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review 2019-08-08 22:38
Unbreak Me by Michelle Hazen
Unbreak Me - Michelle Hazen



Tirelessly relevant. Heartbreakingly real. Hazen pulls no punches when it comes to speaking the truth. Unbreak Me is a celebration. Andra and LJ plow though the stereotypes of life to find a love that endures. These characters are proof that power comes from within. A powerful life lesson.

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review 2019-06-12 02:33
Unbreak Me by Michelle Hazen
Unbreak Me - Michelle Hazen

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


L.J. loves horses but opportunities to make a living training them in New Orleans are slim, so when he manages to get offered a job in Montana, he wants to take the chance. Leaving the Ninth Ward community and his mother who suffers from Lupus is hard but L.J. has a dream and when he catches sight of Andra, she starts to become a part of them.

It's been five years since Andra was kidnapped but her panic attacks haven't stopped and the only time she feels free is working with her horses. She has to fight to hire L.J. onto her father's ranch but there is something about him that calms her being in his presence.

L.J. and Andra are two souls looking to separate their pasts from their futures and through each other might just find the strength to love everything about themselves.


Everything that had been done to her body was public property.


Unbreak Me was a very character driven story focusing almost completely on the lead characters Andra and L.J. Their backstories and all the pain that came with them, matched each other even in their differences. In college Andra was drugged, kidnapped, and raped. She lives in a smaller town in Montana, so the trial and all the details were public knowledge. The townspeople know the whole story and side-eye her all the time and her own family isn't quite sure how to act around her. The author did a commendable job getting Andra's pain across the pages, the isolation, the guilt, the anger, and caged in feeling from people only seeing you one way now. Her father, brother, and bestfriend didn't quite get enough page time to be fully flushed out characters but even their absence from the pages helped to show how Andra felt alone and trapped into this new singular existence.


L.J. was a character who at first seemed completely affable, fun, and carefree but as we get to know him more, you see that while that is part of his natural disposition, he still works at coming off that way. He carries the pain, anger, and horror from surviving Hurricane Katrina and what it means to be a six foot five black male in America. His struggle to take care of his mother, still give back to where he comes from, and honor his own dreams was affecting. The attraction and connection he felt towards Andra seemed a bit fast or instant, in terms of the repercussions he could experience from it but their time together was slow moving and written very deliberately.


I don't want your daddy to be right about me, Andie-girl.” The words were so low they were no more than a rumble in the places where his neck touched her forehead.

I don't want him to be right about me, either.” she whispered back. And she didn't let go.


Through L.J. and Andra, this story touches a little on sexism and heavier on racism. The societal stratagems aren't expounded or deeply thought out but rather how internally racism effects L.J. emotionally and externally physically and opportunity wise. Andra's father plays a role in showing how ignorance isn't an excuse and how Andra needs to learn to see what L.J. is telling her instead of trying to explain instances away to try to make things more comfortable. While these weighty issues aren't delved very deep into, they are touched on in how though L.J. and Andra might have a connection, relationships don't happen in a vacuum, racism effects become a conflict between the two but not enough to give such a weighty issue it's due.


These people weren't untouched by their past, and they didn't expect her to be, either.


This was a very deliberately paced story with L.J. working to get Andra to be comfortable around him and be able to act on and enjoy the chemistry they had between each other. Even with a more thoughtful pace, I thought the story worked well on capturing the reader but I also thought a little latter in the second half the story started to drag and lose it's drive when L.J. and Andra were in New Orleans.

The ending was also quick to wrap up, these two had some pretty big issues laid out and the bow felt somewhat simplistic. However, L.J. and Andra were two characters that definitely pull you into their world and you'll feel for all their emotional ups and downs. There are no easy answers to hard problems but having a caring hand to hold along the way can make all the difference, and it doesn't hurt if they're a Stetson wearing man who can cook southern style.


She grinned, and blushed the tiniest bit. “Next time we do that, will you wear your cowboy hat?”



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text 2019-06-10 18:54
Unbreak Me - Michelle Hazen

"When they looked at me, it seemed like the filth of what had happened was all over me." Her voice rasped against the silence in his kitchen. "I had to say, out loud in court, what Gavin did."


The writing style in this is very deliberate, it's stark and subtle all the same time.

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text 2019-06-09 20:31
Reading Update: 20%
Unbreak Me - Michelle Hazen

Oof, think I'm in for some angst-y emotion with this one.


Unbreak Me by Michelle Hazen pre-order link (Aug 13) 


Garlic Butter Italian Sausage Sandwiches recipe

(I used turkey sausage and used Italian seasoning)


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review 2019-03-26 01:30
Book Review for UNBREAK ME by Hayley Faiman The Savage Beast MC Book 2
UnBreak Me (Savage Beast MC #2) - Hayley Faiman




The Savage Beast MC Book 2  

Author: Hayley Faiman

Genre: Contemporary Romance, MC Romance,Dark Romance

  • File Size: 683 KB
  • Print Length: 341 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publication Date: March 14, 2019
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • Reviewed by Angels With Attitude Book Reviews
  • Arc copy provided by honest review
  • 5 stars from us



Esther has only craved to be loved by one man, the Wolfe who hides behind his broken ice blue eyes. Unfortunately, the wild man she craves has desires that she doesn’t feel able to fill. These desires will destroy her if she allows them. Wolfe, the road captain for the Savage Beast MC, is known for his ruthlessness. The forty-year-old has demons that haunt the beast inside of him. He cannot be the man who deserves to love her. He knows it’s wrong. He knows it will break her, but he cannot help himself. She wants a wild man. He is as wild as they come. Two souls searching for a way to find acceptance, love, and healing in physical pleasures. Both lost. One the devil. One a fallen angel. When they finally give in to their lust, their love blossoms like neither imagined possible.  

Get Your Copy Today:

Universal Link | Amazon US | Amazon UK  | Amazon CA  | Amazon AU


 Omg ! What a great story.I am really loving this series and Esther and Raff 's/Wolfe's story was so heartfelt and totally heart wrenching I wanted to cry time and time again and my heart actually hurt for all the hurt and pain that both Raff and Esther had to endure.This is the type of book that pushes your limits and it is a story that takes you totally out of your comfort zone.
This story had so much going on that I was glued to the pages the entire time from beginning to end.The story was filled with so much sex,drama, suspense,and surprises and so much more.We loved it! I have to say that this story kept me on edge the entire time.The story is not for the faint of heart that is for sure and it is very dark and graphic and may have triggers for others.
I honestly have to say that after reading this story I was left reeling and my emotions were all over the place and I had to remind myself that this was a book of fiction because I just could not understand how Esther could be with a man like Raff/Wolfe that would cause you to spiral so out of control to the point that you feel like you have no self worth left and that you feel your only choice left to you is to become a whore to a club full of men and that the man who claims to love you would even allow that to happen in the first place! WTH! 
I realized that Esther past played a big part in the way she is and the decisions she makes and Raff/Wolfe just happens to be her drug of choice and that she just can let go of but, that women was on a path of self destruction and in reality so was Wolfe.
Esther for me was a puzzle as I could not understand how she could be a teacher and outside of work be someone totally different.The women was broken and in pain and she totally lost her mind when it came to loving Wolfe and the lengths she was willing to go to keep him and what she was willing to endure to keep him to the point it would even cause her more pain.
Wolfe is a character that you want to hate but just can't because underneath all that pain and suffering and the demons he carries around him deep down he was a man capable of loving with one's whole heart if only he would put his demons to rest.Time and time again I wanted to kick his butt for the pain he caused Esther and the things he said to her and the way he treated her because all along it was obvious to all how much he did love her.Let's just say I was thinking out loud some really bad curse words to call him more that a few times throughout the story. lol
Esther and Raff are just super hot together! The sexual content was highly erotic and just kept getting hotter and hotter and this couple were definitely making up for lost time.Holy friggin Fanning ! And Mamba being involved made things even more intense and even hotter even if it was only for a brief time!
 All and All in the end these two were made for each other who accepted each others faults and all the broken pieces that made them who they had become and maybe just maybe it takes two lost souls to heal one another.Perhaps love and acceptance will do the trick. 
I loved the story from beginning to end .I loved how determined Raff was to get back the women he loves.The story was about healing ,love and betrayals and exacting vengeance and was full with tons of drama and suspense but, how one faithful night put things in perspective for both characters making them realize that they finally had to lay their demons to rest in order to have a future whether it together or apart. I loved this cast of characters and I have to say Mamba became one of my favorite characters.All these thing made it an engaging story as well as an amazing read for us that kept us on edge the entire time.
 Haley is one of my favorite story tellers and for me and has become a author on my auto buy list as she never disappoints.One of the other things I just love about her is she takes the time to interact with her fans as much as she can which makes me just love her more as she is just and awesome storyteller.
Another amazing tale from cover to cover!
Recommend to read  to all who like very dark and edgy romances !


 I was born and raised in a small farming town in California. I met my husband when I was 16 and he was 19. We married four years later and have two little boys! We lived in Oregon for a few years while he served in the US Coast Guard. Texas is now where we call home, where our boots rest, and where we’re raising our two little boys and a chocolate lab named Optimus Prime.  

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