense of what it’s like to be there, and exactly how dangerous it can be. These aren’t (for the most part) pretty pictures of flames. Instead the pictures do a great job at depicting the dangers and devastation a wildfire can bring. Mark Thiessen did a great job photographing all the fires. He’s … brave … to say the least!

The immediacy of the fires isn’t the only thing that Extreme Wildfire is about. It also tells readers why fires start, what happens afterwards, and how beneficial wildfires can actually be. I had no clue that cleaning up after the fire was out could be so dangerous! Wildfires are one of nature’s recyclers and one of nature’s defenders. I knew that fire could be beneficial for forests, in clearing out undergrowth and such. I did not know that some things only germinated after fires. So, definitely enjoyed discovering that tidbit with my daughter. There’s nothing that they didn’t cover, as far as I know.

Speaking of: When my kiddo laid eyes on the book, she immediately grabbed it and scurried to a corner of the couch. She didn’t give it back until she’d finished over half of it. There might have been bribes involved to get her to read it with me, instead of by herself. It was utterly fascinating to her. She was able to recognize the fire lookout’s responsibilities from watching Fireman Sam. The character Tom watches from a lookout tower and has a helicopter for rescues in case something happens. She particularly enjoyed reading the “Notes From the Field” sections.

We will be making use of the emergency family plan tips that were included in the book.

Overall, Extreme Wildfire was informative, engaging, and well laid out. I’d recommend it for anyone whose got some former Fireman Sam addicts in their brood.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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review 2013-03-25 00:00
Slow Burn - Anne Marsh I haven´t read the first one, but I had no problem getting into this one.
Evan is a smoke jumper up in the mountains, and gets a call from a long time friend and fellow soldier, who wants him to keep an eye out for his ex-wife who is supposed to show up in the town and take photos.
It doesn´t take long for Evan to find Faye, half drunk and happy at Ma´s bar, and when she falls asleep literally on top of him, he makes the decision to take her home.
Faye is there to take pictures and write an article about their fire fighters and she did not expect to find a hottie with a soft spot for her, there.
And then there´s the arsonist... *dun dun dun*
A quick, fun read with alpha males and smutty fluff, and i´ll def. read the other books in the series, too.
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review 2013-03-05 00:00
Burning Up - Anne Marsh Jack couldn't wait to get away from small town life and he loves his job as a smoke jumper more than anything. He's always been restless and the job makes sure he never has to spend too much time in one place which suits him perfectly. His adoptive mother Nonna is about the only person who could get him back to his home town so when she calls to tell him about a spate of arson attacks and begs for his help to keep the town safe he drops everything to help her. Lily was crazy about Jack when she was a teenager but he always felt she was too young for him so apart from one scorching kiss he kept her at a distance. She has only recently returned home hoping to get away from a stalker who was making her life a misery but it looks like the danger has followed her. Jack is determined to keep Lily safe and figure out who is making her life a misery and he needs to do it before they start a fire that puts the whole town at risk. As they give in to the passion they feel will Lily be able to make Jack realise that settling down wouldn't be so bad?

Burning Up is the first book in Anne Marsh's Smoke Jumpers series and introduces us to the three foster brothers who are at the centre of the books. Jack, Evan and Rio all had difficult childhoods (although we don't know each of their stories in detail yet) but have been inseparable since they met in the foster system. Their lives didn't improve until they were adopted though so although they have a strong bond with each other and their mother Nonna none of them find it easy to trust others or let anyone else in. They are all hard working, love the adrenaline rush of fighting fires and they run a successful business together organising teams of Smoke Jumpers who travel around the country to help wherever they are needed. I have to say I loved all of the brothers and I really enjoyed watching the banter between them and the rest of the firefighters. I'm definitely looking forward to getting to know Evan and Rio better when I get to read their books.

I really liked Lily's character, she is the kind of girl most of us would like to be friends with - caring, loyal and independent. She was forced to move back home after being terrorised for months by a stalker but she is happy to be back and excited about running the lavender farm she has purchased. She just wants to be able to live her life in peace and is working hard to build a successful business. I'll admit that Jack irritated me, he was very sexy but he came across as far too pushy and domineering for my liking. He constantly ignored Lily's wishes and did whatever he thought was best no matter how much she fought him on certain issues. I know he was trying to keep her safe but I'd have preferred him to spend time explaining why he felt things needed doing and waiting for her to agree rather than going ahead without her consent. Lily is a grown woman and had the right to make her own decisions which was something Jack didn't seem to believe and I found it hard to accept that someone as strong as Lily wouldn't tell him to get lost.

I also found Jack's constant mood swings about their relationship started to make me feel dizzy, one minute he couldn't live without her and would give up anything if only she'd take a chance on him and the next he was pushing her away and complaining that he didn't want to settle down and be stuck in one town forever. I wouldn't have minded a bit of internal conflict but it just went on and on until it became a bit much. I think I would have understood him better if we'd been given a bit more insight into his past before he came to live with Nonna, we could see the effects of serious childhood trauma but didn't learn about the cause of them. I was desperate to know why he felt so claustrophobic sleeping inside. He does manage to redeem himself by the end of the book but I never fell for him as hard as I usually fall for my romance heroes.

I really enjoyed the scenes where Jack and his team were battling fires, they were well written and showed just how dangerous the job of smoke jumping is. I have a huge respect for all firefighters (my step dad was one until he retired so I've grown up knowing just how hard they work) but living in the UK I have very little experience when it comes to the huge forest fires that cause such devastation in other parts of the world. The scenes with Lily's stalker were interesting and I thought the escalation in his behaviour was realistic but I felt it was all just a little too easy to figure out who they actually were. I could have done with a little more mystery there and would have loved a few red herrings thrown in along the way.

I have to confess that I didn't love Burning Up as much as I hoped I would but it was still an enjoyable way to pass the time and I'm definitely planning on reading Evan's story in Slow Burn. I'm hoping that the few of the issues I had with this story will have been ironed out and the next book will be much stronger. Either way I'm looking forward to seeing more of Evan and I hope that Rio will be getting his own book after that one.
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review 2012-11-04 00:00
Burning Up - Anne Marsh image

Burning Up quickly caught my attention and kept it through the entire story. Jack and Lily are a hot couple and they’re caught up in a mystery that could end deadly.

Jack comes back to Strong at the request of his Nonna. They’re little town has an arsonist and it quickly becomes apparent to Jack, that Lily is the target. Lily fears her stalker has found her again and she’s scared. Jack moves in to take care of her and protect her.

Anne Marsh has created a hot story with some hot romance. Jack and Lily are explosive together and the romance between them burns up the sheets. The suspense is awesome. I really enjoyed watching Jack do everything he could to keep Lily safe while he tracks the stalker.

The final showdown between Jack and the stalker was HOT and burning up! I loved the suspense!

This is a great beginning to a new series and I’m looking forward to the rest of them.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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