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text 2021-04-14 08:00
What Things Need To Consider Before Booking Wedding Banquet Halls?

Marriage is an important ritual of every family other than festivals. In India, it's the most celebrated family reunion, where your every cousin, uncle-aunty, and grandparents take part in this happy occasion. Marriage is like a lifetime commitment between the partners but in India, it's about celebrating with all the rituals and inviting all the guests you are related to.


You are excited about the marriage but stressing about the booking and arrangements. Inviting your guest is one thing but to manage the whole crowd during the wedding is bit tiring and difficult job and booking Wedding Banquet halls in Surat can help to manage and arrange all the required stages, rituals, food and beverages, music and entertainment to make your wedding memorable, stress and hassle-free. But before booking the banquet hall you need to be clear about many things related to the wedding.


Things you need to be clear before booking banquet hall:


Ceremony timing-

You need to be clear about the timing of the ceremonies that need to be performed before the wedding and the wedding time. So you can ask for the day and time slot for the purpose and can do the booking.



While preparing and booking you must be clear about how many guests you are willing to invite for your day to make arrangements for the same that no one goes unsatisfied on your big wedding night and enjoy every moment with you.


Food and Beverages-

At any wedding, the food section is the most populated area of the banquet hall. People love the variety of food items on their plates. From starter to the main course to desserts, all need to be good and at maximum quantity with the arrangement that no guest or family member will struggle to get food from any buffet stall.



You must know about your budget before booking any banquet hall and target according to it. Few banquet halls are flexible enough to adjust according to your requirement if you want an open area or closed hall. Wedding Banquet halls in Surat will show you the variety of schemes according to your budget.


The theme of the wedding-

This is a new trend in Weddings, where Bride and groom like to have a theme wedding according to their choice. If you are one of them, You must clear it to the banquet hall manager or owner to make such arrangements to give them time for setting the ambiance, music, and entertainment according to the theme of the wedding.


Makes your Memorable day Exciting and hassle-free

Marriage is the ceremony between people who want to live their life together and everybody wants it to be memorable, exciting, and hassle-free. Wedding banquet halls in Surat provide you all the management and arrangements according to your theme and requirement to make family, guests happy and You as well. Providing the best quality of food, music, ceremonies stage decoration, or any arrangement you want at your affordable budget.


Source: Things Need To Know Before Booking Wedding Banquet Halls

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text 2021-04-09 06:13
Why Selection Of Correct Wedding Hall is such an Important Task?

Doing Marriage in its self is a big task and arranging for one is a much more hectic task for the week. Keeping everything on time, choosing the right dresses for the wedding and other ceremonies. Following all the rituals that are traditional to the family. Inviting all the family members and guests you are close with. Making food arrangements by discussing it with the vendor and family members. It like throwing a party for a big wedding night.


For all this Arrangement, choosing the correct Wedding venue in Surat becomes quite important to able to manage all this arrangements and Wedding hall in Surat, itself unload half the burden by offering you the help in an arrangement like food, guest sitting arranging, stages, or decoration. So You can spend time with your relative, to whom you are meeting after a long time and perform all the pre ceremonies of the wedding like Haldi, sangeet, or puja.


The Selection of the correct Wedding hall can solve your half problem and there are few you need to know about before booking it.



It is the most important thing to consider when you are booking a wedding hall that staff works who are professional and experienced. They need to have a good review and always helping.


In-house catering service-

The Wedding Venue must have an In-House catering service to make your efforts easy and relaxing as it also cut the cost of the budget and you can plan food items with the same service provider which can be quite helpful in such stressful hosting.


Decoration and stages for the ceremony-

Every Wedding hall in Surat provides you their different wedding scheme from which you can select. This may reduce your efforts for selecting each and everything individually. You can also customize the theme according to you.


Equipment and furniture-

Before booking any Wedding Venue in Surat, Always check the music and other equipments of the wedding hall are working properly and also the furniture which going to be used during the ceremony. Because good arrangements make the guest happy and guests are welcomed as a god in India. So every arrangement needs to be top-notch.


Security and insurance-

Again, it is the most important aspect of the wedding ceremony that your guest are comfortable and feeling secure in the environment. Keeping everything in check before the wedding and during it is very important. So always consider the locality and security of the place.


Once in a lifetime moment!

Marriage is a very pure and traditional ceremony where everyone wants to do things smoothly and peacefully. For that, You need to be insured that you are making every arrangement right. Booking the right Wedding Venue in Surat makes your task a bit easy as they provide in-house arrangements and everything you ask for. Your happy marriage is their responsibility and provides you hassle-free marriage at your affordable price rate.


Source: What Are Factors You Need To Consider Before Booking Wedding Venue?

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text 2021-03-23 05:12
5 Shopping Tips for a Plus Size Couture Wedding Gowns



Everything related to your wedding is stressful enough, let alone shopping for your wedding gown!! And if that wasn’t hectic enough, the stress taken by a plus size bride is even worse! The horror stories faced by these brides by judgmental shop girls and extremely small accessories that leave brides-to-be shaking. Written below we’ve laid out some of the five best tips to go shopping if you’re a plus-sized bride so sit back, relax, and above all, have fun!


  1. Plan ahead

Most bridal boutiques keep a stock sample of dresses for the “average” bride, which is generally all-around a size 10. Hence, a smart move would first be to read reviews and call and check on the availability of dresses in larger sizes. So make sure you call ahead of your visit to be sure they have a variety of plus-size bridal dres's sample styles for you to try.




  1. Find an expert

Request for an expert specialist who’s well versed in plus size dressing to make the most of your visit. Find someone who’s not only knowledgeable but is also excited to work with you. Keep in mind, you’re not just paying for your couture bridal gown, but for expert knowledge as well. So take full advantage of the situation and ask plenty of questions. Follow their advice to the T – they’re the professionals, after all!




  1. Ignore numbers

Most of the bridal brands often use size tags that are significantly higher than what you would wear in your normal, everyday life. So your best bet is to ignore the number entirely and focus on the overall feel and fit. If you find a bridal gown in Melbourne that helps bring out your inner Beyoncé, then who cares about the number?


4. Don’t stick to your comfort zone.

Just because you are in love with A-line, doesn’t mean you have to try only that sort of dress. Try to have a little open mind and follow whatever your stylist recommends to you. Even if they recommend a fit and flare that they swear would look gorgeous on you, then giving it a shot would not be the worst idea ever. Since they are professionals in their field, keep an open mind and listen to their advice. After all, what would be the worst-case scenario? You just won’t like it. But the best case scenario? You suddenly find the dress of your dreams!

5. Take tips from other brides.

Opt for the gown that you feel most beautiful in, leaving behind all stereotypes. That being said, there are always a few tried and true to the heart styles that’ll help you start your journey to finding the perfect dress, even if you’re not sure where to start.  For example, a body fitting dress always helps mask any perceived imperfections, for skinny as well as curvy girls. 


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url 2021-03-19 07:05
Cost to Develop a Wedding Planner Mobile App - vervelogic

Cost to Develop a Wedding Planner Mobile App, The easiest way to ask the best of professionals to be at your service is through a wedding planning mobile app.

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text 2021-02-25 06:09
How to Choose the Perfect Bouquet for your Wedding



It’s an unknown myth that the wedding bouquet represents the good fortunes and future prosperity of the bride. An old European tradition even states, as custom for unmarried women to tear pieces from the bride’s bouquet in order to capture some of that good fortune for themselves! Over time, that tradition has now changed and we toss the bouquet for another woman to share in the piece of good fortune.


So what makes a perfect bridal bouquet? And how should you go about choosing the perfect bouquet for you, is a mind-boggling dilemma most bride's face!

Your wedding bouquet is one of the most important accessories on your wedding day, also making it one of the most challenging to select!

Below are a few tips that will help you in choosing the perfect bridal bouquet for your big day.


Define your colour palette

Usually by the time you get to considering flowers you have selected your wedding dress in Melbourne, your bridesmaid dresses, as well as decided the colour palette for your entire event. Your wedding colour palette comprises all of the shades and hues that will be present throughout your decor from the entourage dresses to the centrepieces at the reception. Whether you choose to stick to royal blue and white for the winter, or fresh green and yellow for summer, a defined colour palette will help you in picking a bouquet.



Formal or Casual?

The tone of your ceremony is a good factor to help guide your wedding bouquet style. Casual events are more conducive to generous armloads of flowers in an array of colours -- or rustic bouquets with non-traditional elements, like berries or fresh herbs.


Bouquet Shapes

Wedding bouquets can be arranged in many styles, from a petite, compact nosegay to the popular domed bouquet to a cascade. Loud wedding bouquets will work well with ornate wedding gowns that have full skirts and long trains, while simple ones pair best with sleek dresses. 



Choosing a Florist

Once you have collected ideas for your bouquet, find a florist who will help you bring your vision to life. Begin your search well in advance. Consult recent brides for recommendations or pair up with the right event organiser. 

A good florist should guide and tell you whether your choices are realistic and (if not) suggest alternatives to match what you had initially planned. 


After choosing your florist, go over the minor details. Share specifics such as your wedding dress fabric and pattern, as well as shoes to understand what bouquet would add the highest amount of comfort factor. With the right inspiration, and proper planner, the flowers you carry on your big day will surely be as breathtaking as the ones you’ve been dreaming about ever since you decided to get married. 


Lastly, do not leave behind any detail present in your mind about your wedding. Your special day should go exactly how you imagine it to be and the more you communicate, the more to life your wedding will be. 



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