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text 2020-05-23 09:05
Get Derivative Residence Card To Live In The UK

If you want to apply for a derivative residence Card then consult with our specialist immigration solicitors who provide the best legal advice for immigration services. At Immigration Solicitors 4 Me, we provide complete information about derivative residence Card such as how to apply, what will be the cost, who is eligible, and how we will help you. So if you want to live or work in the UK legally then contact us, we will help you!


We are just a phone call away! Call us on +44 207 993 5720.


If you want to know more about it then visit our official website:  https://www.immigrationsolicitors4me.co.uk/


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text 2020-05-11 08:59
Trust A Solicitor For Biometric Residence Permit

Are you interested in extending the current visa for you and your dependents? If so, you are supposed to apply for biometric residence permit. This document is an evidence to prove right to stay, work or study in a foreign country.

To know more visit our website:  https://www.immigrationsolicitors4me.co.uk/biometric-residence-permit.php

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text 2020-05-05 09:06
Want to Apply for Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

If you want to apply for Biometric Residence Permit for study, work and live in the UK then you are at the right place, At Immigration Solicitors 4 Me, we are here to help you! Due to the many years of experience in the field, we provide the 100% correct guidance for documents, processing time, and the complete process. Biometric Residence has many benefits like it is used as an identity proof, it gives right to study or work in the UK, and gives the right to avail of any benefits or public services if you are entitled to. So if you have any problem in applying for the BRP then hire our experienced immigration solicitors in the UK, Call us to get an appointment today! +44 207 993 5720



Visit our official website: https://www.immigrationsolicitors4me.co.uk/


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text 2020-03-11 06:33
Need Derivative Residence Card? Apply Now

If you are searching for the best place for applying for the derivative residence card in the UK then you are in the right place, we are here to help you! At Immigration Solicitors 4 Me, we have many experienced and professional immigration solicitors who are always ready to assist you in a derivative residence card application process. EEA Derivative Residence Card gives you the indirect right of residence under which your stay is dependent on the existing rights of another individual. This card also proves that it gives you the right to live as well as work in the United Kingdom. If you want to apply for a derivative residence card then there are some documents requirements for this process, such as your current passport and other traveling documents, two passport size colored photos and birth certificates. The fee to apply for the derivative residence card is 65 pounds per person along with 19.20 pounds for your biometric information. We specialize in providing the best legal services to the applicants and their families in relocating and getting settled in the UK.
For more details, call us on +44 207 993 5720 or visit website: https://www.immigrationsolicitors4me.co.uk/derivative-residence-card.php



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review 2019-12-08 20:37
The Farm at the Edge of the World - Sarah Vaughan

"The Farm at the Edge of the World" is the second Sarah Vaughan novel I've had the pleasure of reading. It is a generational story spanning a little more than 70 years - from the earliest days of the Second World War to the summer of 2015 - that faithfully evokes the essence and spirit of an era fast receding into history, as well as a tangible look and feel of contemporary Cornwall.

The novel begins with the evacuation of a brother and sister - Will, 13 and his younger sister, Alice, 9 - from London to Cornwall in Southwest England shortly after Britain had declared war on Germany in September 1939. Many families with young children in London, fearful of being bombed by the Luftwaffe, entered into a government plan which relocated children from the urban areas of the country judged likely to be subjected to bombing to the countryside. Children were considered to be in places of greater safety in the countryside. So it was that Will and Alice Cooke were put in the care of the Retallick family, who owned and lived on a granite farm (Skylark) near the Cornish cliffs.

As I said, this novel is a story that spans the generations. And thus, the reader is provided in alternating chapters, views of the life Will and Alice had with the Retallicks at Skylark through most of the war to Skylark some 7 decades later. In the latter period (i.e. the summer of 2014), Maggie - who had befriended Will and struck up what began as a close friendship with him -- is nearing her 90th birthday. Her granddaughter Lucy, a nurse by training, has left London, where she lived with her husband Matt, to return to Cornwall to help her family from losing Skylark. She had lived many years in London, but in light of her father's death, feels the need to reconnect with her family. The author skillfully brings to life the struggles and divisions within the family in light of Skylark's troubles. This is wonderfully contrasted with life there during the war, which brought Will and Maggie Retallick closer together as both neared adulthood-- before Fate cruelly separated them.

The more I read this novel, the more the story grew within my imagination. There is something about Cornwall that is both evocative and mesmerized, situated as it is hard by the Atlantic Ocean. (Ever since I read the Poldark novels over 10 years ago, I have become utterly enchanted with Cornwall. I hope someday to visit there.) Vaughan has a knack for creating characters with whom the reader can relate to because they become real people. I love the way she writes.

"THE FARM AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD" is a novel the reader will find him/herself reflecting upon long after he/she has read it, for it is very well told and has elements of love, loss, nostalgia, hope, and rediscovery.

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