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url 2015-09-07 09:43
Re: The Coddling of the American Mind - Clearly I'm a product of my generation

Well... I read this a few days ago, thought about it for a couple days, then decided that I needed to write this post to remind myself in the future that warnings for triggers aren't always a good thing.


I do remember the days of forums as safe spaces and triggers being listed everywhere as a necessity to keep discussions rational. Somehow maybe it has gotten out of control. Triggers have converted into tags in fandom friendly spaces like Tumblr and AO3, and somehow that has not gotten too crazy. I think? In fact, it is almost etiquette to tag everything relevant, the polite thing to do so to speak. In regards to freely consumed content online, I think it's okay.


The article maybe didn't change my mind, I think it just solidified an opinion that the things you read and discuss in school (public school or university) should make you uncomfortable to a certain degree. Banned books or topics we get real sketchy on when teaching in school lest the wrath of the PTA be felt are stupid IMHO. If you don't encounter some of these subjects in school, it is very possible that you will never hear of them again. Even in the age of the Internet, all of those lovely relevant interests algorithms can keep you pretty isolated from Big Issues in the Rest of the World. Plus, the whole like attracts to like tendency means most of us rarely get to know people outside of (sub-) cultures similar to our own.


I wonder what would happen if study/live abroad experiences were mandatory at the, let's say high school level. Even if it was only domestic exchange but to a distant city with a culture completely different from one's home town. Hmmm.... certainly would have been more interesting than PE or computer keyboarding classes.

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