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review 2019-08-20 17:24
Wait For Me (Swoon Series Book 2) by: J.H. Croix
Wait For Me (Swoon Series Book 2) - J.H. Croix



I love J.H. Croix. Her characters appeal to that little voice in your head that forces your heart to take notice. Wait for Me is the start of something new. Lucas and Valentina are friends fighting an attraction that quickly spirals out of control. She's more than a little naive. He's more than a little jaded. With a wary heart and a growing desire, can lust become more than either hoped to find? From emotional to tempting, Wait For Me delivers swoons and so much more.

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review 2017-07-31 15:38
Wait For Me (The West Virginia Mountains Series) (Volume 1) - Jo Huddleston

Wait For Me (The West Virginia Mountains Series) by Jo Huddleston This is a story about Julia and she's just graduating from high school and looking forward to going to college. Her father owns the coal mine in town and all the surrounding buildings where the workers live and buy things at the store. Her mother stays at home treasuring her time sitting on the screened in porch. The story also follows Roberto who after school runs the store. Because of circumstances like social class they should not be seen together or socialize. Other friends of theirs come into the picture and you realize the phrase "from the other side of the tracks' is what this is based on. Her mother pushes her into the social class she was brought up to be in. She loves her friends in town. Things I really like about this book are that it's in WVA-beautiful part of the US, it's about coal mining and how the owner takes care of not only the workplace but the living area the workers live. Love simple times where a walk in nature is an everyday occurrence. God and religion are present and it's not forced down your throat but gently spoken of and you realize even the younger crowd flock for weekly meetings among their generation. Love how the people help one another in times of need especially when the siren goes off meaning something is wrong at the mine. They each want to get ahead and follow their dreams. Like the glimpse into the second book which also is about their lives down the road and a third. Book also includes Discussion questions and other works highlighted by the author at the end. Romance, turmoil, tragedies, growing up, love in many forms are all part of this story which has twists and turns throughout. Not a dull book and I don't normally read on the weekends but I found myself finding time to do just that. Hope to get the opportunity to read the others in the series. I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-09-17 20:07
Gunnerkkrigg Court 5
Gunnerkrigg Court Vol. 5 Refine - Thomas Siddell

5 Stars, Buy it

Self Purchase, Hardback edition


Yeay! In the first chapter, Kat agrees to go on a date with a girl. WHOO HOO!!  The rest of the chapter I found a little confusing. But after I read it a few times I finally figured out what was going on. In the second part, Reynard is up to no go with someone named Hetty. In part 3 or chapter 44- Annie talks with Ysengrim and they go to some ruins. At this point I stopped taking notes and reading this dragged out to a few weeks so I can’t remember everything that happened.


I was afraid that this volume wouldn’t be as good as the previous volumes, but I was pleasantly surprised. I’m ecstatic that Kat’s character is finally going to be able to explore her sexuality no matter what it ends up being.  I absolutely adore this series. It kills me I’ll porobably have to wait another year for the next book.  Highly recommend this series if you like young adult fantasy graphic novels

Description (Amazon): The fifth volume in the ever-popular Gunnerkrigg Court series, based on Tom Siddell's hit webcomic!


Return to Gunnerkrigg Court with Antimony Carver and her friends as they delve deeper into the mysteries of their school and the first that surrounds it. Filled with magical creatures and fascinating secrets, the forest offers more mysteries then answers as Antimony continues her journey through the school -- alongside robots, a mythical creature or two and the occasional body-snatching demon!

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review 2015-09-17 13:57
A Shiver of Light
A Shiver of Light - Laurell K. Hamilton

3 Stars, borrow it.


Self Purchase, Kindle Edition


This book is slow moving. Parts are very repetitive of other books. However, that being said, I’m still curious to know what is going on with everyone.  At the beginning of the book, Meredith gives birth and we are introduced to the children. It takes too many chapters for them to get out of the hospital though. The plot is almost non existent. Basically Meredith and her men move from room to room through the mansion and in each room some minor thing happens.   Finally, at the end (almost literally at 90%) a HUGE thing happens (which i won’t ruin for you) that makes it worth finishing the book.


Normally, I give books I like either 4 or 5’s. I don’t give as many 3’s because if I don’t really like a book, I tend not to finish it.  This is one of those rare cases in which I finished a rated 3 book, because I loved the series at first and really wanted to know what happens with the character.  It’s worth reading if you like  the series but Laurell K. Hamilton is definitely trying way too hard to churn out as many books as she can.  I was pretty disappointed with this book up until the end, but even with that drama, it couldn’t raise the rating.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-09-03 17:04
Lazarus #19
Lazarus #19 - Greg Rucka

4 Stars, Buy it


Self Purchase, Comixology




Forever appears to be dead. And of course then she isn’t. (I don’t see how the comic would be able to go on without her really so I’m not terribly surprised). But this issue mainly deals with Forever, with a little of other side stories going on.  This is a good issue but not as crazy good as the previous issue but definitely still worth having.


Description: "POISON," Part Three.  One bullet makes all the difference.

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