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review 2017-06-13 11:45
Review: The Turn
The Turn: The Hollows Begins with Death - Kim Harrison

I received a copy from Netgalley.


Since The Hollows is one of my favourite urban fantasy series, and probably one the series that got me hooked on urban fantasy in the first place, a prequel to the Hollows was a must have. I put in a Netgalley request as soon as I saw it. (Even though I’m only up to book 7 in the series).


Though after reading it, I can’t honestly say I liked it all that much. It was okay, somewhere between a two and a three star read for me. The first half of the book was full of science stuff that I found incredibly boring and a slog to get through. I’ve never DNFed a Kim Harrison book before, so series and author love made me determined to finish it.


 I found it quite confusing, it didn’t help also that I could have sworn there was a Trent Kalamak in the Rachel Morgan series. It was only when I was reading reviews on Goodreads and saw the questions about this book section that someone else had asked the same thing that was puzzling me. Not the same character, two different characters (though there was a ding! moment towards the end of the book that made me go aaaah, that’s why).


One or two familiar characters also popped up, demon Algaliarept (who’s name I can’t pronounce to save my life) was his usual delightfully obnoxious (and somewhat amusing in a snarky way) self and Quen.  One of the vampires makes an appearance towards the end as well.


This is all about two dark elf scientists who are fighting it out for funding, Trent and Trisk, both of whom hate each other, Trisk’s created a genetically engineered tomato that will supposedly end third world hunger. Forced to work together each have their own separate agendas. As I said, the first half was all very technical and the two of them playing off each other to get to their own goals. (I had to keep reminding myself this was set in the 60s as well). Favourite classic songs are on the radio as new music.


But of course, jealousy rears its ugly head and one thing leads to another, something goes hideously wrong. This resulting in a wide spread disease that nearly wipes out the human race, bringing out the fear and repercussions of a bunch of vampires, witches and other species trying their best to get head of it and survive as well.  While at the same time Trisk and a companion, the Dr who created the virus in the first place, there’s links to her genetic tomato, and Trent trying to keep on top of things.


The second half was much more exciting as things went from bad to worse and Trisk and her friends try to fix the problem. There’s something – satisfying is not the word I’d use – but there’s definitely a so that’s how it all happened feeling about now knowing how The Hollows all started, but it’s certainly not a favourite novel. Though I am glad I read it, and would certainly recommend to Hollows fans.


Thank you to Netgalley and Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books for approving my request to view the title.

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review 2015-03-31 15:35
Review: Christmas at Thorncliff Towers
Christmas at Thorncliff Towers - Marina Myles

I received a copy from Netgalley.

A very enjoyable companion Novella to the wonderful Cursed Princes series. This installment takes place during the first book, Beauty and the Wolf and focuses on two of the Gypsys, a servant at Thorncliff Manor Constantin, and Karina, a gypsy witch.

Filled with the delightful touches of unique twists on classic fairy tales, sizzling romance and in depth characters, (Hansel & Gretel in this case) the novella is very enjoyable, and a quick read. The plot is a little too predictable, and Karina's initial motives on how to snare Constantin in to loving her didn't sit well with me. However, in such a short novella, I was rather impressed with how Karina's character grew.

Maybe not my favorite installment, but still a good short story encompassing everything I've come to expect from the Cursed Prince series.

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review 2014-07-05 03:41
Ascension - Caris Roane

This is one of the best vampire romances I have read in ages.


When I first started my initial thoughts were this was going to be a Black Dagger Brotherhood ripoff. And as much as I love Blackdagger boys, these warriors were ten times more sexy. The main male character's general attitude and his pure brute strength and sensuality were outstanding. 


The  plot was densely woven with equal parts steaming romance, fast paced action, plenty of angst and a good helping of humor. Very intricate world building and utterly fantastic character development. You really get to know these characters and feel as they get used to each other. 


A fantastic gripping novel which I loved from start to finish. 

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review 2014-03-13 07:47
Black Arts - Faith Hunter

I received a copy from Netgalley and the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Admittedly I requested this one on a bit of a whim when I was browsing through Netgalley. I've heard of the author, I've read one of her books before (even though I wasn't that impressed with it) and I've heard of the Jane Yellowrock series but I've never got round to picking one up before. So I put in a request, at the time I was thinking I probably wouldn't be approved anyway.


But then I was! Its probably not the smartest idea coming in on book 7 of an on going series, but once I started this one I loved it. It has everything I look for in urban fantasy - kick ass heroine with an attitude, witty and when necessary a soft side. The world building was phenomenal - I loved the Skinwalker mythology and the witch magics and the vampire clans. A whole cast of colourful characters - even the bad guys were interesting.



While the plot was a little confusing, I was able to get a decent idea of what was going on, probably would have been a five starer if I had read more of the books and and knew some of the history and back story. Even so the story was engaging, the writing and narrative was wonderful. Beautiful vivid, full of action and emotion, though barely any romance even though there were lots of hints and maybes and fantastically written. And I got that there's a whole back story there which is probably from one of the earlier books.


So a huge thanks to Netgalley and Penguin Group for granting me access to view this title. I loved it! So much so I went out and bought the first three books in the series. I'm hooked!

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review 2014-01-08 11:04
Lover Awakened - J.R. Ward

I love love love this series. Though half the time the males drive me up the wall with their attitudes, but this series is so addictive and each book is impossible to put down.

This installment was no exception. The angst and emotion was off the charts in this one. Unputdownable. Though it took me a while to get through it as there was only so much of it I could take despite it being so so good. 

The connection between Bella and Z was epic to say the least. 

A fantastic book I can't praise enough.

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