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text 2020-07-20 16:14
Unlimited Data Hotspot Plans Becoming Popular among Users

Mobile data users have long been looking for a package that brings them unlimited data usage capabilities. Needless to say there are dozens of such offers wherein a customer can choose the package that suits the specific requirements. Most of these offers also include free calls, free sms, etc. Thus, a range of services come in the package that enhances the users’ experience. Everything in unlimited data hotspot then becomes an interesting and irresistible offer.



Regarding the benefits from unlimited data hotspot plans services from a telecom company, it must be made clear that with such a feature, many mobile hotspots work smoothly. Here the consumers do not even need to install any software. Instead, they need to turn the device on and it will locate the Wi-Fi network.


Connecting with the Wifi for Greater Network


As it has been mentioned above consumers need to simply follow the prompts and they will be connected to the Internet within minutes, it is easy task. In fact, with such an easy process, even those who do not have much technical knowledge may get exciting internet speed and massive experience that they would remember for long.

With regards to shareability, customers must know that one connection is enough. They do not need to buy any other internet connection for others in the house. Thus, whether it is friends and family, they are all able to access internet without much hassle. It is free to use on mobile or laptop. Additionally, game consoles, tablets all at the same time can be connected.


Speed and Quality of Data paramount in unlimited data hotspot plans



Lastly, depending on which mobile hotspot customers opt for, they may be able to choose from a number of different payment plans. In such a situation the selection of unlimited data hotspot plans comes to play a role. There are several options with the customers that they may look for.


However, the one that brings the maximum benefits without costing too much is the one they may look for. Apart from free data, several other additional services are also made available in such a package.


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text 2019-05-11 18:24

my internet was out for 8 days. 8. DAYS. 192 hours. I am playing a serious game of Catch Up today. I've managed my emails and I'm working on my books now. I'm still working on the mess that is my blog. I've had to rearrange posts and...it's just a mess.


Long story short, NCDOT came along and mowed the roadsides which they do about once a month now that the grass is growing. However, the asshole who did it on the Fri the 3rd chewed up the box on the corner. I mean, DESTROYED it. Then AT&T is so fucking huge with their fucking call centers in Mexico and India (I'm guessing) that don't have clue one what is going on over here telling me that techs are fixing the problem. NO THEY WEREN'T. I have fucking eyes. There were no techs out here in this area until Tues afternoon and he didn't do shit. Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. The box was destroyed Fri 5/3 at 10:00am. We finally got our internet back at 10:24am today. So there you have it. 8 days. 192 LONG hours without anything except my tiny smartphone. We saved the mobile data (for hotspots) for important things like watching the Carolina Hurricanes in the playoffs and Game of Thrones. My hubby used it to do his fantasy baseball. But that's about it. Ok, back to work I go.


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text 2015-07-14 09:45
Mobile Data in Indonesia  




With the introduction of 4G LTE network on December, 2014, Indonesia has once again showed its growth in the field of telecommunication. Mobile data revenue has increased by 30% from 2013 and now contributes almost 50% of total usage revenue for each of the three leading operators - XL Axiata, Telkomsel and Indosat.


A staggering 150 million users are subscribed to mobile data as there is an increasing adaptation to tablets and mobile phones. However note that the majority of Indonesians are still using feature phones, which offer only partial browsing and streaming capabilities. Further, smartphones are not forecast to become more than 50% of the overall device base until 2017.


According to researches, Jakarta has the highest number of subscribers, given that the metropolitan is home to highly advanced citizens as it is the center of business. In ranking, Telkomsel remained to have the highest share of the market with 60% of the population using it. On the other hand, XL Axiata’s market is affected by its recent selling of towers to PT Solusi Tunas to pay some debts as well as its acquisition of Axis Capital Group, one of the emerging operators in the industry as well. It came out second with a share of 34%. Indosat came 3rd with 19% market share.


reference website: http://issuu.com/maisue1981/docs/mobile_data_in_indonesia


Many believe that Indonesia should have reached the internet age. In reviews, prediction of the archipelago being mainstreamed in using the web has been materialized. Web users’ base breaks the 100 million mark for the first time in 2014 and the world’s most populous country becomes part of the global consumer Internet community.


What is clear is that cellular industry in Indonesia is approaching the ‘end of the beginning’ in its transition from a voice-centric to a data-centric market.


Data revenues are becoming ever more critical for the operators as they seek to compensate for stagnant returns from legacy voice and SMS services.


With LTE/4G services becoming widely available within the next year, there is massive pent-up demand for mobile data services still to be unlocked across the entire market from consumers and enterprise users alike.


The experience of the more advanced markets in the region indicates that we can anticipate a lively battle between the mobile operators in Indonesia for these new revenue streams.


Despite the development of this field, analysts also set out warnings stating that anytime soon, Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) will be dominating the mobile data in the future because of its availability in public places for free.  


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