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text 2021-06-23 08:53
FREE E-BOOK - The Bird Witch


The Bird Witch

Book 4 in The Mattie Saunders Series 







Can you love someone whose worldview is different from yours? Who is committed to a cause that excludes you because of your race? Simon is an Indigenous person dedicated to the struggle for justice for First Nations people. Mattie loves him but is love enough?


Birds are dying. At the Saunders Bird Rescue and Sanctuary where rescued parrots abandoned by their owners are rehabilitated and re-homed, a deadly virus has them dying in Mattie's hands. In the midst of this outbreak, she's called to investigate a mortality event where dozens of starlings fly into the pavement as if committing suicide.


Mattie looks to Simon, her rock and refuge, for support, but after spending weeks at a remote protest site, as soon as he returns home he begins working with Wendy Walters, the attractive, ambitious Indigenous politician on her re-election campaign. Mattie's just about had enough.


When Simon proposes a vacation on the Mexican Riviera, Mattie sees it as an opportunity to recover from the death of her beloved birds. She's also hopeful it's an indication Simon's reconsidering his priorities. She didn't realize while on vacation he'd want to attend the Conference of Indigenous Peoples in Chiapas. Mattie's annoyed, but decides to indulge her passion and do some tropical bird watching rather than attend a boring conference.


But Simon's conference turns out to be anything but boring when a deadly firefight erupts between the Mexican Army trying to arrest suspected terrorists and revolutionary Zapatista's. Now Simon is missing, and Mattie is determined to find him, but to do so she must first escape being kidnapped by corrupt Mexican police and avoid abduction by vicious cartel members.


The fourth book in The Mattie Saunders Series, The Bird Witch combines romance and action with environmental themes for an exciting exploration of contemporary culture and issues.



"Fantastic voice! I'm not typically a "series" reader but loved this author's voice. Simon is an Indigenous native who struggles for justice for First Nations people. His character study is VERY interesting writing. Great writing...great discovery!" FIVE STARS


"A very professionally written ecological thriller book." FIVE STARS "


"... a great book. The characters are believable and relatable and continue to evolve as the story progresses. ...I didn't have to read the other three books in order to step into the main character's journey. Although, having read it, it makes me want to go back and read the other three! "...a great job of weaving the complexities of relationship into the story, and I could really feel the push-pull Mattie and Simon experienced between their desire for relationship and a need to pursue their passions."


"Great book. Highly recommend."


"Mattie, despite being severely flawed (on purpose)... her faults do not make it harder to root for her although, at times, it's easy to find yourself annoyed with her. ...it is a joy to read a character that can make you feel so many different things but still enjoy her overall." "Simon, was my absolute favourite character ... sweet and kind and endearing and patient and so well written" "One of the subplots in this book was romance and it was honestly so well done...interesting and refreshing and sweet."


"The writing ...was so nice, witty, and refreshing. I thought it was lovely."- Goodreads review by Industry







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text 2014-05-26 18:29

Remenber the two little magpies I am currently taking care of? We have named them Jack and Nick, for no other reason than that we have no clue if they really are males, and if they should turn out to be females, we could simply change the names to Jacki and Nicki.



The two have grown a lot in the last ten days, and they are developing well. They have begun to fly, at first only very short distances, less than a meter, and with some crashes on landing. But now they are able to fly two or three meters without any problems. I had to cover large parts of my livingroom with blankets, because they literally sh*t on everything.

For that reason, as soon as they are able to eat by themselves, the two will move to an aviary, with grass floor and a little hut for them to hide inside.



Jack, the smaller one, still has some problems with his left leg, which was injured when he fell out of the nest. It does not hamper him when he is flying or sitting somewhere, but walking is quite difficult for the poor little fellow. Anyway, he is under treatment by a vet and we hope that the injury will heal within the next weeks.


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text 2014-05-16 17:55
Brand-New Meditation Exercise

Sit as still as you can, so that the baby birds that are sleeping on your lap don't wake up.




Two little magpies that were thrown out of the nest by their stronger siblings.

(One day I'm going to write a post about the wild bird rescue station that I am working for in my spare time.)

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