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review 2020-04-23 13:19
Predicting Weather Events with Astrology
Predicting Weather Events with Astrology - Kris Brandt Riske

by Kris Brandt Riske MA


I'll admit that I approached this book with some healthy scepticism. I'm interested in astrology and we all know the sun and especially the moon have gravitational effects that affect the weather, but predicting weather through astrology? I decided to see what the author had to say.


The book begins with a few words about weather prediction in general and the limitations that meteorologists face in predicting events beyond the scope of a few days. She then goes on to claim that Astrometeorology can predict long range weather trends and which planets affect different aspects of the weather.


Some of the astrological jargon gets a little hard to keep up with at this point, but it's only the introduction so I press on to chapter one.


Chapter one launches right into technical information about what charts are to be cast for a location in order to predict the weather. This part will be easier for those already familiar with astrological chart calculations. The different purposes of solar and lunar charts are fully explained, though I had to look up what an ingress chart is. The significance of transiting aspects is also explained clearly.


In further chapters we learn about interpreting planetary positions and aspects and combinations of astro data. Many examples are given of retrospective national & local predictions and what astrological influences were in place at the time.


I have to admit that much of it is over my head, but for a practicing astrologer it should make perfect sense. I'm not going to make a judgement whether I believe that weather can be predicted with Astrology, but will rate the book highly for being clearly written and explaining the process in detail.


Do planets effect the movements of wind as they do the tides of the oceans? I will be taking note of planetary positions during future significant weather conditions. The fact that we've been having an unusually hot Summer as I read this book, just when Mars is conjunct the Sun, hasn't escaped my notice.

Most of the examples of notable weather phenomena in recent years and the planetary influences are US based, but still make good examples for readers in other countries. They include conditions during the drought in the 1930s that turned Oklahoma into a dust bowl and long range weather patterns are figured in.


There are quite a lot of examples of droughts, floods and extreme temperatures in the past and the planetary positions that indicate the potential of these conditions. There are a couple of near future weather predictions that a reader could observe within a few years of buying the book, but I would have liked to have seen more of these and will have to wait until 2018-9 to see if they pan out.


Example forecasts are gives and step by step instructions for how to chart predictions. I'm not sure my limited astrological knowledge is enough to make best use of the information, but I would be very interested to see if an experienced astrologer could make accurate predictions based on the information.


Overall an interesting and well laid out book that is as clear as a book that must include technical information could possibly be.

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review 2020-02-07 20:23
Weather by Jenny Offill
Weather - Jenny Offill

Jenny Offill's second novel is written in a similar piecework style, stringing vignettes and observations together and creating a narrative that is unsettling and familiar.


Lizzie is a librarian at a University and used to mentally diagnosing her patrons, observing their trajectories from behind the information desk. She is married with one son who is in early grades at school. Her brother is a recovering narcotics addict and she spends a lot of time with him to help him stay on track.


One day an old mentor approaches Lizzie and asks for help answering e-mails for her popular climate-change podcast. As Lizzie gets more absorbed in the podcast and the fearful inquiries from its listeners, she feels her own life drifting off-course.


Lizzie responds to scared parents, anxious preppers, and her own family's troubles with equal amounts of wit and concern. This was really good, and could almost be read in one sitting. At times it was funny, but mostly its an honest look at some of the real fears inspired by climate change and the inevitable disaster on the horizon. 

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review 2019-05-26 06:47
The Weather Girl by Amy Vastine
The Weather Girl - Amy Vastine

Summer Raines knows when it's going to rain. She can feel it. That's why the local weather girl's so good at her job. Too bad she couldn't have foreseen the tumultuous arrival of Travis Lockwood, everybody's favorite star NFL quarterback. Make that former star NFL quarterback. Sidelined back to Texas after an injury, the golden boy is trying to steal her precious on-air time. Summer is reduced to reporting from… football games. It's enough to make her quit and become a storm-chaser like her parents. She's stuck with a career that's going nowhere and a man who delights in her refusal to be charmed. Falling in love isn't nearly as easy as predicting the weather.





Summer Raines, a meteorologist for a small news channel in Texas, has her work environment turned upside down with the arrival of former NFL quarterback Travis Lockwood. Recently suffering a career-ending shoulder injury, Travis has been hired on as the station's new sportscaster, even though he has zero experience in this position. Tensions at the station rise between him and Summer when her boss tells her he's shaving 30 seconds off her weather segments and giving them to Travis so he can bond with his new audience. Summer points out that the sports segment is already one minute longer than weather, but her boss is unmoved. Summer is forced to shelve her new idea for "This Day In Weather History". 


Feeling bad about his part in the scheduling upset, Travis does his best to reach out to Summer to develop a friendship. Acknowledging that the change is not directly his doing, Summer is open to the idea. Additionally, Travis tries to go to the station boss to try to get Summer her 30 seconds back. Observing their off-camera banter around the office, their boss decides he has a better idea. He'll send them out as a duo, Travis reporting sports from the field, Summer following with the weather. 


Spending all this extra time with Summer, both on and off camera, Travis begins to see the unique quirks that make her special. What many find irritating, Travis finds adorable: Summer's ability to accurately predict rain 100% of the time, just off her gut intuition, regardless of what weather technology says; her tendency to deflect uncomfortable moments by blurting weather trivial; her trick of calming her mind by picturing enemies being sucked up into an F5 tornado.


At the same time, Summer sees things she likes about Travis. Discovering his talent for nature photography, she encourages him to push through fear and take risks to go for what he truly loves, regardless of pressure his family puts on him. Advice she doesn't really follow herself... but she still puts it out there LOL. She has her dream job of traveling the world reporting on weather dangled in front of her multiple times, but she keeps putting it off for fear of leaving her grandparents... even though they're basically screaming at her to go for her dreams already!


I had a laugh at the passage that describes Travis's love of photography: "Travis photographed things he thought were cool to look at when he traveled... It was his way of remembering the places he'd been."


Umm, yeah... isn't that kinda the case for everyone? LOL


When the duo of Summer & Travis brings record high ratings for the station, their boss decides to make them the face of the weather team. Senior weatherman, Richard, is not happy. Neither is newscaster Rachel, who has eyes for Travis. Suddenly, technical glitches and mishaps start to happen with unusual frequency, all focused around Summer... green screen errors, teleprompter errors, her public appearances mysteriously canceled, even set lights crashing down, nearly taking out Summer. But is the blame on Rachel or Richard? Are they working together? 


It's a cute, clean romance with a dash of mystery. Only 2-3 kisses and a smidge of hand-holding in the whole story. The plot moves a little slow at times but the friendship that grows between Summer and Travis is sweet enough and has enough entertaining light conflict / butting-heads moments to make the read worthwhile.


Plus, who's not down for a story that includes a cat fight on a parade float! 



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review SPOILER ALERT! 2019-03-08 07:51
Unbroken by Rachel Caine — A Great End to a Good Series
Unbroken - Rachel Caine


When certain series come to an end, they leave their readers unsatisfied or even disappointed. I feared it would be so with this one for several reasons. One, these books are actually a spin-off of the Weather Wardens series. I loved reading about Jo’s adventures and constantly going up against foes way bigger than she was and coming out bruised and beaten but a victor. Would I even like someone else playing the main part within the same universe? I hated her at first just as I was meant to. She was cold and inhuman. But good things or rather very bad things happened to her to change that.

Except for her love interest, David, we are taught to fear the Djinns in the prequel series. That brings me to the next reason for my misgivings: the protagonist in this one used to be a Djinn but was punished by the head honcho of Djinns when he turned her into a human before exiling her. But, the author takes three books to humanize the heroine’s character. It felt totally practical. 

Thirdly, I would again have to say goodbye to the world of Weather Wardens when this series ended. And I did, but I also felt a sense of completion. So, that’s good!

About the last book itself, Ms. Caine doesn’t play shy when it comes to tragedies changing people forever. One of the main characters in this one was a little kid who was kidnapped and tortured by a power-hungry megalomaniac Djinn. When she is returned to her family, she isn’t shown to magically recover from all that has befallen her. She remains on the brink of becoming an unfeeling creature and her family keeps doing their best to bring her back. I liked the authenticity in that.

Finally, the ending was too and they lived happily ever after for me. While I wanted the characters to be happy, I didn’t want it to be so perfect. But mostly, the journey was a positive one. Can’t wait to see what Ms. Caine does next!

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review 2019-01-31 22:00
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - Judi Barrett,Ron Barrett

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs by Judi Barrett is a very well-known children's book that was read to me when I was in grade school. The story takes place in Chewandswallow where food falls from the sky three times per day. This book is bound to get students creative and imaginative juices flowing in the classroom. According to the accelerated reader book leveling system, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs would be suitable for students in 4th grade if I were using this book in a lesson I'd most likely use it during writing. I'd ask my students to create their own "weather menu" and write about what food selections would fall from the sky. 



AR: 4.3 

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